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    • PA Kitchen offers stunning choices for blue bathroom vanities in various sizes, finishes, features, and shades of blue. You can even get them customized to your liking.

    • They are manufactured using high-grade raw materials to bring the best quality blue bathroom vanity for you.

    • You can get them at lower prices from PA Kitchen without compromising on quality.

    • We offer cheap rates for wholesale quantities of blue bathroom vanity of your choice!

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    Bathroom with blue vanity
    Bathroom with blue vanity

    Bathroom with blue vanity

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    Blue grey bathroom vanity

    Blue grey bathroom vanity

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    Blue floating vanity

    Blue floating vanity

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    Blue bathroom vanity unit

    Blue bathroom vanity unit

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    Blue bathroom cabinets

    Blue bathroom cabinets

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    36 inch blue bathroom vanity

    36 inch blue bathroom vanity

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    Dark blue bathroom vanity

    Dark blue bathroom vanity

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    Light blue bathroom vanity

    Light blue bathroom vanity

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    Navy blue bathroom vanity 24 inch

    Navy blue bathroom vanity 24 inch

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    Navy blue bathroom vanity 30 inch

    Navy blue bathroom vanity 30 inch

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    Navy blue bathroom vanity

    Navy blue bathroom vanity

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    Navy blue double vanity

    Navy blue double vanity

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    Blue Bathroom Vanity-Cutting

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    Blue Bathroom Cabinets Grooving

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    Blue Bathroom Cabinets Edge Banding

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    Blue Bathroom Cabinets-Drilling

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Kitchen cabinets PVC vacuum

    Blue Bathroom Cabinets PVC vacuum

    PA Experienced Sales Team for Your Next Projects

    Choose PA Kitchen for your bathroom vanity project, and you won’t regret it. We are housed with an amazing set of employees who are always enthusiastic about providing the best service to our customers. All team, from sales to design to packaging, work very hard to ensure you receive the best product at the right time!

    Your Wholesale Blue Bathroom Vanity Manufacturer

    Blue Bathroom Vanity for Sale: Features and Details

    • Base Material

    Your blue bathroom cabinet is constructed out of plywood and solid wood particleboard for extreme durability.  It will definitely be a worthy investment for your bathroom.

    • Color Options

    Even when it comes to blue, there’s a wide range of color options for you. We offer both dark and light color options. So, you can get your bathroom vanity in your favorite shade of blue from PA Kitchen.

    • High-Quality Hardware

    All hardware used for your blue bathroom vanity, like hinges, knobs, pulls, hooks, and handles, are made from anti-corrosive and durable materials. You can get them in bronze, brass, nickel, chrome, and stainless steel materials.

    • Functional Accessories

    You can improve the functionality of bathroom vanity cabinets with storage baskets, pull-out organizers, security systems, and lights. They also bring an added touch of beauty to your blue bathroom vanity.

    • Humanization Design

    Vanity cabinets by PA Kitchen are a sentimental addition to your bathroom space. You can get it tailor-made to suit the design aesthetics and interior of your home. It will surely be the center of attention in no time!

    • Delivery: 25-40 Days

    Once you have placed your order and made the deposit, we will ensure you receive the order within 25-40 days. Custom and wholesale orders may take up to 40 days, while premade orders can be delivered much earlier.

    Benefits of Buying Blue Bathroom Cabinets from PA Kitchen

    • Quality

    PA Kitchen conducts quality control inspections and utilizes advanced technology to provide you with premium quality blue bathroom vanity cabinets that are foolproof in design and construction.

    • Price

    We offer the most competitive prices for blue bathroom vanity cabinets as well as for all other products. PA Kitchen provides the best price for high-quality products in the global market.

    • Customized Design

    The availability of choice for vanities is endless for dear customers of PA Kitchen. We also undertake custom orders of any design, color, size, and quantity for your convenience.

    • Team

    We have a large team of experienced and highly skilled staff members to handle your order without any issue from beginning to end. You can also rely on our sales team to update you on the order status anytime.

    • Certificates

    We have the required local and international certifications to endorse our high-quality manufacturing standards and to confirm that our vanity cabinets have passed many usage and durability tests.

    • Whole House Cabinets

    PA Kitchen can undertake large-capacity orders and has been specializing in bathroom vanity cabinets as well as kitchen cabinets over the years. So, we can fulfill the cabinetry needs of your entire house!

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    Blue Bathroom Vanity: The Definitive Guide

    What is Blue Bathroom Vanity?

    Simply defined, bathroom vanities are bathroom cabinetry that comes with an in-built sink or basin on top. They are storage units designed especially for bathroom spaces to be both functional and decorative.

    Blue bathroom cabinets refers to vanity cabinets that are blue in color. Blue bathroom vanities are available in a range of shades, sizes, finishes, and features. You can get them done in a plain blue shade or by incorporating another color with blue.

    The countertop of the blue bathroom cabinets will be made out of granite, quartz, marble, melamine, laminate, or other similar material. The storage unit consisting of shelves and drawers will be made out of wood. They are usually constructed out of durable wood materials and are covered with wood veneer, melamine, or laminate to ensure they are waterproof.

    Pros and Cons of Blue Bathroom Vanity

    Pros and Cons of Blue Bathroom Vanity


    • Blue is a very elegant and bold color. So, blue bathroom vanities will add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom.
    • Vanity cabinets provide you ample storage space and organization facilities. You can store all your essential items like blow dryers, towels, and brushes inside them neatly.
    • As modern blue bathroom vanities come with security systems, you can store the bathroom cleaning solutions on a shelf and lock them. This way, small kids and pets can’t access them, making your bathroom a safe space for them.
    • There’s an array of color options for you. You can get them in a light blue shade to bring an airy feel or choose a dark blue color to create a stark contrast.
    • Bathroom vanities by PA Kitchen are designed to be durable and long-lasting. So, it’s a great investment for you.
    • They are easy to clean and maintain.
    • They are waterproof and heatproof.


    • Usually, blue bathroom vanities don’t come cheap. However, you can get a good price if you get them from a large-scale manufacturer like PA Kitchen.
    • If the cabinet wood is not treated to be water-resistant, it can be prone to rotting.
    • Bathroom vanities made out of low-quality materials tend to deteriorate and collapse over time.

    Are Blue Vanities in Style?

    Of course! Blue is a timeless color and has always been preferred by homeowners due to its attractive appeal. It is one of the most sought out and popular vanity colors in the market today. They are perfect for both traditional-styled and contemporary homes. As blue complements a lot of other colors really well and has a wide range of light and dark shades of its own, it’s one of the most classic options for you. Get your vanity in plain blue or pair it with another color!

    What is the Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Color?

    Although the color choice is very personal to each homeowner, we think blue is one of the most popular colors for bathroom vanities for all of the reasons we have said above! It is one of those colors that look beautiful anywhere, so you really can’t go wrong by selecting blue! Other popular colors for bathroom vanities are grey, black, and white.

    What are the Sizes of Blue Bathroom Cabinets?

    Blue bathroom Cabinets are available in a range of standard sizes, so you will definitely find one that fits your bathroom space, whether it’s small or big. However, it’s important that you pay attention to the width, height, as well as the depth of bathroom vanities when it comes to dimensions. First, you have to decide where you are going to install the vanity and get the accurate dimensions of the space.

    Standard height of vanities ranges from 30-36 inches, and if there are kids, it’s better to settle with a height of 30-32 inches. The width usually ranges from 24-72 inches, and it really depends on your bathroom size and storage requirements. The depth usually ranges from 17- 24 inches. Remember that you can always customize the blue bathroom vanity size from PA Kitchen!

    Blue Bathroom Vanity Design Idea

    While blue bathroom vanity comes in various designs, the ultimate choice depends on your personal preference. If you are going for a modern look, a floating/wall-mount style is a good choice. It is attached to the wall, leaving some space between the vanity cabinet and the floor. It provides a spacious and stylish look for your bathroom. For large bathrooms, a rectangular-shaped bathroom vanity is a solid option.

    Alternatively, smaller modern bathrooms can opt for a circular-shaped floating vanity. In addition to the floating style, there are also freestanding blue bathroom vanities of various designs for you.

    How Much Does Blue Bathroom Vanity Cost: Get Blue Bathroom Cabinets Price List

    The price of blue bathroom vanity will depend on the quality, size, material, finish, as well as reputation of your supplier. On average, the price will range from $200-$1000, and you will have to bear an additional cost for installation. Premade bathroom vanities will cost less in comparison to custom-made vanities. PA Kitchen offers the best and lowest price for blue bathroom cabinets. Contact us to get the price list of blue bathroom vanities today.

    How to Select the Right Blue Bathroom Vanity Manufacturers & Suppliers?

    • Cost

    It’s vital to select a manufacturer who offers the best price for the product. It often means they are highly cost-effective in production by maximizing the efficiency of the resources. So, compare the cost offered by different manufacturers before making a decision.

    • Minimum Order

    Manufacturers often specify a minimum order quantity for each project and you should definitely check it, especially if your order is small. Also, not every manufacturer offers retail orders, so if you are purchasing a single unit, remember to inquire from the supplier first.

    • Quality Control

    Reputed manufacturers have strict quality control processes to ensure everything from the raw materials to the end product meets the industry-grade standards. It is the reason for the popularity of their quality products. You can research it on google or get it checked by an agent residing in the country of manufacture.

    • Manufacturing Capabilities

    You don’t want to hand over your blue bathroom vanity project to an unreliable supplier and end up disappointed. So, make sure you check if the supplier is capable of undertaking your order and have the required raw materials, labor, and technology to complete it successfully.

    • Measurement and Design Process

    Your manufacturer needs to have a clear and straightforward measurement and design process that’s in line with internationally recognized metrics. This way, there won’t be misunderstandings between buyer and seller. You will get exactly what you specified in size and design.

    • Lead Time

    Ideally, blue vanity cabinet projects can be completed within two months by high-end manufacturers due to their long-standing expertise and skill. So, it’s better to avoid companies that request a long time to complete your orders.

    • Project Support

    The quality of customer service you receive is equally important as the end product itself. Your manufacturer should be equipped with a team of highly knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist clients 24/7 for 365 days.

    How to Buy Blue Bathroom Cabinets Online from PA

    How to Buy Blue Bathroom Vanity Online from PA

    • Initiate a Quotation for Drawing

    Dear customer, if you like a design from our catalog or have a unique design in your mind for a blue vanity cabinet, you can request a quotation from us. All you have to do is specify the design, size, color, and finish, along with a picture or drawing of the vanity if it’s available.

    • Drawing Analysis

    Upon receiving your request, our team will get to work. If you have sent a drawing or sketch, our qualified designers will perform a design analysis and provide you with one or multiple designs. If there’s no sketch, we can provide you the drawing service as well.

    • Design and Approval

    Once you have received the proposed designs, all you have to do is go through the details and confirm what you like. We provide multiple options to give you more choice. Select one that fits your budget from PA Kitchen!

    • Sign a Contract

    Then, to confirm the chosen design and order, we will sign a contract with you. The contract will outline all the details regarding your project, including the total cost. Once you have made the deposit, we will begin production.

    • Logistical Service

    You have the freedom to get your blue bathroom vanity delivered to your location via an agent and a shipping service you know. Otherwise, we can arrange all the logistics for you, ensuring you face a hassle-free clearing at the customs office as well!

    • Installation

    We provide detailed instruction manuals and video tutorials on how to install vanity cabinets. But, if you are not familiar with installations, it’s better to get it done by a professional in your area. It will ensure the vanity is fixed properly. For some countries where PA Kitchen has agents, the installation service can be provided by us.


    We hope our guide on blue bathroom vanity helps you select a good color for your bathroom vanities. As experts in the cabinetry industry, we like to emphasize the importance of selecting good quality vanities from a reliable manufacturer. This way, there won’t be regrets!

    If you think blue doesn’t suit your taste, don’t worry. PA Kitchen can customize bathroom vanities in any color of your choice. If you take a look at our catalog, you will find many other interesting bathroom vanity colors. Should you have further questions, contact our sales team today. They are looking forward to assisting you 24/7.

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