How to Find Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers in China?

How to Find Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers in China

Do you plan to purchase kitchen cabinets from China ?  Here is the ultimate guide about how to find kitchen cabinets suppliers in China.

China is the factory of the world. China is a manufacturing powerhouse and products made in China, including kitchen cabinets seem to be everywhere. Many believe that the popularity of China-made products is because of their low production costs as a result of the abundance of cheap labor Truth is, the main reasons China’s strong business ecosystem, low duties and taxes, lack of regulatory compliance, competitive currency, and its economy being in the growth period.

This means that if you buy kitchen cabinets from manufacturers in China, you will be able to buy them at extremely low prices and sell them with a high profit in your country.

But, how do you find kitchen cabinet suppliers in China?

Where to Find Kitchen Cabinet Suppliers in China?

After conceptualizing your kitchen cabinet designs, it is time to find for a kitchen cabinet supplier in China who can bring your ideas to life. Finding a reliable kitchen cabinet supplier in China can be challenging.

Choosing the best kitchen cabinet supplier in China is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. If your supplier fumbles, so does your business.

Where do you start? You need to be organized and be ready for a lot a work ahead.

Here are some surefire ways to come up with a kitchen cabinet manufacturers list:

  • Online kitchen cabinets supplier directories

Online kitchen cabinets supplier directories include database of manufacturers. Some of these directories are free to use, while others charge a fee to gain access to the database. Supplier directories are one of the safest ways to find kitchen cabinets suppliers in China. Not every supplier or manufacturer can be included in online directories. The supplier directory site often thoroughly investigates the profile and background of the supplier before entering its name into the online directory.

Online supplier directories are easy to use because suppliers are categorized and results are filtered based on the specifications you need.

Since every supplier is screened by the online directory site, there are less chances that you are going to be scammed by any of the suppliers. Most online kitchen cabinets supplier directories include a rating (ex. a star rating across the name of the supplier) to show that it has been and is a legitimate business.

  • Google

Google is the most used search engine in the Internet. Whenever information is needed, people are most likely to surf through Google. The key to finding kitchen cabinets suppliers in China is to type in the right keywords. Using keywords (kitchen cabinets + manufacturers) can be a fast way to find kitchen cabinets suppliers in China. This technique also has its downsides and risks.

Using keywords to search for suppliers in China can give you over a million results. Secondly, you will have to do a background check to determine the trustworthiness of these suppliers. It is not to say that you will not find good kitchen cabinets suppliers in Google. If you search past the first three pages of the search results, you may be able to find what you are looking for.

  • Attend trade shows/trade fairs

Attending trade shows and trade fairs gives you an opportunity to meet and talk face to face with many kitchen cabinets suppliers in China. You get to see, feel, and try their products, too. Face-to-face interaction with potential suppliers will give you first-hand information about their, products, corporate values, production capacity, quality control systems, and production lead times. Personal interaction with representatives of possible suppliers allows you to build impressions.

The Canton Fair and the East China Fair are two of the most popular trade shows held in China.

Since 1957, the China Import and Export Fair or the Canton Fair is held in the spring and autumn seasons each year in Canton (Guangzhou), Guangdong, China. It is the largest trade fair with the most attendees and with the most extensive varieties of goods including kitchen cabinets. This fair is known to have the highest business turnover.

The East China Fair is China’s largest Regional International Economic and Trade Show. This fair, which started in 1991 brings together traders from across the world. Held in March of each year in Shanghai, China, this fair attracts the most visitors and has the highest onsite deals.

  • Alibaba

Alibaba is a popular Chinese online marketplace. This leading online platform was launched in 1999 for wholesale global trade serving millions of suppliers and buyers around the world.

Most companies listed in this platform are manufacturers who usually do not have their own websites. brings together millions of products in over 40 different major categories including kitchen cabinets from more than 190 countries and regions.

  • Outsource to a sourcing agency

A sourcing agency is a company or individual in China who can help you find kitchen cabinet suppliers in China. They are, so to speak, your representative on the ground. You do not have to go to China to source suppliers for your products. A sourcing agency can help you find the best kitchen cabinet supplier with the best prices. They do the verification process or inspect the factories and negotiate with suppliers for you.

A sourcing agency such as Foshan Sourcing  is familiar with the culture, tradition, and manner of doing business in China. More importantly, these agencies speak Chinese preventing miscommunications.

How to verify kitchen cabinets suppliers from China

How to Find Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers in China

If you are going to work with a sourcing agent, they will do the verification process for you. If you are going to find a kitchen cabinet supplier on your own, here are ways you can do the verification process.

Google and background check the company

A Google search is often the first resource to verify the legitimacy of a supplier.

  • Check the supplier on online marketplaces. Often, it will include a star ranking of the suppler as well as a feedback score.
  • Check the supplier on Google Maps to check for its location and contact information.

If all these have negative results, then you should not think of dealing with the supplier.

Perform an onsite check

This can be a tedious task. You can check the website of the potential supplier to get the information:

  • Location of the company or factory
  • Contact Information
  • Business License
  • Type of Ownership
  • Certifications from partners, subsidiaries, or contractors
  • Photos of the supplier’s factory and operations

More often, you will not be able to get all this information, in some instances, you will.

Order product samples

You will be able to verify these things when you order product samples from a prospective supplier and have them delivered to you.

  • You will be able to check the quality of their products.
  • You will get to see how they will pack your products.
  • You will get to experience and compare actual shipping times compared to the supplier’s claim in their website.

Try to order from at least 3 prospective suppliers so you can compare data.

Have a chat with customer support

Call the customer support department of your prospective supplier. This will give you an idea on how they deal with prospective clients. The knowledge of the customer support representative about the operations and products of the supplier speaks a lot about the trustworthiness of the supplier. In the absence of a customer support, try to send an email.

It is important that supplier responds quickly for your peace of mind.

Ask for previous customer references before committing

A trustworthy supplier will typically boast of their previous or present customers in their website and brochures. The supplier will also be more than willing to provide you with additional references it you ask them. If they do not provide customer references, stay away from that supplier.

Types of Chinese kitchen cabinets suppliers

Types of Chinese kitchen cabinets suppliers

Chinese suppliers come in three categories: manufacturers, wholesalers, and traders.

  • Manufacturers

A manufacturer is an entity that produces products in their own factory. They typically offer the lowest prices. They may, however, require a high minimum order quantity (MOQ).

It can be sometimes difficult to deal directly with a manufacturer but there are some who are accommodating to small customers. More often, manufacturers sell directly to wholesalers and traders.

  • Wholesalers

Wholesalers buy in bulk from manufacturers at a discounted price. The bigger the volume of the order, the better the price. Wholesalers buy in bulk and store the products in their warehouses.

  • Traders

Traders do not buy in bulk in the same manner as wholesalers do. Traders act as intermediaries (middlemen) between the manufacturer and the customer. Traders carry products from multiple manufacturers. A brochure with many products (often not related) is a giveaway that you are talking with a trader.

How to negotiate with Chinese kitchen cabinets suppliers?

How to negotiate with Chinese kitchen cabinets suppliers

Negotiating is an art. Knowing how to properly negotiate with Chinese suppliers will result in better product quality, better prices, and a harmonious business relationship.

  • Research and compare prices

When you compare prices, make sure you are comparing apples with apples and not apples with oranges. This means that when you compare prices of kitchen cabinets from multiple suppliers that should have the same materials, style, design, and hardware.

  • Don’t over-negotiate

Chinese manufacturers work around low profit margins. If you insist on rock bottom prices, they may give in but will most likely cut corners in the manufacturing process. This will result in low quality products. Negotiate appropriately.

  • Email template for Chinese supplier

It can be challenging to talk to someone who does not speak and understand English well. Language barrier is always a problem when dealing with Chinese suppliers. Chinese business owners are trying hard to communicate in English so you need to be patient.

To prevent miscommunication, here are a few tips on how to email a Chinese supplier.

  • Introduce yourself and your company.
  • Mention the product you are interested in.
  • Ask how much it would cost to order X number of a certain product
  • Ask if they have a minimum order quantity.
  • Ask how many units they can produce in a week or a month.

Make sure to use plain, simple, and clear English. Avoid using long paragraphs too as they need to be more difficult to read and understand.

There are other means to get in touch with a Chinese supplier. Many of them have social media accounts.

  • Always be polite and professional

Building good relationships with suppliers is crucial to your business. It can be difficult to work with someone who does not speak and understand a lot of English, but the point is, you need them for your business. Always make sure to maintain good supplier-buyer relationships.

Maintaining good social interactions with your supplier will be productive in the long term and will achieve mutual benefits. Business, after all, is not just all about money.

A list of Chinese kitchen cabinets suppliers

How to Find Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers in China

Here is a list of the top kitchen cabinet suppliers in China:

  1. PA Kitchen

PA Kitchen has been supplying stylish, elegant, and high-quality kitchen cabinets since 2008. They have a team of talented, experienced, professional and highly skilled designers, production people, sales and marketing staff, order fulfillment, and customer service workforce. They have an annual production capacity of 100,000 sets of kitchen cabinets.


Oppein is the largest kitchen cabinet supplier in Asia. They have been supplying kitchen cabinets since 1994. With a production base of over 500,000 square meters complemented by talented and professional workforce, Oppein is the top choice of international contractors and project brokers.


Borci is one of the leading suppliers of high-end kitchen cabinets in China. It is part of the top 500 most influential brands in Asia. Borci pioneered in supplying kitchen cabinets to the US market. The company boasts of its production efficiency and high-quality products.

  1. Boloni

Boloni is a Sino-Italian joint venture established in 2001. Italian designers work hand in hand with a Chinese research and development team to produce stylish and superior quality kitchen cabinets.

  1. OULIN

Oulin was established in 1994 and was one of the first suppliers in China to use advanced technology and equipment as well as management and craftsmanship concepts from Germany. Oulin manufactures integrated kitchen solutions with high international standards. The company operates from the 200,000 square meter Oulin International Industrial Park.

A Few Parting Words

Finding kitchen cabinet suppliers in China is not an easy task. However, with adequate knowledge and tools on how to go about the sourcing process, you can be confident that you will be able to find the right supplier that matches your needs, budget and expectations.

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