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Experienced PA Sales Team

With over 13 years of experience in foreign trade, our sales team is highly knowledgeable about the system and procedures of foreign trade from receiving orders to deliveries.

We have 3 sales teams, each exclusively catering to retail customers, commercial project contractors, and franchisees. Each sales team has sales representatives in-charge of different countries and regions. We are experts in our fields allowing us to meet the needs of different types of customers. Our 3 sales teams collaborate with one common goal – to make sure customers have an excellent experience when ordering our products.

While the process looks easy, our professional staff works relentlessly and with passion every day to find better solutions. We continuously work to maintain and enhance our systems and services.


With more than 13 years foreign trade experiences


We have 3 sales teams respectively serving retail customers

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Professional Design Team

Chinese Top design team

PA constantly collaborates with designers and suppliers in Italy to improve on their expertise. We create amazing spaces to match customers’ needs and provide a pleasing living environment with our designs that are a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

PA Design Team

Headquarter design team

The in-house design team at the PA headquarters has sufficient design experience. They do regular research to learn new design styles and concepts from different countries and regions. They make it a point to be at par with international trends and are committed to providing customers with superior quality home consulting services.


Professional design tool

The design team uses professional design tools such as 202, CAD, 3d Max, and KD MAX, etc. so customers can visualize the effect of their chosen designs.

Strict Quality Control Team

The PA Quality Control team works on the philosophy of always aspiring for perfection.

PA has put in place an extensive set of quality control standards confirming with standards set by their European counterparts. A multifaceted quality management system has also been established to track the implementation of the standards. We meticulously supervise every process that directly affects product quality including:

Supplier selection and evaluation
Raw materials, spare parts, and finished products inspection
Product design and development
Shipment and installation procedures
Documentation management

PA does over 500 tests in its well-equipped test labs and other third-party entities to comply with its Documentation Management.

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After Sales Service Team

PA gives top priority to customer satisfaction. We have an excellent and professional after-sales service team servicing our global customers. The strength of our after-sales service team lies in quick responses, offering the right solutions, and efficient on-site disposal. We closely work with our distributor service agents worldwide to provide you with everything you need.

How the service team can help:

Guidance in installation
Proper product maintenance
Deployment of equipment
Providing spare parts
Note: Some after-sales services require additional fees. Please email us for any questions or comments about our products and services.
PA Export Team

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