How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost? Ultimate Guide

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets cost  vary considerably from one brand to the next. Other factors that affect pricing include size, material, design, among others. If you are plan to buy kitchen cabinets, you have to state your design specifications and understand how that will change the costs.

In this post, we will talk about kitchen cabinet pricing and all that makes its costs vary so widely. If you planned to renovate your kitchen or a new installation, you should know what it will cost you. The following is the content outline. You can jump into sections you want to explore:


  1. What Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?
  2. Why Do Cabinet Prices Vary So Widely?
  3. Average Kitchen Cabinet Costs
  4. What Is 10×10 Kitchen Cabinets Pricing?
  5. How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?
  6. How Much Do Different Countertops Cost?
  7. How Much Do Different Kitchen Island Cost
  8. Kitchen Hardware Prices
  9. Kitchen Appliances Prices
  10. How Much Do PA Kitchen Cabinets Cost?
  11. What Makes PA Kitchen Cabinets More Affordable?

What Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

As mentioned, the costs of kitchen cabinets vary widely. For this reason, we cannot state any specific value. You should prepare about $2,500-$24,000 on your budget for kitchen cabinets. This price range accounts for different designs, cabinet sizes, materials, and whether you need custom or stock kitchen cabinets.

Due to technological advancements and automation manufacturing, new kitchen cabinets can cost anywhere between $4,000 to $13,000. This value does depend on the factors already listed and varies considerably per linear foot.

Cabinet pricing is further divided into three categories: stock, semi-custom, and fully-custom kitchen cabinets. Stock cabinets are of standard sizes and ready to install. They are way much cheaper than the last two groups because of bulk manufacturing, easy storage and transportation, among other factors.

Custom kitchen cabinets are made to match the design and size of your kitchen. You can also customize features such as material, design style, finish, appearance, and functional accessories. However, it will cost you more to buy custom kitchen cabinets because of the time needed to design and manufacture them. They are made according to your design specifications and requirements.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets fall in between custom and stock cabinets. You can customize just a few features but not all, and their prices also fall in between the costs of custom and stock cabinets.

Shaker Style Cabinet

Why Do Cabinet Prices Vary So Widely?

Many buyers have been wondering why there is a wide price range for kitchen cabinets in the market. When shopping for new kitchen cabinet sets for a kitchen renovation or new installation, the pricing will surprise you because of the factors being considered. There are different kitchen cabinet designs, materials, finishes, sizes, features, and others that affect pricing.

The first task you face is deciding on the kitchen cabinet specifications you need. You cannot simply use the price tag when making a buying decision but consider the listed factors. Also, the quality of kitchen cabinets varies from one brand to the next, affecting the cost.

Average Kitchen Cabinet Costs

Once again, we cannot set a particular value as an average cost of kitchen cabinets. This value also varies widely. On average, it costs from $100-$300 per linear foot for stock cabinets. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are a bit pricier, costing between $150 and $650 per linear foot. The most expensive choice is the custom cabinet, which costs $500-$1,200 per linear foot.

As you can see, these values vary significantly depending on the kitchen cabinet size. You can measure your kitchen to estimate the appropriate cabinet size. From there, you can guess the average costs, which will again vary depending on the brand.

What Is 10×10 Kitchen Cabinets Pricing?

A 10×10 kitchen is the standard size for most kitchens, with a total wall space of 20 feet. Contractors and cabinet retailers use this standard dimension to give homeowners an idea of what it will cost to furnish the kitchen. On average, a 10×10 kitchen can contain 12 particular-sized cabinets.

A low-end custom kitchen cabinet for a 10×10 kitchen can cost $10,000 in total and up to $24,000 for high-end cabinets. The average costs can be approximated at $18,000, but this depends on many other factors we have already mentioned.

How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost? 

To estimate what you should have on your budget for kitchen cabinets, you need to consider the size, cabinet design, material, hardware, and countertop. There are other factors, but these are the main ones that will significantly influence the pricing. We provide the price breakdown according to these factors in this section.

Kitchen Cabinet Prices According to Size

Kitchen cabinets are priced per linear foot, as we have already stated. When considering the size, you also need to know whether you will go for stock, semi-custom, or custom kitchen cabinets.

  Stock Kitchen Cabinet Price

  • Price Range: $100 – $300 Per Linear Foot or $200 – $650+ Per Unit

Stock kitchen cabinets are usually available in the store. You only place an order, and the package will be shipped to your property. So, if you need to give your kitchen a new look much faster and without spending too much, stock cabinets are the best option. Despite being already manufactured and ready to install, stock cabinets vary in appearance, color, design style, sizes. However, the choices might be limited compared to custom kitchen cabinets.

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 Semi-custom Cabinet Price

  • Price Range: $100 – $300 Per Linear Foot or $200 – $650+ Per Unit

We already know that stock cabinets have limited design styles, finishes, sizes, colors, and base material. If you need to customize any of these features, choosing a semi-custom kitchen cabinet is worth it. This option allows you to add a personalized touch to your kitchen cabinet. However, you are also limited on the features of kitchen cabinets you can change.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are great for remodeling projects and personalizing your kitchen space.

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  Full-custom Cabinet Price

  • Price Range:  $500 – $1,200 Per Linear Foot or $500+ Per Unit

Full-custom kitchen cabinets, or simply custom kitchen cabinets, offer you the flexibility of personalizing every feature of your kitchen cabinet. The cabinet hardware, base material, finishing, design style, color, and size are made according to your design specifications. They are the best choice if planning to add personality and style to your kitchen.

However, you have to pay more for custom kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen Cabinet Prices According to Material

Base material for your kitchen cabinet will affect its durability and property value. Choosing the best material for aesthetic appeal will improve the home resale value but will hurt your budget. On the other hand, budget-friendly options can compromise appearance, durability, and property value.

In this section, we provide a kitchen cabinet cost breakdown for the most common base materials.

 Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets 

  • Price Range:  $500 – $1,200 Per Linear Foot or $3000 – $20,000+ Per Unit

The most common solid wood types used for cabinetry include maple, cherry, oak, pine, and bamboo. The price depends on the wood type of choice. But solid wood remains to be one of the most expensive materials for cabinets. Solid wood kitchen cabinets are highly priced because of their durability and irresistible aesthetic appeal.

You can expect to pay between $3,000 and $20,000+ per kitchen cabinet unit. You can expect an average variation in pricing of about $500 per linear foot, depending on the particular hardwood chosen.

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 Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets 

  • Price Range:  $300 – $ 500 Per Linear Foot or $2000 – $15,000+ Per Unit

Wood veneers are engineered cabinetry materials. They are the most affordable option, costing from $2,000 to $15,000+ per unit. These materials are designed and manufactured in the factories to resemble the solid wood structure and texture without forcing the property owners to go deeper into their pockets.

Wood veneers are more moisture resistant and humidity resistant than natural solid wood.

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  Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets 

  • Price Range:  $500 – $ 800 Per Linear Foot or $5000 – $16,000+ Per Unit

Stainless steel is the most durable material for kitchen cabinets. They do not offer as much appeal as other base materials, but they can last a lifetime. As a result, stainless steel kitchen cabinets are heavily priced on the market, costing between $ 5,000 and $16,000.

Stainless steel is recyclable, non-toxic, and works best in commercial, modern, and contemporary kitchens designed to have an industrial look. However, scratches, fingerprints, and dents are easily visible.

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  Laminate Kitchen Cabinets 

  • Price Range:  $300 – $500 Per Linear Foot or $2000 – $9,000+ Per Unit

Laminate kitchen cabinets are fairly priced, going for a price between $2,000 and $9,000. Laminates are also engineered products manufactured through low-pressure and high-pressure processes. They are made durable and scratch-resistant and are also not affected by temperature changes.

Laminates are the most affordable option for designing kitchen cabinets for modern and contemporary kitchens.

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  Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets 

  • Price Range:  $300 – $500 Per Linear Foot or $2000 – $10,000+ Per Unit

Acrylic kitchen cabinets vary considerably depending on the base material used. They can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000+ but still more affordable than wood and stainless steel.

Acrylic kitchen cabinets can be made with MDF, wood, metal, or any other base material. This gives them different properties and pricing, as we have stated.

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Kitchen Cabinet Prices According to Design

Kitchen cabinet designs are broadly classified as framed or frameless. These can either be shakers or inset cabinets. The cost varies according to the cabinet design style you choose. In general, frameless kitchen cabinets are about 15% more expensive than framed cabinets.

The cabinet design style is crucial if you want them to complement your interior décor. Different cabinet styles are best for given kitchen designs.

 Framed Kitchen Cabinets

  • Price Range:  $300 – $500 Per Linear Foot or $2000 – $8,000 Per Unit

Framed kitchen cabinets have rails and stiles visible from the outside, where the door panels are hinged. This design suits traditional kitchen designs, especially if the door panels are shaker-style.

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  Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

  • Price Range:  $300 – $600 Per Linear Foot or $2000 – $8,000 Per Unit

Frameless cabinets are popular in contemporary and modern kitchen designs. They are usually considered high-end cabinets because of the quality of materials used and the level of customization allowed. Due to these benefits, they are a little bit pricier than frameless cabinets, costing anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000+.

Frameless cabinets depend on heavy box construction to hide the frames and hold the door panels in position.

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  Inset Kitchen Cabinets

  • Price Range:  $150 – $800 Per Linear Foot or $2000 – $9,000 Per Unit

Inset cabinets, also known as flush cabinets, are designed with drawers and doors that flush with the face frames when closed. Inset kitchen cabinets cost 20% more than the usual cabinets of the same size and grade of materials. Expect to pay $150- $800 per linear foot.

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  Shaker-Style Cabinets

  • Price Range:  $150 – $1200 Per Linear Foot or $2000 – $12,000 Per Unit

There is no much cost variation between inset and shaker-style cabinets. If you choose it, expect to pay from $100 to $1,200. They feature flat door panels with recessed centers and minimal ornamentals.

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White oak shaker cabinets

How Much Do Different Countertops Cost? 

As part of your kitchen renovation project or new installation, you should consider choosing the appropriate countertop. The choice of a countertop can make or destroy the look and feel of your kitchen. However, you should also bear in mind that prices for countertops vary.

In this section, we will provide kitchen cabinet countertops cost breakdown according to the materials used.

  Marble Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $75-$150 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: High

Marble countertops are luxurious, and there is no doubt about that. However, you should be ready to take care of them because they are delicate. Also, they are a little bit pricey, making them not the best option if working on a tight budget. With proper maintenance, marble countertops can remain elegant for a long time.

How to save money on marble countertops

Marble countertops are expensive. To buy them when working with a tight budget, choose less popular colors and low-grade marbles. You will still enjoy the elegance of marble countertops at a lower price. You also need to take care of the marble countertops to reduce maintenance costs and eliminate costly repairs. Installing tiles instead of slabs is another cost-effective approach.

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  Granite Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $45-$100 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Moderate to high

Many property owners shy away from marble countertops because of their high pricing. Granite has offered a more affordable alternative. The use of granite countertops has risen over the past decades as their prices continue to drop. They are more flexible and durable than marble countertops, and their elegance is almost at par.

How to save money on granite countertops

Tiles are preferred to slabs, but if you choose slabs, go for more common styles and colors. These are still attractive but at a lower cost. Also, install a wood edge to protect your granite countertops. They can chip, which is costly to repair.

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  Engineered Quartz Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $55-$80 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Low

Energized quartz or engineered stone is a cost-effective option for countertops. Despite their low pricing, they are gorgeous and complements the overall kitchen decorations. Quartz can be custom-made and stained to have endless color options. This makes them the best choice of countertop materials to match your personality.

How to save money on quartz countertops

Quartz tiles are cheaper than slabs. You can significantly save by choosing tiles. However, this can be outweighed by the high installation cost, as laying down tiles is more time-consuming.

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  Slate Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $40-$65 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Low to moderate

Slate is not a popular countertop material as granite, quartz, or marble. It is also not as beautiful as the three but has the advantages of affordability and low maintenance. However, many homeowners still choose it for durability and other benefits already mentioned.

How to save money on slate countertops

Again, choosing slate tiles is more cost-effective than slate slabs. Also, you can look for discounted products or those on offer to further reduce the cost.

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  Soapstone Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $40-$85 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Low

Soapstone countertops are attractive, durable, and cost-effective as well. They are the best choice for rustic kitchen designs, casual kitchen designs, and traditional kitchen designs. Soapstone countertops come in different appearances, including mottled white, off-white, and gray.

How to save money on soapstone countertops

Soapstone tiles are more affordable and attractive than slabs. Maintenance and repairing a broken tile are also much cheaper than replacing the whole slab.

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  Lava Stone Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $50-$150 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: High

Lava stone is resistant to heat and comes in different colors. However, it is a bit expensive compared to other options already discussed here. Lava stone countertops have a long lifespan of more than 5 decades.

How to save money on lava countertops

Whether you choose lava stone tiles or slabs does not make any difference. They are all priced the same. So, there is no way of saving on this countertop material unless if you are lucky to buy them on offer.

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  Limestone Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $40-$90 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Moderate to high

Limestone countertops are attractive but require high maintenance. They are also not recommended for busy kitchens with heavy workouts because they are prone to wear. The different grades and styles of limestone give you choice flexibility when opting for this material.

How to save money on limestone countertops

You can save on limestone countertops by choosing lower grades. Also, look for affordable installation services.

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  Travertine Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $40-$100 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: High

Travertine is a version of limestone formed under high heat and pressure and resembles marble. This is a very gorgeous material you can pick for your kitchen cabinet countertops. However, you need to prepare to take good care of it and maintain the countertop as appropriate. Otherwise, scratches and chipping will ruin it within no time.

How to save money on travertine countertops

The best way to save on the cost of travertine countertops is to ask for quotes from different suppliers and choose the most competitive. Also, reduce maintenance and repair costs by keeping it sealed.

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  Concrete Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $55-$120 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Moderate to high

Concrete countertops are a trending style in many modern kitchens. They look attractive and can be given different finishes to make them resistant to spillages and wear and tear. Additionally, concrete countertops are durable and can be easily customized.

How to save money on concrete countertops

You can save on concrete countertops by using simpler designs with minimal ornamentals.

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  Stainless Steel Countertop Prices

  • Price Range: $65-$180 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Moderate to high

Stainless steel countertops have grown in popularity in recent years, becoming the top choice for many property owners. They are durable, easy to clean, and the best choice for modern kitchen designs for an industrial look. However, stains, fingerprints, and scratches are easily visible.

How to save money on stainless steel countertops

The advantage of stainless-steel countertops is the different steel thickness finishes and coating. You can choose the best according to your budget.

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  Solid Surface Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $35-$60 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Low

Corian and Swan stone are commonly used materials because of the wide color and pattern variations. Solid surface countertops are durable, affordable, and require low maintenance.

How to save money on solid surface countertops

Choosing standard grade material is a more cost-effective option than going for premium grades. Also, go for competitive pricing and installation costs.

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  Recycled Glass Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $45-$80 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Low

Recycled glass countertops are colorful, but the installation can be so demanding regarding time and cost.

How to save money on recycled glass countertops

Invest your time in viewing the product listings and opt for quality yet affordable material.

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  Wood or Butcher Block Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $55-$120 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: High

Wood or butcher block countertops are ideal choices for many kitchen designs because of their warm and attractive look. The pricing depends on the type of wood used, and this keeps on changing every other year. You only choose what fits your budget.

How to save money on butcher block countertops

These countertops are usually of good quality, but the pricing differs. Choosing an affordable option is a way of saving on your kitchen remodeling project. You can also save on the installation cost if you are a DIYer because pre-fab butcher blocks are easy to install.

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  Bamboo Countertop Prices

  • Price Range: $35-$60 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Low to moderate

Bamboo countertops are affordable and durable. The material is much like solid wood but harder.

How to save money on bamboo countertops

Standard-grade bamboo is more affordable than premium ones. You should also seal it after installation to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

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  Reclaimed Wood Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $80-$160 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: High to moderate

Reclaimed wood countertops are an ideal choice for homeowners who are conscious of environmental conservation. With appropriate woodworking skills, these countertops can be attractive.

How to save money on reclaimed wood countertops

It is not easy to save on these types of countertops because of the intensive workmanship required. Even if you use locally available material, labor costs outweigh this benefit.

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  Porcelain Countertop Prices

  • Price Range: $30-$60 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Low to moderate

Porcelain countertops are stronger, lighter, heat-resistant, and durable, making them a trending choice in many countries worldwide.

How to save money on porcelain countertops

Choose porcelain tiles and not slabs for their affordability. You can further save by choosing a simple installation design.

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  Tile Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $10-$15 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Low to moderate

Ceramic tiles are popular options for many countertops for their design flexibility. They come in all colors, sizes, shapes, and textures to choose from. You will only be limited by what you have in your budget. Additionally, ceramic tiles are durable, affordable, heat-resistant, require low maintenance, and versatile. You can use them as backsplashes or as kitchen flooring materials.

How to save money on tile countertops

Choose large-sized tiles to reduce the installation cost. Also, use simple designs to lower the installation time and lower service charges.

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  Laminate Countertops Prices

  • Price Range: $10-$40 per square foot

  • Maintenance costs: Low to moderate

Laminates are the most affordable choice and are aesthetically appealing and durable. These are engineered materials made to look more like granite, marble, and other high-end countertop materials.

How to save money on laminate countertops

Buy laminates on discounts and promotions to save on the cost. You can also install them by yourself to save on labor costs.

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How Much Do Different Kitchen Island Cost

How Much Do Different Kitchen Island Cost

Like kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands can be stock or custom-made. The cost will vary depending on your design choice and size. Making the best buying decision can help you save on the cost and improve the overall look of your kitchen.

Your kitchen island will also be priced according to shape and countertop material. There are different variations, and what you choose should meet your budget and design expectations.

A kitchen island can cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 on average. This value is influenced by the type of countertops, size of the island, cabinets, and appliances. Adding sinks, electrical outlets, and other accessories will increase the overall cost of building a kitchen island.

Kitchen Island Prices According to Material

  • Marble Kitchen Island Price

Marbles are the most expensive countertop materials, costing about $75-$150 per square foot. For an averaged size island, the marble will cost between $560 and $2,800. This makes the total costs to be between $3,960 and $7,800. The pricing depends on the size of individual pieces, color, finishing, and grade. If you are low on budget and need to save, choose tiles instead of slabs and look for low-grade marbles.

  • Quartz Kitchen Island Price

Quartz island countertops are available in a range of colors. They are gorgeous, even if the quality cannot match that of granite or marble. They have the advantage of low maintenance and durability. The cost per linear foot ranges from $55-$155. An averaged size island will need a quartz countertop that costs $1,320 to $2,800, making the total cost of building the island between $2,320 and $7,800.

  • Granite Kitchen Island Prices

The different grades of granite make it have a wide price range. Expect to spend anywhere from $45-$200 per square foot. Granite countertops are elegant, but you need to maintain them as appropriate to prevent chipping. You will spend between $1,800 and $12,000 on granite countertops for an average-sized island. The total construction cost of the island is anywhere from $4,800 to $15,000.

Kitchen Island Prices According to Design Style

  • L-Shaped Kitchen Island Cost

L-shaped kitchen cabinets are preferred for a spacious kitchen with an open floor plan. More cabinets are needed to make this style of the island. And with a lot of countertop space, you can expect the pricing to be high. Expect to spend between $1,000 and $7,000 for an L-shaped island.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen Island Cost

U-shaped kitchen islands are not seen more often but are ideal for large kitchens. Like an L-shaped kitchen island, many cabinets are required. But in this case, you will need many more cabinets that escalate the building cost to be $2,000-$9,000 on average. Expect to pay more for an exceptionally spacious kitchen.

  • Rectangular Kitchen Island Cost

Rectangular kitchen islands are ideal for many kitchen spaces because of their compact design. They take much less space and not so many cabinets to construct. It can cost anywhere between $500 and $5,000, depending on the size, sinks, cooktops, and other factors.

Material Price
Marble Kitchen Island $3,960-$7,800 per unit
Granite Kitchen Island  $2,320-$7,800 per unit
Quartz Kitchen Island  $4,800-$15,000 per unit
L-Shaped Kitchen Island $1,000-$7,000 per unit
U-Shaped Kitchen Island  $2,000-$9,000 per unit
Rectangular Kitchen Island $500-$5,000 per unit
How Much Do Different Kitchen Island Cost

How Much Do PA Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

PA boasts high-quality kitchen cabinets at the best prices. It can cost you between $170 and $250 per meter to buy kitchen cabinets from us, depending on the size, customization level, material, finish, design style, among other factors. Contact us for a free price quote to know the exact price of your kitchen cabinets.

What Makes PA Kitchen Cabinets More Affordable?

We Are Manufacturer

PA set factory prices on its cabinets because we are the manufacturers and not middlemen. We use technology and state-of-the-art machines in the production process. This lowers the cost of the products and, at the same time, improves the quality.

We Specialize in Select Styles and Finishes

Specialization is our strength. Our employees have perfected their skills in selected kitchen cabinet styles and finishes, which guarantees the high quality of the finished products. We have adopted techniques of manufacturing cabinets without flaws over the 13 years we have been in the industry.

PA Offers a Price Match Guarantee

You can buy a high-end kitchen cabinet from PA at the most affordable prices. Our products are competitively priced, thanks to the intelligent and automatic manufacturing process that lowers the production cost. Take advantage of our low process to save on your next kitchen remodeling project.

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