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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Process Outlined

Initiate an Quotation or Drawing

After identifying your preferred kitchen cabinets manufacturer, you contact our sales team or customer support representative. At this stage, you specify the features of your kitchen regarding size, material, design, and finish. You can also submit a drawing or a picture if you already have it.

Drawing Analysis

This is where PA design team gets to work. The submitted design specifications or drawing is evaluated and optimized designs generated. At least two different versions should be produced.

Design & Approval

You are the boss. Anything that does not please you in the final design should be changed before approving it for production. So, our design team will hand over our work to you to check and verify that it conforms with the requirements.

Sign a Contract

As in every business deal, you will go-ahead to sign the contract and pay for the production cost. PA Kitchen manufacturer can start production with only part of the total cost paid, while others expect you to settle everything first.

Logistical Service

In many cases, the manufacturer will work with your shipping company to deliver the produced kitchen cabinets. They are packaged and forwarded to the company that will handle the shipment. If you are lucky to choose PA, then you can find a manufacturer with shipping services to your country.


There should be an installation guideline you can follow to install the kitchen cabinets, but you can also ask for help from PA manufacturer. You should get help from our installation team.

Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Solid wood

Solid wood is wood all the way. Dark rich hues of solid wood can enhance the sophisticated look of your kitchen. Solid wood cabinets also provide kitchens with a welcoming and warm feel. The feeling of quality is also felt.

Solid wood kitchen cabinets come in many styles, finishes, and colors. It is easy to customized and personalized solid wood cabinets. Solid wood kitchen cabinets easily blend with other pieces in your kitchen made of other materials.

Particle board

Particle board is engineered wood (man-made). It is made from wood chips, wood fibers, wood shavings, saw dust, wood particles, resin, and chemicals combined with adhesive and bonded together into panels and boards. Dyes, wax, as well as release and wetting agent chemicals are combined to make the end product fireproof, water-resistant, and / or insect-resistant.

After combining the wood scraps, resin, and chemicals, the liquid mixture is formed into sheets. The weight of the wood chips is evenly distributed to ensure the particle board is not top-heavy.


Plywood is engineered wood (man-made). It consists of pressed wood veneer sheets bonded together to create a single piece. The grains of wood veneer are laminated in different angles to allow it to be stable and rigid.

Plywood is produced through cross-graining (a manufacturing process). Cross-graining makes plywood have consistent strength without shrinking and expanding.

Plywood is available in different grades to suit different purposes. Plywood grades are based on the type of wood ply, adhesiveness, thickness, and compaction or manufacturing process.

Low-grade plywood is ideal for subflooring in homes and buildings. High-grade plywood is ideal for shelves and cabinets/

Medium density fiberboard (MDF)

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood (man-made). It consists of compressed fine wood fibers glued under high-pressure by and made into panels and boards.

MDF consists of small and fine wood fibers, thus, there is no visible grains, knots, or rings. MDF is typically made of soft wood fibers of softwood or hardwood.

MDF is heavy, dense fine-textured. It is commonly used for shelves, cabinet boxes, and some parts of cabinet doors. A veneer sealant is used to protect MDF from water damage. MDF can also made to be fire-retardant and moisture-resistant (comes in color blue).

Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets are the most common style of cabinets. They are popular because of their classic and simple look. A shaker-style cabinet comes with 5 flat panels: 4 pieces for the frame and1 single flat center panel. They are ideal for traditional or contemporary kitchen designs.

Glass Front Cabinets

Glass front cabinets are often used in alongside solid cabinets. This cabinet type is often used for storage of good china, cobalt glass collections, vintage glassware, and other decorative glassware and dishware.


Beadboard Cabinets

This type of cabinet comes with vertical slots. This cabinet consists of vertical planks arranged in rows with ridges or indentation (beads) between blanks. It offers a dynamic, sleek, textured, and detailed look. This cabinet style is ideal for cottage or farmhouse-style kitchens.

Flat-Front Cabinets

Flat front cabinets are referred to as slab doors. These cabinets have a solid construction with not frames and panels. It offers a minimalist and simple look that matches any contemporary or modern kitchen.

Plywood Cabinets

Plywood cabinets are now appreciated for the type of wood aside from its beauty and functionality. Plywood offers a warmth making your kitchen look inviting and cozy.

Rustic Country-Style

Rustic country-style cabinets focus on the taw features of wood emphasizing on wood grain. These cabinets come with a distress look and does not have elaborate details.

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