High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Pros and Cons

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High-gloss kitchen cabinets are elegant and stylish. It is a choice finish for many contemporary kitchens.High gloss cabinets are better suited to contemporary style kitchens rather than traditional styles. Let’s consider the high gloss kitchen cabinets pros and cons.

What is a high-gloss finish?

High-gloss finish continuous to be a popular choice for contemporary kitchens since it was first introduced in the 1970s. High-gloss cabinet doors feature a glistening finish that reflects light.

Depending on the materials of your kitchen cabinets and how the finish is applied, high-gloss can be 100 % gloss or ultra-high gloss.

Advantages of high gloss

Advantages of high gloss

Space considerations:

  • Light reflection

High-gloss kitchen cabinets reflect light; thus, they make the kitchen feel brighter, larger, more open, and more spacious. If you have a small kitchen, a high gloss finish will definitely work to your advantage.

If you are opting for a darker shade of color for your kitchen cabinets, the light reflection will not absorb the light out of your kitchen.

If your kitchen does not have too much of natural light, your high-gloss kitchen cabinets will reflect light and make your kitchen brighter.

  • Cleaning

High-gloss kitchen cabinets are easy to clean. You can just use a non-scratch damp cloth to wipe off marks and stains. You will no longer ant expensive cleaning solutions or materials.

Some high-gloss finishes are scratch-resistant allowing your kitchen cabinets to always remain like new.

  • Waterproof

High-gloss kitchen cabinets are waterproof. They do not need to be sealed or require special treatments to last longer.

  • Modern feel

High-gloss kitchen cabinets compliment contemporary kitchens because they give a modern and lavish feel.

  • Variety of designs

High-gloss kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of colors, designs and styles. They are also highly customizable. You can mix different colors to create a unique color.

You can mix colors that can make your kitchen look clean and feel spacious. You can also have a glossy window finish for more warmth and elegance.

Combining stone countertops and floors with sleek high-gloss kitchen cabinets with handless doors can create an even glossy surface in your kitchen. High-gloss kitchen cabinets can also be combined with other materials such as quartz and stainless steel for a more elegant and sleeker look.

Combine white high-gloss kitchen cabinets with wood and create a cozy and contemporary kitchen. You can also have a lacquered kitchen in any imaginable color and create a unique kitchen design. High-gloss kitchen cabinets offer limitless design options.

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Disadvantages of high gloss

  • Light reflection

Since a high-gloss finish reflects light, scratches, fingerprints, and dirt are easily noticeable. Dark-colored high-gloss kitchen cabinets will make the imperfections even more noticeable than they will be on light-colored gloss doors.

Stay away from dark colors if you want to avoid cleaning the fronts of the cabinets more often than you would like. Nevertheless, imperfections on high-gloss finishes are easy to clean.

  • Cleaning

A high-gloss finish requires frequent cleaning because fingerprints and dirt on the surface are easily noticeable. This is why a high-gloss finish is often applied on higher cabinets because the reflection of light is more noticeable in cabinets that are at eye level.

  • Prices

A high-gloss finish is more expensive than other finishes because they are more popular with homeowners. They are more expensive to apply and to maintain.  Luxury and quality come with a high cost but are worth the investment.

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Materials for High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

  • Acrylic

Acrylic plastic kitchen cabinets are available in MDF laminated with acrylic or solid acrylic sheets. Acrylic fronts resemble glass but are not resistant to scratches.

Acrylic kitchen cabinets come with the most shine – 80% sheen. Acrylic can tolerate moisture, high temperatures, and steam. It also does not fade over time.

  • Glass

Although glass is breakable, it is scratch-resistant. Glass has always been appreciated and popular because of its unique qualities.

Kitchen cabinets with glass fronts are loved for their transparency. They can frame your kitchen stuff nicely and protect them from dust. Glass kitchen cabinets are a perfect fit for small kitchens and for kitchens with minimalist interiors.

  • Lacquer

Lacquer is a standard material used for high-gloss kitchens. lacquered surfaces are available in various shades and special effects (metallic, pearl, chameleon). Hgh-gloss lacquered cabinets come in different sheens.

Lacquered high-gloss kitchen cabinets are typically applied with multiple layers of primer, paint, and clear coats after which they are polished resulting in an ideal high-gloss finish. These cabinets become beautiful surfaces that are scratch-resistant and hard.

High-gloss kitchen cabinets are the most expensive because of the many stages and time required to achieve a high-gloss finish but, nevertheless, they offer a timeless luxury.

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Top Tips for High Gloss

  • Use a high-gloss finish on your upper kitchen cabinets and semi-gloss or matt on lower cabinets.
  • Light reflects more on higher kitchen cabinets as they are of eye level.
  • High-gloss in light colors (white, cream, or vanilla) are the most practical because water drops, fingerprints, dust, and dirt are almost invisible.
  • High-gloss in dark colors (black, navy blue, graphite, eggplant, or brown) are the most impractical because they easily get dirty. Food stains, water stains, fingerprints, dust, and scratches extremely noticeable.
  • High-gloss kitchen cabinets in dark colors are ideal for people who do not cook much.
  • High-gloss kitchen cabinets should always come with handles to avoid fingerprint marks on the surface.
  • Carefully plan the lighting in your kitchen if you are having high-gloss kitchen cabinets. This is to avoid unwanted reflections on the fronts of the cabinets.
  • High-gloss kitchen cabinets work well with matt floors. Kitchen cabinets and floors with high-gloss finishes will compete with each other.
  • Right Care for high-gloss kitchen cabinets
  • Clean your high-gloss cabinets with a soft damp cloth and neutral detergent.
  • Avoid microfiber cloths and abrasive materials because they can leave dull spots in acrylic doors. You can use them in glass doors, instead.

High-gloss kitchen cabinets are perfect for contemporary and elegantly designed kitchens. New and advanced high-gloss materials can make you enjoy your kitchen for a long time.For more on why gloss finish might be the perfect choice for your new cabinets, or to learn about any of high gloss kitchen cabinets pros and cons, speak to the staff at PA Kitchen Cabinets today.

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