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    • As the name implies, you can customize features of your wardrobe, including color, size, and finishes.

    • You get quality custom wardrobes only from PA because we have a strict quality control protocol, and we use cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing process.

    • Buy high-quality, low-cost custom wardrobes from the best manufacturer

    • Buy custom wardrobes on a large scale to enjoy great discounts.

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    Custom made wardrobes
    Custom made wardrobes

    Custom made wardrobes

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    Custom wardrobe closet

    Custom wardrobe closet

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    Custom-built wardrobes

    Custom-built wardrobes

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    Built-in wardrobe closet

    Built-in wardrobe closet

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    Custom fitted wardrobes

    Custom fitted wardrobes

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    Custom walk-in wardrobe

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    Cheap built-in wardrobe

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    Made to measure wardrobes

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    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

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    Solid Wood Wardrobes Grooving

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    Solid Wood Wardrobes Drilling

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

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    PA Experienced Sales Team for Your Next Projects

    PA has a committed sales team that works relentlessly to meet the varying expectations of all our customers. The staff is divided according to countries and revisions for more specialized services. And with their experience in the industry, they have never disappointed.

    Different teams collaborate to achieve a common goal, which is customer satisfaction. It is quite a challenging task, but they make it look easy, and they usually invent new solutions to enhance customer experience.

    Your Wholesale Custom Wardrobes Manufacturer

    Custom Wardrobes for Sale: Features and Details

    Base Material – We have different base materials for customizing your closet. You can choose from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, plywood, acrylic, plywood, etc. Feel free to tell us what you prefer to be the base material for your custom walk-in wardrobe.

    Door Panel – Custom-made wardrobes are client-centered. Every feature and material used depends on your decision, and the same applies to door panels. The door design, whether sliding or swinging, also depends on your choice.

    High-Quality Hardware – Handles, hinges, locks, and other hardware features we use are of high quality, but you have the final say for your built-in wardrobe. Remember, the choice of hardware can make it more elegant or ruin the style and look, making it appear cheap.

    Functional Accessories – Custom fitted wardrobe has accessories, such as lights, security systems, drawers, and clothing care systems. All of them must be elegantly designed to match your style for a custom built-in wardrobe.

    Humanization Design – The name says it all, but we would like to add that a custom wardrobe is you. Everything about it will be just like you suggested and approved. We offer you many ways of customizing your wardrobe, thanks to our dedicated team of designers.

    Delivery day: 25-40 days – Once the production is completed, the wardrobes are packed and delivered to your shipping company. It usually takes about 25-40 days, depending on factors, such as delivery location and the shipping method used.

    Benefits of Buying Custom Wardrobes from PA

    PA is a renowned walk-in wardrobe manufacturer in China. But what makes us stand out in a highly competitive market? The benefits customers get for choosing our brand and include the following:

    • Quality – We dedicated resources and efforts to ensure that all our products meet the quality standards, both nationally and locally. Only high-quality products are sent to the market.
    • Price – The price tag of our closest and cabinets beat those of competitors. That is because of the automated machines that we use and the technology we deploy in the manufacturing process. The two allow us to make quality wardrobes at the best price while enjoying economy of scale.
    • Customized – We have hundreds of design options for the same type of wardrobes. That has made us the favorite among customers who want personalized fitted closets.
    • Team – Our sales and design teams always put the interests of our customers first. The staff serves with a high level of professionalism, always surpassing the expectations. We guarantee the best customer experience.
    • Certificates – There is nothing more beneficial than signing a contract with a company that complies with international and local standards. PA is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, also with a valid operational license. It is an assurance of responsibility and quality.
    • Whole House cabinets – We have been contracted with different customers to manufacture wardrobes, cabinets, and many other related furniture. We are a diverse company who will always make what you want when you want it.

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    Buying Custom Wardrobes: The Definitive Guide

    What is a customized wardrobe?

    Custom wardrobes are ideally made on-site, but you can also take measurements of the space and send them to a manufacturer. The closets are then made based on the provided specifications and then delivered for on-site assembling and installation.

    A custom fitted wardrobe offers clothes storage space in rooms that do not have closets and can be built to any size and specifications.

    Pros and Cons of Custom Wardrobes

    Pros and Cons of Custom Wardrobes

    Custom wardrobes have many benefits, but not without disadvantages. Here, we will look at the positive and negative sides of this type of built-in wardrobes.


    • Adequate space
    • Aesthetically appealing
    • Personalized design and features
    • Strong and durable
    • Matches your style


    • Expensive to make

    The Different Types of Custom Wardrobes Internals Available

    The way you can make your wardrobe internals unique is the best part of these types of built-in closets. The internals that you can play around with during the design phase include the following:

    Clothe rails – This is a feature of any built-in wardrobe to keep clothes. Your clothes will be hanged here, and the number you want to be included is a personal choice.

    Drawers – Drawers are the pull-out and pull-in internals forming part of your customized wardrobe. You can keep items such as T-shirts, inner garments, jewelry, make-up essentials, documents, etc.

    Shelves – Give easy access to clothes or items that you regularly use. Their position in your built-in wardrobe determines what is kept there. For example, dedicating an upper compartment for them means you will be keeping rarely used items.

    Racks – They are commonly used for keeping shoes and handbags. So, their number depends on the size of your shoe collection or the anticipated future size.

    Mirrors – Mirrors is a wardrobe is a common feature that helps you dress up quickly. They are usually installed at the back of swing doors to maximize the use of space.

    Custom Wardrobes Design Idea

    You can think of anything and achieve it. There is an endless list of custom wardrobe ideas on the internet you can use for inspiration. You can use these Pinterest ideas in addition to what you will find when doing your own research.

    How Much Do Custom Wardrobes Cost: Get Custom Wardrobes Price List

    How Much Do Custom Wardrobes Cost- Get Custom Wardrobes Price List

    Custom wardrobes are usually very expensive, especially if you only need one such unique closet for your home. Designing a single unit for production might take more than you imagined. Wholesalers and big project contractors might have discounts because they order in multiples.

    To what it will cost to build a custom wardrobe, contact us at PA. Our valuation professionals will give you a free cost estimate based on the specifications provided. But remember that the quoted value can vary depending on the following factors:

    • Size – You will be asked to submit the dimensions of the space where you will install the customized wardrobe. The bigger it is, the more you pay. A large-sized built-in wardrobe takes more material and time to make, resulting in a high price tag.
    • Material – You have base material and door panel material options. You can choose MDF, solid wood, composite, laminate, acrylic, or any other of your choice. The cost depends on the material of choice.
    • Door design and style – You will choose from sliding and swinging door styles. The former is a bit expensive. Also, the shutter material will influence the cost.
    • Wardrobe internals – These include clothing rails, shelves, drawers, and racks. The higher the number, the more you will be required to pay.
    • Hardware and other accessories – The handles, locks, lighting system, and security systems all add to the cost of a custom wardrobe.
    • Shipping and installation – The transportation and labor charges all contribute to the total cost of having a custom wardrobe in your room. Unfortunately, you have no control over these two factors. If you are not a DIY, you will need help from a technician and pay for the services.

    How to Select the Right Custom Wardrobes Manufacturers & Suppliers

    How to Select the Right Custom Wardrobes Manufacturers & Suppliers

    Cost – Invite many bidders and compare the proposed cost of the wardrobes. An expensive bid might not necessarily be the best option. High price tags do not necessarily equate to quality products and services. Very low bids might be an indication of low quality. So, we advise you to go for an average bid.

    Minimum Order – What are the minimum order requirements? Do they make one custom wardrobe if you are a homeowner in need of just a unit? Find all the answers you need before proceeding with the contract.

    Quality Control – Do they do anything to ensure the high-quality of their products? Look for proof of any quality standard certifications such as ISO 9001. You are better off going for a manufacturer or a supplier who complies with quality standards.

    Manufacturing Capabilities – How many units can the manufacturer produce or supplier supply? Does that meet their supply demands, or will you wait for months before receiving the items? Answers help you make an informed decision.

    Measurement and Design Process – Quality is evaluated in different ways, and this is one of them. How do they go about the design and production processes? Do they meet design specifications in terms of measurements? You need to only sign a contract with a supplier after accuracy assurance.

    Lead Time – You want your package to get to you as soon as possible, right? Usually, it the lead time that matters the most. Ask and find out from the reviews how long it takes the custom wardrobe manufacturer or supplier to process orders. The shorter it takes, the better.

    Project Support – The wardrobes or closets are manufactured elsewhere. Your team only needs to assemble and install them. A problem can arise during these steps, and the best help can only come from the supplier. Ask if they have a dedicated customer support team to provide such services.

    How to Buying Custom Wardrobes Online from PA

    How to Buying Custom Wardrobes Online from PA

    The process of buying any PA products online remains the same, and it involves the following steps:

    1. Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

    In this stage, you submit design specifications or a drawing for our teams to evaluate. Contact us to begin the process. Do not hesitate; we have our sales team ready.

    1. Drawing Analysis

    Here, the specifications are turned into a design. If you already submitted a drawing, it will be evaluated and optimized according to the production standards.

    1. Design and Approval

    The design is approved by you, as our client. You will receive different versions and only the chosen one which appeals to you. You can also suggest changes, which will be considered.

    1. Sign a Contract

    After design approval, you are presented with papers to sign. The paperwork outlines the terms and conditions of the contract and acts as a binding legal document. Next, you pay for the deposit, and production commences.

    1. Logistical Service

    PA is responsible for packaging the unassembled custom wardrobes and forward them to your shipping company. You will receive your package in the next 25-40 days from the day contract was initiated.

    1. Installation

    You confirm the received package and signs the receipt note. Your team or technician can then proceed to install the wardrobes. We are also available to offer technical support when needed.


    You are the only one who knows the style of wardrobe you need. That is why we offer custom services to allow you to suggest or include any features that most appeal to you.

    Custom built-in wardrobes make good use of the limited space and help you organize your clothes. They may be expensive but offer real value. Add style and color to your room with custom wardrobes from PA. Contact us to initiate your order now.

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