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Oak Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Oak Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

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High Gloss Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

High Gloss Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

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Gray Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

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Flat Panel Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Flat Panel Maple Kitchen Cabinet

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European Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

European Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

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Contemporary Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

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Black Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Black Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

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White Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

White Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

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Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

What is Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet?

Flat panel cabinets are very minimalist. They have no design and have a plain, solid front panel, which is why they are also known as slab door cabinets. They are the simplest style of kitchen cabinet you can choose that is perfect for a contemporary kitchen and can give you clean lines. Because of their simplicity, flat panel cabinets can easily highlight unique hardware like handles and quality finishes.

Is Flat Panel Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

Flat panel is a good choice for kitchen cabinets because it doesn’t have extra edges and corners for dirt and stains to accumulate, so they are very easy to maintain and clean. Stains, splashes, and dirt can quickly and easily be wiped right off. Their simple design makes them extra durable and solid. Flat panel kitchen cabinet are a great choice of cabinet style for contemporary kitchens.

Is Flat Panel Good for Kitchen Cabinets_

Pros and Cons of Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet


  • Flat panel cabinets are one of the most budget-friendly and readily available by most suppliers because of their simple design.
  • They are very suitable for contemporary-style kitchens and can easily take various finishes.
  • Because they have plain doors, flat panel kitchen cabinets are very easy to clean and maintain.


  • Some people may find flat panel kitchen cabinets a little plain for their tastes.
  • Flat panel kitchen cabinets may not be very suitable for more traditional-styled kitchens.

How Much Do Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Cost 

Because flat panel kitchen cabinet are the simplest design you can get, what can cause the cost to vary is the material choice, finish, and the pricing method used by manufacturers.

  • Per piece: $50 – $3,000
  • Per set: $500 – $3,500
  • Per meter: $100 – $550

Other factors that can affect the cost of your cabinets are:

  • Size and dimensions (depending on your needs and kitchen design)
  • Manufacturer/ supplier minimum order
  • Custom designs/ orders

Are Flat Panel Cabinet More Expensive?

The simple answer to this question is no. Generally, flat panel cabinets are less expensive than most other cabinet designs. What can make flat panel cabinets expensive is the choice of an expensive base material like solid wood. You can choose cheaper materials like MDF or particleboard and still get beautiful flat panel cabinets.

Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets vs Shaker Style

While flat panel kitchen cabinets are plain and have no design, shaker-style cabinets have a slightly recessed center panel. Shaker cabinets also have slightly raised sides and are more flexible when it comes to style as they can fit both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Raised Panel vs Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Raised panel style cabinets are the opposite of shaker cabinet doors- it’s the center panel of the door that is slightly raised instead of the sides. Flat panel kitchen cabinets are more suitable for contemporary style kitchens, while raised panel cabinets are better with the traditional look. Some people say recently that raised panel cabinet doors are not very trendy.

Raised Panel vs Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Are Flat Front Cabinets in Style?

Flat front cabinets are very much in style. Contemporary style kitchens are currently trending and flat panel kitchen cabinets fit this look very well. Flat front cabinets will also fit into the look of different trends because of the simplicity of their design. They can also be easily refinished to fit many other styles or looks that may start trending.

Comparison between the 7 Door Fronts

Top 8 style Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

White Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

Using white for your kitchen cabinets can really brighten up your space, which is a great feature for somewhere you cook and handle food. Flat panel kitchen cabinet paired with white can really bring out a minimalistic or utilitarian kind of style for your kitchen

High Gloss Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

Flat panel kitchen cabinet are very suitable for a modern or contemporary style of kitchen. Making your cabinets high gloss also makes them reflective and adds to the contemporary feel. A high gloss finish will definitely make your kitchen look sleek and it also makes it easy to clean.

Flat Panel Maple Kitchen Cabinets

One popular material for flat panel cabinet is solid wood. However, solid wood may be expensive, but maple is lower in price than other woods. It’s beautiful with its smooth and even grain and naturally light in color and reddish tone. Maple is also great for kitchens because it’s durable.

Gray Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

If you want something different than black or white, you can go for the middle color- gray. The key to gray flat panel kitchen cabinet is what colors you choose to accent it. You can use more modest colors or if you want a unique and austere kitchen, you can use bold accent colors or add a little warmth using wood.

Oak Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

The simplicity of flat panel kitchen cabinets is great to bring out the natural beauty of solid wood. Oak is a flexible type of wood. It takes well to paint and stains, so you can go for a modern look or a rustic style depending on the finish of your cabinets.

Black Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

Black is a bold choice of color that can contrast the simplicity of flat panel kitchen cabinets for your kitchen. If you’re after a modern and contemporary style, black is the perfect color. Black flat panel kitchen cabinet also look very professional and sleek.

Contemporary Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

Flat panel kitchen cabinets are simple with clean lines, making it a perfect choice for a contemporary style of kitchen. For a contemporary design, choose black, white, or gray for the best effect. High gloss cabinets can also add to the contemporary feel of your kitchen.

European Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

European-style cabinets are defined for their hidden hinges and frameless designs. This style of cabinets really brings out the “less-is-more” concept when combined with flat panel kitchen cabinets. European flat panel kitchen cabinets have a minimalistic and understated design that has an uncomplicated look that uses clean lines.

Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Design Idea

Flat panel kitchen cabinet are great for contemporary kitchens, therefore will look awesome with a sleek high-gloss finish and hidden hinges.
Since flat panel kitchen cabinet doors are plain in design, they can highlight your choice of hardware, like the handles on your cabinets. They can also bring out unique finishes and colors.

How to Select the Right Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

  • Cost 

Manufacturers have different pricing styles. The cost for your cabinets can be per meter, per piece, or per set. Cost can also vary depending on the type of material to the method of shipping.

  • Minimum Order 

All manufacturers have different minimum orders in order to be able to accommodate yours. This will depend on the pricing method, some manufacturers will have minimum meter order, number of pieces, or number of sets.

  • Quality Control

Always check a manufacturers’ certifications to assure that their facilities and materials used meet national, international, and environmental standards.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities 

Different manufacturers have different capacities and capabilities. Some have more factories and equipment to produce larger amounts in a shorter time, others may be a little slower but focus on quality.

  • Measurement and Design Process

Manufacturers usually have their own design teams who help out with the measurements and specific design of your product.

  • Lead Time

Manufacturers all have their own pace at producing your cabinets- some have faster while others may have longer lead times. Don’t be afraid to ask your supplier and confirm details.

  • Project Support

Different manufacturers have different extents of project support teams. Try to find manufacturers who have people who can support you throughout the whole process of getting your cabinets, from choosing your products to after-sales services and care.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers List

How to Select the Right Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers

How to Import Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet from China

  • Find a sourcing agent

One of the best ways to do this is to find yourself a sourcing agent who can help you through the whole process- finding a supplier, confirming details with your manufacturer and negotiating the price, performing quality checks for your products, and finally securing a shipping method for your kitchen cabinets.

  • Find out your rights to import

Be sure to check your country’s regulations regarding importing products:

– restricted products; be sure the product you want is allowed into your country

– fees; aside from shipping fees, there might be extra fees for customs

– required papers/ permits/ certificates

  • Choose your product and supplier

Once you know what specifications you want for your kitchen cabinet, you have to choose your supplier. Make sure to check the price and the quality of the manufacturer’s products before making a final order.

  • Check for additional fees

Shipping fees aren’t the only thing you have to keep in mind when you’re importing flat panel kitchen cabinet from China. Additional fees might include:

– Manufacturer transportation fees to the port of loading

– Export clearance fees charged by the Chinese Customs Authorities

– Shipping/ Freight fees from China to your country

– Your country’s Customs Clearance charges

– Delivery fees to transport your product from the local port of delivery to your warehouse/ project

– others

  • Choose your method of shipping

You can choose to have your flat panel cabinets delivered by courier, which can be faster but much more expensive than other options. You can also choose air freight or sea freight. They can take much longer though. For example, shipping from China to the US can take around 14 days, but that time can vary, talk to your chosen shipping/ logistics company.


Flat panel kitchen cabinets are known for their simple design and clean lines. They are also known as slab door cabinets. Flat panel cabinets are great for contemporary-style kitchens. They are a durable choice that is very easy to maintain and keep clean.

Flat panel cabinets fit easily into a tighter budget because of their simplicity. However, some people may find them a little plain. You can counter plainness with unique hardware, handles, or colors.

You can choose from different styles of flat panel kitchen cabinets as well from white, black, and gray, to solid wood like oak and maple.

If you want to order flat panel cabinets from China, PA Kitchens is a good supplier. We can cater to your needs from choosing your product all the way to getting it shipped to you. You can also hire a sourcing agent to help you through the process of choosing and buying your flat panel cabinets.

The cost of flat panel cabinets can vary depending on material, dimensions, and size. The price of flat panel cabinets can also differ depending on the pricing style of each manufacturer- per piece, per set, or per meter. The current cost of flat panel cabinets can range from $50 to $3,500.

Remember, ordering products from China and getting them shipped overseas takes time, usually fourteen days or longer. Quality cannot be rushed and you get the best results when you do thorough research and stay patient as well.

You can also search on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

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