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  • 2 Manufacturing Centers
  • Production Capacity & Flexibility

  • Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

2 Manufacturing Centers

PA has 13 years of experience as an expert in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, and wardrobes. PA has two manufacturing facilities. One at their headquarters in Foshan, China, and another one in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers

Production Capacity & Flexibility

The PA facility in Foshan has the highest production capacity in the industry allowing us to have the best delivery output. We use a variety of materials, available in various colors, giving us the highest flexibility to fulfill the varied needs of our customers.

450 + / per day

Kitchen Cabinets

550 + / per day


1500 + / per day

Bathroom Cabinets

2200 + / per day

Whole house cabinets


Types of Materials


Door Colors


Stone Colors


Handle Styles

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

PA manufactures products with precision and stability with the use of automated product assembly lines consisting of HOMAG machines from Germany. We have an information system consisting of big data storage and cloud computing to streamline our mass customization capability.

Kitchen Cabinet Cutting

Cutting Machine-HOMAG

Kitchen Cabinets Grooving

 Grooving Machine-HOMAG

Kitchen Cabinets Edge Banding

Edge Banding Machine-HOMAG

Kitchen cabinets Drilling

Drilling Machine-HOMAG

Kitchen cabinets PVC vacuum

 PVC Vacuum Machine -HOMAG

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing-HOMAG

How our Design Software Automation System works:

1. The designer renders her drawing through the PA Kitchen design and production software.

2. The system forwards the designer’s drawing to the production department.

3. The production department instantly analyzes the drawing, using the software, and inputs the mechanical specifications and data to our machine systems.

4. The engineering data is used by precision machines to create project components.

5. Each package or panel has a project bar code to ensure efficient QC checks and tracking at every stage of the production process.

Quick Response Code:

Your order is tracked and followed with the use of QR codes. After the initial review of the list of materials your order requires, the data of your order is automatically dispatched to our production machines.

A unique printed tag is attached to every board or panel. At each stage of the production process, the QR code is scanned to retrieve all information needed to create and complete your order.

The QR code is scanned after packing your order to double-check the material and packing list to ensure your order is complete. After confirming everything, your order is now ready for shipment.

IDPI System

We at PA Kitchen boasts of our Intelligent Design & Production Integration System (IDPI SYSTEM). This system consolidates the design, production, and quality control processes. We use this system as a major guarantee to ensure PA maintains its overall competitiveness in the market.

The design and production data in the IDPI SYSTEM is shared with all concerned departments largely reducing human errors in transmitting the information. The system has reduced the error rate in the transmittal of information from 5% to less than 0.1%.

PA Kitchen specializes in whole-house customization. The use of the IPDI System begins after the design is completed. A data package is generated and forwarded to the manufacturing department to start production. Each stage of the production process receives data of the order through the system for production preparation. The worker simply scans the QR code of the order and follows the production instructions, shown on a digital screen, for his part of the production operation.

How does our production concern you? PA Kitchen is a top kitchen cabinet  manufacturer because we maximize the use of technology to streamline our manufacturing process and this translates to shorter production lead times, high-quality products, and low prices.

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