Matte Kitchen Cabinets: Pros & Cons

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Matte Kitchen Cabinets: Pros & Cons

Matte kitchen cabinets have been trending these days more than before. Matte cabinets are the complete opposite of high-gloss cabinets. This ultra-sleek finish is preferred by most designers for contemporary and chic kitchens. This finish is ideal for homeowners who want a stark change in style.

What is a Matte finish?

While high-gloss kitchen cabinets reflect light, matte cabinets absorb light. This kitchen cabinet finish is ideal for traditional and country-style kitchens. It also enhances the look of traditional kitchen cabinets such the shaker style. They also look good in contemporary kitchens cabinets with flat fronts.

A matte finish looks perfect in lighter shades. The simple look of a matt finish creates a warmer feel than the sleeker high-gloss finish.

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Advantages of matte finish on kitchen cabinets

  • It is trendy.

All eyes are now on kitchen cabinets with matte finish. Many homeowners, designers, and architects now have a growing interest in kitchen cabinets with matte finish. It is a growing trend that has replaced the dominance of high-gloss finishes.

  • Texture:

Matte kitchen cabinets are, in most cases, the best choice for large kitchens with lots of space and open floor plans. This is so because matte surfaces add texture and layers to other gloss spaces in other sections of the kitchen including countertops.

Matte kitchen cabinets are sleek and add a layer of sophistication to your kitchen.

  • Concealing:

Consider kitchen cabinets with matte finish if you do not want to keep on cleaning stains, smudges, fingerprints, and scratches. These marks are common with high-gloss kitchen cabinets. A matte finish does not reflect light so marks and imperfections are concealed and not seen as much.

A matte finish creates a soft and gentle feel with a natural appearance.

  • Wide Range of Colors

Matte surfaces are available in more colors than high-gloss surfaces. Matte finishes also blend well with other surfaces and materials.

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Disadvantages of matte finish on kitchen cabinets

  • No seal:

Matte finishes only conceal most stains and smudges but do not prevent them. These imperfections are harder to see in matte surfaces.

  • Cleaning difficulty:

Matte kitchen cabinets can be more difficult to clean. The stains, smudges, and scratches may not be visible but when they do, they are more difficult to remove.

Removing greasy stains, smears or fingerprints from matte surfaces tend to leave streaks or evidences of their presence. In some instances, the matte surface may seem to absorb stains making them challenging to remove completely.

Oil and grease are basically shiny and will, therefore, stand out against a matte surface. In short, oily smudges can easily be seen on matte kitchen cabinets. While it is said that marks do not show up as much in matte kitchen cabinets, you will need to clean matte surfaces more often than cabinets with glossier finishes.

The texture of matte surfaces tends to hold onto dirt, making them even more challenging to clean. Materials with a smooth matte surface are easier to clean.

  • Small spaces:

Matte kitchen cabinets absorb instead of reflect light. This means that they do not make the kitchen feel bigger. As such matte, matte cabinets are not suitable for small kitchens because they will make the space feel smaller.

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Materials for Matte Kitchen Cabinets

  • Laminate

Laminates are layers of thin sheets of plastic resin sandwiched together. These compressed sheets are durable and resistant to moisture. This surface is also easy to clean because they are coated with a thin and transparent plastic layer.

Laminate is one of the most popular materials for matte kitchen cabinets. Depending on the application, the material is laminated onto MDF core boards (for doors) or particle core (for cabinets).

Laminate comes in many colors. It is also a soft-to-the-touch material making it easy to clean. Laminate comes with a perfect matte finish.

  • Paint

Paint or lacquer is another material that can come with a great matte finish. There are two types of paint that can be used for matte kitchen cabinets: polyurethane and acrylic 2-componet lacquers. These paints are designed specially for millwork and kitchen cabinetry finishing.

Polyurethane paint reflects back 10% of the light making it have the lowest sheen. Acrylic paint, on the other hand, reflects back 2% of the light making it have a sheen lower than polyurethane paint.

More people, though, prefer polyurethane paint than acrylic paints because it has a silkier feel.  Polyurethane and acrylic paints are scratch resistant, but acrylic paints are more scratch-resistant. On the other hand, if a knife scratches a door, the same results are expected whether your kitchen cabinets are finished with polyurethane or acrylic paints.

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Top Tips for Matte

  • A shaker-style kitchen cabinet door is best if you are going for a matter finish. The design and cut of shaker cabinets add dept and creates contrast in your kitchen.
  • A matte finish works well with kitchen cabinet doors with simple profiles because the finish will create depth by casting different shadows on the fronts of the cabinets.
  • Matte finishes look best when combining two shades or colors as this creates contrast.
  • If you want to have a contemporary kitchen with matte kitchen cabinets, use a dark matte finish. Your kitchen will look more contemporary than with a deep glossy shade.
  • Matte kitchen cabinets are ideal for traditional kitchens because they look flatter and will not reflect light.
  • Use the same matte paint finish on your walls and kitchen cabinets. Choose a color that will make your cabinets blend away with your walls. This technique works well if you want to create a kitchen in an open plan living and dining room.
  • Use microfiber cloth to clean matte surfaces. This type of cloth will not scratch the surface and will keep your kitchen looking clean and sharp.
  • Unsightly oil stains and grease can be successfully wiped off with a microfiber cloth sprayed with a mixture of water and mild soap. You can also use a gentle all-purpose cleaner.
  • While matte surfaces can conceal stains and marks, it is best to do regular cleaning to prevent these stains and marks from being tougher to clean in the future.

The choice between high-gloss and matte kitchen cabinets depends on the size of your kitchen and the style and kitchen design you want to achieve.

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