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PA Kitchen is a leading custom cabinet manufacturer in China with over 13 years experience.PA offers wholesale cabinet customization, wardrobe for sale, bathroom vanity, whole house solution and more.

As one of the best cabinet makers and suppliers, PA Kitchen supplies all kinds of cabinets for both house owners and residential projects.

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PA is a leading kitchen cabinet and wardrobe manufacturer based in Foshan, China. we use high-quality raw materials and hardware to ensure our kitchen cabinets are functional and long-lasting. We aim to provide innovative and refined kitchen cabinets to help improve your lifestyle.

Angola Government Economical Housing 40000 Sets
Australia Apartments l 28 Sets
South Africa Apartment l 71 Sets
Australia Villa l 104 Sets
India Villa l 95 Sets
USA Villa l 228 Sets


Projects experience

Whether you need kitchen cabinet solutions for your home and construction project, PA offers professional consultation and advice

2D & 3D design

One-stop cabinet shop

Professional sales team

High-quality kitchen cabinets

Large capacity

Affordable kitchen cabinets prices

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We have trendy Italian-inspired designs or can customize kitchen cabinets ,wardrobe , bathroom cabinets based on your ideas.


We use German machines and implement strict quality inspection procedures to ensure the manufacture of high-quality products.


We have a team of 200+ professional employees in sales, design, production, inspection, shipping, installation, and after-sales services.


PA makes use of intelligent designs and product integrated systems to reduce kitchen cabinets costs allowing us to offer you at competitive prices.

Why Choose PA Kitchens Cabinets Manufacturer for Your Projects

What PA Brings You

  • Certified Manufacturing  

  • Production Capacity & Flexibility

  • Quality Control–Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

2 Manufacturing Centers

PA, established 13 years ago, is a professional manufacturer of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and bath vanities. PA is headquartered in Foshan, China. The company has manufacturing facilities in Foshan, China and Jakarta, Indonesia. PA has the largest production capacity in Foshan, with a total factory area of 40,000 square meters.

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Production Capacity & Flexibility

PA has the largest production capacity in Foshan allowing us to have unrivaled delivery capabilities. Our products are available in a wide range of materials and colors allowing us to have higher flexibility in meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Production Capacity & Flexibility

450 + / per day

Kitchen Cabinets

550 + / per day


1500 + / per day

Bathroom Cabinets

2200 + / per day

Whole house cabinets

18 + 

Types of materials

120 + 

Door colors

80 + 

Stone colors

60 + 

Handle styles

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

PA has an automatic product assembly line consisting of HOMAG machines from Germany, guarantee precise and stable manufacturing processes. The information system, defined by its large data and cloud computing enhances to a great extent the company’s efficiency for mass customization.

PA uses the HOMAG cutting machine from Germany. HOMAG is the world leader for wood processing machines.

Our operators use precision equipment to make exact grooves to fit the panels in the frame, panel construction, and drawer bottoms.

We use 3 edge-bonding machines (2 KFT and 1 Nanxing) allowing us to finish 100 pcs of boards on all 4 sides every hour or 1 piece of board every 36 seconds. KDT and Nanxing are top brands and IPO companies in China.

The drilling area consisting of 3 drilling machines. One drilling machine automatically stops when its sensor detects panels that are not properly cut. This machine can drill 1,200 pieces every hour. The other drilling machine has a dual-drilling position for more efficiency. It can drill 1,800 pieces every hour.

The color and measurement go through final checking before applying the lacquer finish on top. After passing the quality control check, a tracking sticker is attached to the back of the panel. The base coat is then applied and allowed to dry for 3 to 4 hours after which sanding is done. We apply a total of three layers of base coats and sanding to create a perfect finish. Flat surfaces are machine-sanded while shaped-doors are sanded by hand.

After the door is shaped, every panel is cleaned in preparation for gluing and the application of the PVC finish. With a PVC thickness of 0.035mm, the door should last for about 10 to 15 years as long as it is not exposed to excessive moisture.

Inspection is done at every stage of the production process to ensure the color, accessories, size, and quantities for your order are correct based on the drawing specifications. Quality inspection guarantees the items you receive from us are free of any defects in materials or workmanship based on the highest standards. As a leading kitchen cabinets China manufacturer, our reputation is built around the high quality of our products.

Every piece is attached with a QR code that is scanned and uploaded to our computer system to make sure no items are missing before a product is prepared for shipping. We meticulously put your order together because any missing part can longer be added later. This problem is prevented by our QR system. Extra care is also given in the packing and preparation of your order for shipment. We only use strong and durable protective packing materials and corner protections to ensure your order is safe while in transit. Our packing standards meet or exceed international shipping guidelines.

6 Step To Start Your Projects With  PA


Send Your Inquiry 

Contact PA with your project inquiry from below contact form 

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Appoint a Zoom Meeting for Project Details 

Basic information exchanging

Basic project information discussing

Working process explaining

PA Kitchen cabinets manufacturer


Kitchen Cabinets 3D Design 

Colleting your project design , details , size , layout .

Make a CAD Drawings in 2D and 3D animation renderings based on your ideas


Confirm Design and Invoice

Confirm the 3D design and purchuse invoice

Confirm the purchase order quantity ,metarials, size , color details

Produce one set samples for your project before producing big order .


Manufacturing & Quality Management

Confirmation of order details and pay deposit

Inspection of raw materials, spare parts and finished products

Product producing and quality control.


Shipment and Installation

We will arrange shipment to your city 

Installation guidance

After sale service :We have a bridle-wise professional after sales service team to provide worldwide service. Quick response, right solution and efficient on-site disposal are our tenets.

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