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PA is your leading custom kitchen cabinets manufacturer, producing custom- made quality kitchen cabinets. Choose your kitchen cabinet by different styles , layouts , materials and colors.Available at wholesale prices.

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Semi-custom kitchen cabinets

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets

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Semi-custom cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets

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Discount custom cabinets

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Custom-built cabinets

Custom-built cabinets

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Custom made cabinets

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Custom pantry cabinet

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Custom made kitchen cabinets

Custom made kitchen cabinets

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Custom RTA cabinets

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Custom made cupboards

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Custom kitchen cabinets

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Custom kitchen cabinets online

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Custom corner cabinet

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Custom cabinets near me

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Best semi-custom kitchen cabinets

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Affordable custom cabinets

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PA Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer with 13 Years of Experience

Custom Flexible Kitchen Cabintes

From hotels, apartments, restaurants, and residential kitchens, baths and recreational spaces, PA always meets all your custom kitchen cabinets needs. Catering to special events, architectural projects, and any other requirements of unique kitchen. Our customization options include:

Why Wholesale Custom Kitchen Cabinets in PA ?

How Are PA Kitchen Cabinet Made

Kitchen Cabinet Cutting

Kitchen Cabinet-Cutting

Kitchen Cabinets Grooving

Kitchen Cabinet-Grooving

Kitchen Cabinets Edge Banding

Kitchen Cabinet-Edge Banding

Kitchen cabinets Drilling

Kitchen Cabinet -Drilling

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Kitchen cabinets PVC vacuum

 Kitchen Cabinet – PVC Vacuum

How to Cooperate With Us

It’s Simple!

PA aims at making the whole process easy and hassle-free to save your time and cost.

Need Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Your Projects ?  

Buying Custom Kitchen Cabinets: The Ultimate Guide

What is Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Custom kitchen cabinet are storage units measured, designed, and manufactured to fit the unique space in your kitchen. These cabinets are built specifically for the room where they are intended to be installed. Also, their features are tailored according to the specific requirements of the client.

If you may ask, what makes kitchen cabinets custom? As mentioned, you have the freedom of dictating the requirements. So, you can specify the size, style, features, and any other details you want to be added. Due to the unique specifications, custom cabinets tend to be more expensive than stock kitchen cabinets.

Pros and Cons of Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Custom cabinets are lovely because everything is made according to your unique requirements. You can enjoy their appearance for many years to come since they match your styles. Despite the many advantages of choosing these kitchen cabinets, there are also some disadvantages compared with stock cabinets. Here are the pros and cons you should know:


  • Look attractive
  • Match your style
  • High quality
  • Match the interior design
  • Exact measurements and size
  • Higher ROI
  • Easy to assemble on-site


  • More expensive
  • Take longer to make
  • Not easy to repair

What Is the Difference Between Custom Cabinets, Stock Cabinets & Semi-Custom Cabinets?

This is a frequently asked question. Many new contractors and homeowners do not quite understand the differences between the three different types of cabinets. Let us distinguish them by talking about each one of them separately.

Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets, also known as ready to assemble cabinets, are available for you to buy off-the-shelf. It simply means that you will walk straight into the manufacturer or supplier’s warehouse or showroom and choose the design that appeals to you. Stock cabinets are cheaper compared to other kitchen cabinets. That is because they are made in bulk, and a lengthy design process is involved.

Custom Cabinets

Unlike stock cabinets, custom kitchen cabinets are designed and manufactured according to the unique requirements of customers. You can specify the size, design, appearance, functional accessories, and any other feature that you would like added. They are built in the factory or on-the site by following the provided design specifications.

Custom cabinets are the most expensive of the three, but quality and overall built match what customers expected.

Semi-custom Cabinets

These types of cabinets bring out the best of stock and custom cabinets. They are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, finishes, styles, and features. Property owners or contractors have higher chances of finding semi-custom cabinets that suit their needs. Moreover, there can be adjustments and modifications to tailor them according to the customers’ needs.

What Is the Difference Between Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Stock Cabinets & Semi-Custom Cabinets_

6 Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Custom cabinets come with very many benefits to the end-user. Despite the high price tags on them, they are worthy investments. Here are just the highlights of some of the things you will gain from choosing these cabinets. The list might not be exhaustive, but it will give the idea.

  • Personalized cabinets to suit any style, shape, or size kitchen
  • Cabinets made to fit your kitchen
  • You pick the materials that suit your style and budget
  • Gain more storage space
  • Higher quality craftsmanship
  • Eco-friendly approach
  • Save money on custom cabinets if you buy them wholesale

Styles of Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Modern custom cabinets can be designed with solid wood such as cherry, maple, alder, burgundy, ebony, or any other material. If you need to match the kitchen to your habits and ease your life, go for customized designs. Custom cabinets make spectacular designs more outstanding and allow you to enjoy the best cooking experience in your kitchen.

Rustic Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic custom kitchen cabinets can bring your style to a new level. Every feature can be tailored to meet your needs. You can also choose inset, shaker-style, or any other design style you need for a rustic kitchen design.

Traditional Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Traditional kitchen cabinetry never gets out of style, and with customization, you can maximize storage and make your space stylish. Traditional custom kitchen cabinets are design-rich. By using colors, motifs, and materials, you can create a century-old design.

Painted Custom Kitchen Cabinet

With custom cabinet colors, you can take painted cabinets to a whole new level. If you really need a fully personalized kitchen, then finishing your cabinets with custom colors can go a long way.

Styles of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Comparison Among 7 Materials for Custom Kitchen Cabinets Door

There are most common designs and finishes for kitchen cabinet doors. It is crucial to understand these options to choose the right one for your custom kitchen designs. Do this by looking at the different properties such as scratch resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, maintenance, etc.

In the table below, we rated different cabinet door types using one, two, and three stars depending on their resilience. Use this information to make an informed decision on what your cabinet doors will be made of.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Customizing your kitchen cabinets go beyond just matching the size with your kitchen space. You need to consider the appearance, style, finish, color-match, or contrast with other features in the room. This work is for experienced designers, but you can also do it by looking for custom design cabinet ideas.

You can also watch the attached video to get more inspiration for customizing cabinets for your next kitchen.

How Much Do Custom Kitchen Cabinet Cost: Get Custom Cabinets Wholesale Prices List

As mentioned, custom cabinets are more expensive compared to store or ready-to-assemble cabinets. Also, the prices vary depending on the sizes, style, features, material, and level of customization. We have provided rough estimates of what it will cost for a standard-size custom kitchen cabinet in the tables below.

Kitchen Cabinet Prices According to Size

Type Price Per Linear Foot Price Per Unit
Pre-built $100 – $300 $200 – $650+
Semi-custom $150 – $650 $250 – $800+
Full-custom $500 – $1,200 $500+

Kitchen Cabinet Prices According to Material

Material Price
Wood veneer $2,000 – $15,000+
laminate $4,000 – $15,000
Solid wood $5,000 – $25,000+
acrylic $5,000 – $20,000
Stainless steel $25,000 – $38,000

Kitchen Cabinet Prices According to Design

Design Price
Framed Cabinets $5,000 to $20,000+ per unit
Frameless Cabinets $6,000 to $30,000+ per unit
Inset Cabinets $150 to $1,200+ per linear foot
Shaker Cabinets $100 and $1,200+ per linear foot

For more accurate quotes, contact PA customer support representatives. This is a free service to our potential clients.

How Much Do Custom Kitchen Cabinets Cost-Get Custom Cabinets Wholesale Prices List

Where to Buy Custom Kitchen Cabinet Online from China  

When it comes to custom cabinets, your options are limited to only manufacturers. Also, not all manufacturers offer customization services. So, it looks like your search for custom-made cabinets is far from over.

Fortunately, China has many kitchen cabinet manufacturing companies you can contact or send inquiries to. However, it is a time-consuming process to wait for responses from different manufacturers on whether they offer customization or not. You can save time by contacting the PA sales team.

At PA, our products are tailored according to your requirements. We have a design team that will work with you through the design process, ensuring that all your specifications are accounted for.

You can also search more information on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

Where to Buy Custom Kitchen Cabinets Online from China

How to Verify the Quality of Custom Kitchen Cabinet

You should take quality verification seriously. Custom kitchen cabinet will stretch your finances, and what you deserve is a good return on your investment. Low-quality cabinets will compromise this fundamental right. So, you need to know how to distinguish quality products from substandard ones.

The following tips will help you rate the quality of custom cabinets you receive. Ask for a sample product and examine the following:

  • Full height back panel made of appropriate material
  • Appropriate material – not be less than 5/8 inches in thickness
  • High-quality hardware – easy to operate doors and drawers
  • Boxes made of quality solid wood
  • Face frames made of solid wood for framed cabinets
  • Cabinet can be easily assembled and installed
  • The longer it lasts, the better.

How to Select the Right Custom Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers & Suppliers from China


A preferred cabinet manufacturer for you should produce high-end cabinets while keeping costs low. You do not have to overpay to get high-quality custom cabinets. A good balance between quality and prices is preferred. However, quality should not be traded for cost.

Quality Control

How much does the manufacturer spend in controlling the quality of their products? A quality control team should inspect raw materials, manufacturing processes, and finished products. There should also be one last round of inspection just before packaging the product.

Manufacturing Capabilities

How do you know the manufacturing capability of a company? Visit the manufacturing site or ask for a product sample if possible. Check quality and quantity. You should get custom kitchen cabinets when you need them. A short lead time is an excellent indicator.

Customizable and Design Process

This is not optional for custom cabinets. You need to spend your time evaluating or analyzing the cabinet design process and ensure that your design specifications will all be considered.

Project Support  

You can never tell when you need assistance or help with the products you buy. So, as the last factor to consider, the manufacturer should have a 24/7 customer support service team. That means you can get the help you need when you need it.

How to Select the Right Custom Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers & Suppliers from China

How to Buying Wholesale Custom Kitchen Cabinet from PA

  1. Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

Contact us and declare your custom kitchen cabinet design requirements. Our sales team is ready to respond to your inquiries at any time.

  1. Drawing Analysis

The submitted drawing or requirements are analyzed by our experienced designers. Optimized designs will be sent to you based on the specifications you provided.

  1. Design & Approval

It is in your docket to evaluate the designs and approve the one you like from the multiple options submitted. You can also ask our design team to go back to the drawing board.

  1. Sign a Contract

If you are satisfied with the custom kitchen cabinet design, you sign the contract, and mass production begins.

  1. Logistical Service

PA handles shipping services, but you are also allowed to use your preferred shipping company. We package the product with high-quality material to ensure you receive the cabinets in one piece.

  1. Installation

We also have a team to help you with the installation. But as usual, you can do it yourself or hire a local technician. Feel free to contact our technical support team if you have any questions.

How to Buying Wholesale Custom Kitchen Cabinets from PA


Custom kitchen cabinets are made according to your unique requirements. The size, design style, appearance, and all other features match your needs. They will fit in your kitchen space and add irresistible beauty. If well designed, they will automatically become the focal point in the room.

You can buy a custom kitchen cabinet at the best price at the PA. Contact us to begin the process. We are available 24/7 to respond to your inquiries. Choose our brand for guaranteed quality and timely delivery.

You can also search on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

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