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    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Benefits

    • Acrylic kitchen cabinets provide a modern and sophisticated look for your kitchen

    • They promise homeowners unmatched elegance, durability, and optimum functionality while being easy on the budget.

    • The wide range of options available in terms of color, design, and texture also makes acrylic one of the most sought-out kitchen cabinet varieties.

    • PA Kitchen is one of the leading acrylic kitchen cabinets offering high-quality products with years of expertise

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    High Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet
    White Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

    White Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

    White has always been a visually appealing color, preferred by many people for kitchen cabinets. If you wish to remodel your kitchen to give it a bright and spotless look, white acrylic kitchen cabinets are perfect. You can get them in high-gloss or matte texture to suit your aesthetics.

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    High Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

    High Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

    If you prefer your kitchen cabinets to have a sleek and smooth surface that’s not only attractive but also easy to clean, high-gloss is ideal. They are great for both dim-lit as well as airy kitchen spaces as high gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets reflect light very well. The use of metallic colors can enhance the glossy appearance even further, giving your kitchen a bold look!

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    Acrylic Laminates for Kitchen

    Acrylic Laminates for Kitchen

    Acrylic is a very classy and superior type of laminate used for kitchen cabinets. Their reflective look will definitely make your kitchen look very beautiful. Acrylic laminate is also a durable and hard-wearing material, so you don’t have to worry about replacing kitchen cabinets for a long time. You can also get them in your favorite shade to match your kitchen space.

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    Red Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

    Red Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

    Some might find it daunting, but have you ever thought about how red color can fashion your kitchen with a high-end look? If you like bright colors, you would certainly love our range of red acrylic kitchen cabinets. They are a great choice for small kitchens with less light, as red brings a unique brilliance.

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    Modern Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

    Modern Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

    As our lifestyle gets busier by the day, it’s important to select kitchen cabinets that are easy to maintain. Modern acrylic kitchen cabinets offer just that. They are also very attractive, so don’t be surprised if your guests keep talking about them! You can get them customized to suit your requirements and preferences very easily.

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    Kitchen Cabinet Cutting

    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Cutting

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    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Grooving

    Kitchen Cabinets Edge Banding

    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Edge Banding

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    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Drilling

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    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

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    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets PVC vacuum

    PA Kitchen: Your affordable PA Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets supplier

    PA Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets for Sale

    PA Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Features

    1. Carcase material

    It’s important for the carcase to be made from a durable material. Our acrylic kitchen cabinets’ carcase material is usually plywood, which is renowned for its long-lasting durability and excellent resistance to heat and moisture.

    2. Door

    The doors of these kitchen cabinets have an acrylic finish applied to their surface. You can get them in gloss, high-gloss, or matte textures. While this is the outer layer of door panels, the mid-layer is usually made from plywood.

    3. Color

    You get a wide range of choices in acrylic kitchen cabinets as there’s a variety of colors and designs. Whether you are opting for subdued colors or vibrant shades, it won’t be a problem.

    4. Countertop

    You can either get the countertops done in acrylic or another material like quartz, depending on your preference. But, acrylic countertops are very durable, easy to clean, and resistant to heat, moisture, and mold buildup.

    5. Hardware

    Hardware is an important component for any kitchen cabinet. We offer high-quality hardware for our acrylic kitchen cabinets. You can get hinges, knobs, and pulls made in stainless steel, bronze, or other similar materials.

    PA Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Advantages

    The advantages of acrylic kitchen cabinets are manifold. As a glossy material, acrylic can make your kitchen cabinets appear sleek and luxurious. You have more freedom to customize and get your cabinets in your favorite color if you choose PA acrylic kitchen cabinets. But, appearance isn’t the only factor that makes our acrylic kitchen cabinets stand out from the rest. Acrylic kitchen cabinets are strong and durable in structure. They are also shatterproof and water-resistant. Although acrylic kitchen cabinets aren’t inexpensive, we at PA Kitchen can provide them at very cost-effective prices for you.

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    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide

    What Is Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet?

    Simply defined, acrylic is a synthetic plastic variety commonly used in kitchen cabinets to give them a shiny and glossy finish. It is made out of a polymer fiber known as acrylonitrile. Kitchen cabinets made out of acrylic material are known as acrylic kitchen cabinets. They are available in a wide range of colors to decorate your kitchen space as you wish. Acrylic is a non-toxic material that is smooth in texture although matte types are also available.

    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets 1

    What Are The Types of Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets?

    You can get acrylic kitchen cabinets in two major types such as solid acrylic and acrylic finish.

    Solid acrylic kitchen cabinets consist of doors built entirely out of acrylic and therefore are more expensive. They give a uniform and vibrant appeal to your kitchen. If budget isn’t a concern, we recommend you to select solid acrylic cabinets.

    Acrylic finish or acrylic face kitchen cabinets are constructed using high-quality acrylic sheets as the outer layer while using MDF or plywood as the mid-layer. Then, a protective layer is coated over as a sealing. Although they may not look elegant as the former, they are budget-friendly.

    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets 2

    Is Acrylic Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

    Yes. Acrylic, as a non-toxic material, is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets. It is shatterproof, and therefore, you can consider it as a long-term investment. Acrylic kitchen cabinets can handle frequent usage without an issue as it’s constructed to be very durable. Last but not least, acrylic is an attractive material for cabinets.

    Pros And Cons of Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets


    • Gives a high-end and stylish feel for your kitchen due to their glossy and reflective appearance
    • Very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear
    • There’s a wide range of choices available for you to select
    • Doesn’t lose its bright appearance very easily
    • Very easy to clean and maintain due to its smooth surface. A mild soap solution is usually sufficient.
    • Long lifespan
    • Moisture resistant, making it one of the best options for kitchen cabinets
    • Shatterproof and doesn’t chip easily


    • Due to their glossy surface, fingerprints, stain marks, and dirt will be easily visible. So, it’s important to maintain acrylic kitchen cabinets regularly to retain their spotless look.
    • Can be prone to scratches
    • Relatively expensive compared to other choices of kitchen cabinets
    • It could be difficult to find the same shade of acrylic sheets if you are hoping to replace your old acrylic kitchen cabinets with the same color.

    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets 5

    How Much Does It Cost to Install Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets?

    The cost of acrylic kitchen cabinets may vary from supplier to supplier. On average, acrylic kitchen cabinets can range from $5000 – $20,000, and prices differ, depending on whether it’s solid acrylic kitchen cabinets or acrylic finish kitchen cabinets. You would have to bear an added cost for installation. If you are looking for the lowest offer for acrylic kitchen cabinets, contact us today!

    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets 6

    What Are Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets Made of?

    Acrylic kitchen cabinets are made using acrylic as the primary surface material except for solid acrylic cabinets, where the door panels are entirely made out of acrylic. The internal structure is usually made out of MDF, plywood, or particleboard.

    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets 7

    Kitchen Cabinet: Is Acrylic Better Than Laminate?

    Many people are often confused between the choices of acrylic and laminate. So, in this section, we are going to point out the similarities and differences between the two to help you pick the right material for your kitchen cabinets.

    When it comes to appearance, acrylic has a glossy and smooth surface and is available in a wide range of colors. Laminate, made using layers of paper and plastic resin pressed together has a wooden finish to it and is muted in appearance. Although laminate is available in glossy finishes, it’s less reflective and vibrant compared to acrylic.

    In terms of budget, acrylic is more expensive, and laminate is usually considered as the budget-friendly option for kitchen cabinets. On the other hand, laminate is more durable than acrylic as the latter is prone to scratches. But, you can use acrylic kitchen cabinets for a long time as their build quality is high. If cost isn’t a concern and you want the luxurious option out of the two, we recommend you to go for acrylic.

    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets 8

    Which Is Better for Kitchen Cabinets: PVC or Acrylic?

    The decision to choose acrylic or PVC for kitchen cabinets depends on your budget, durability concerns, and aesthetics. PVC kitchen cabinets are very cost-effective compared to acrylic. But, in terms of appearance, PVC doesn’t look impressive and shiny as acrylic. In fact, acrylic kitchen cabinets can easily transform your kitchen into a sophisticated space. However, if you want to get your kitchen cabinets in patterned designs as opposed to solid shades, PVC is the material to select.

    Both these materials are easy to clean and last for a long time, making them great investments for your kitchen. PVC can be treated to be antibacterial and therefore tends to be a bit more durable than acrylic. However, acrylic requires regular maintenance if you want to maintain its glossy appearance well.

    Acrylic vs. Wood Kitchen Cabinets

    Some homeowners love the natural grain patterns of wood and choose solid wood kitchen cabinets. But, if you prefer your kitchen cabinets to have a uniform color, acrylic is the best option. In addition, it also gives you more color choices compared to a limited range of wooden shades.

    Acrylic kitchen cabinets also enhance the modern look of your kitchen space while wooden cabinets bring out a traditional feel. Their look is also more subdued compared to the high-gloss and colorful exterior of acrylic cabinets.

    In addition, acrylic is also better than wood, as it’s not prone to termite infestation and rotting. They also don’t shrink or expand due to weather conditions. When it comes to price, solid wood can be more expensive than acrylic, especially if it’s a rare wood type. Both are durable options but wood is more long-lasting.

    Acrylic vs. Glass Kitchen Cabinets

    Glass kitchen cabinets have an unmatched elegance compared to their counterparts. Many glass cabinets also come with glass handles making them more attractive. But, glass can easily be subject to damage or shatter – even the toughened variety.

    In this regard, acrylic is a great alternative to glass. The shiny and high-glossy surface of acrylic kitchen cabinets is very similar to glass. What’s more? Acrylic is also shatter-resistant, more durable, and isn’t prone to chipping or cracking easily. Both glass and acrylic have smooth surfaces, making it easy to clean. But, glass is usually more expensive than acrylic.

    Acrylic vs. Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

    Both acrylic and lacquer can give a high-gloss or matte look for cabinets. Although lacquer is durable with resistance to stains and moisture, they are more susceptible to stains than acrylic. Out of the two, acrylic kitchen cabinets have a lavish look than lacquer as well. But, acrylic is more expensive than lacquer.

    Acrylic High-Gloss and Matte Kitchen Cabinets

    Acrylic kitchen cabinets are available in two different textures such as gloss and matte.

    The gloss gives a shiny and reflective surface for kitchen cabinets, making them appear like glass panels. It’s great if you like to bring a contemporary ambiance to your kitchen. You can even get your acrylic cabinets in high-gloss form to make them appear brighter. Moreover, the smooth surface makes it easy to clean and maintain the cabinets.

    We recommend a matte finish for your acrylic kitchen cabinets if you prefer your kitchen space to have a subdued look. They are great if you are opting for a neutral and chic color for your cabinets. While the matte finish is also very common, their surface is quite difficult to clean, and therefore can be more susceptible to stain marks.

    Are Acrylic Kitchen Doors Good?

    Yes. Acrylic is a great material for kitchen doors due to the numerous benefits we have mentioned above. It’s a material that looks great and functions great at the same time. Should you have further doubts regarding acrylic kitchen doors, you can speak to one of our team members for more information!

    How Do You Clean Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets?

    It’s not at all difficult to clean acrylic kitchen cabinets, and you hardly require special cleaning agents for them. In order to retain the impressive look of your acrylic cabinets, use a mild cleaning solution and a damp cloth to clean them. Then, wipe the surface with a dry cloth immediately afterward. If there are tough stains, use a solution of soap and water or vinegar and water to clean. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive detergents as they can damage the surface.

    Does Acrylic Turn Yellow?

    The simple answer is no. Unlike many other materials, acrylic doesn’t turn yellow when exposed to sun although low acrylic varieties might. Our recommendation is to purchase high-quality, UV-resistant acrylic kitchen cabinets from a reliable supplier so that you won’t be disappointed with issues such as discoloration with time.

    Where Can I Find An Acrylic Kitchen Supplier in China?

    Finding a trusted and experienced kitchen supplier in China is not an easy task. It’s important to make sure you do thorough research on the internet before you buy.

    Are you looking for a reliable supplier of acrylic kitchen cabinets in China? If so, you have come to the right place. PA Kitchen is a leading and trusted supplier of all kinds of kitchen cabinet materials. We provide you high-quality acrylic kitchen cabinets at very cost-effective rates while guaranteeing that they will be a long-term investment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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