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PA is your leading framed kitchen cabinets manufacturer, producing custom- made quality kitchen cabinets. Choose your kitchen cabinet by different styles , layouts , materials and colors. Available at wholesale prices.

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Face Frame Kitchen Cabinets

The added sturdiness of a face frame to your kitchen cabinets will always prove beneficial long-term. Not only will the cabinet last longer, but you will also have many options to personalize your door panels and drawers, even with different materials.

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Aluminium Frame for Kitchen Cabinet

Aluminium Frame for Kitchen Cabinet

For a modern or professional kitchen, there is no better choice than an aluminum frame to add resilience and style to your cabinets. Aluminum is strong and highly durable, but also very light, so you can come up with your own design effortlessly.

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Open Frame Kitchen Cabinets

Open Frame Kitchen Cabinet

The open-frame kitchen cabinet add a bit of complexity to your kitchen, making it seem more elegant and populated. The sleek and clean lines can complement most kitchen styles and also provide durability and functionality to your cabinets.

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Steel Frame Kitchen Cabinet

The mark of professionalism and the height of durability can be achieved with steel frame kitchen cabinet. Strong, resilient and resistant to most types of damage, you will never have to worry about day-to-day activities affecting your cabinets ever again.

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Framed Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Framed kitchen cabinets are perfectly complemented by the Shaker style. The minimalistic design, together with the clean lines of a framed cabinet creates a feeling of depth and complexity that fits both traditional and modern homes.

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Need Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Your Projects ?

Custom Flexible Kitchen Cabintes

From hotels, apartments, restaurants, and residential kitchens, baths and recreational spaces, PA always meets all your custom kitchen cabinets needs. Catering to special events, architectural projects, and any other requirements of unique kitchen. Our customization options include:

Why Wholesale Framed Kitchen Cabinets in PA ?

How Are PA Kitchen Cabinet Made

Kitchen Cabinet Cutting

Kitchen Cabinet-Cutting

Kitchen Cabinets Grooving

Kitchen Cabinet-Grooving

Kitchen Cabinets Edge Banding

Kitchen Cabinet-Edge Banding

Kitchen cabinets Drilling

Kitchen Cabinet -Drilling

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Kitchen cabinets PVC vacuum

 Kitchen Cabinet – PVC Vacuum

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Framed Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

What are Framed Kitchen Cabinets?

Framed kitchen cabinet are the ‘traditional’ American-style cabinet manufacturer method. The face of those cabinets is equipped with a frame resembling a flat picture frame. The door is then attached to the frame which adds a dimension to the whole cabinet.

Framed Kitchen Cabinets

Pros and Cons of Framed Kitchen Cabinets

Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of framed kitchen cabinet.


  • The added feeling of depth makes them absolutely gorgeous
  • They are mostly custom-made to fit your dimensions
  • Highly durable
  • Strong materials ensure resistance to most types of impact-based damages
  • Will not sag over time


  • More expensive than frameless kitchen cabinets
  • The frame may take up some space from the cabinet
  • Restricts drawer space
  • May be a bit inconvenient to clean
  • If the base material is wood, the cabinets are susceptible to moisture damage

Framed Kitchen Cabinets

How Much Do Framed Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

They are generally 15-30% more expensive than frameless kitchen cabinets. The total price tag is highly dependent on the material you choose, but you can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for an average-sized kitchen. A semi-custom, custom, or stock option will also have different prices, depending on your needed dimensions.

Do not forget to also consider installation costs, as they will surely add to the overall costs. It is important to install framed kitchen cabinet correctly, to avoid damage and additional costs in the long term.

Framed Kitchen Cabinets

Framed or Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

First, let’s see a comparison between the two in some relevant fields.

  Framed Frameless
Price More expensive Less expensive
Style American European
Highly customizable
An array of materials to choose from
Can be hung on uneven walls May warp over time
Fast installation
Space Less More
Strong and durable Requires stronger materials

When opening a frameless cabinet, you will not see an overlay around the edges which offers a unique appearance. When the door is closed, there is no reveal or surround around it, which makes frameless kitchen cabinets perfect for contemporary and modern styles. The framed kitchen cabinets fit well in all styles, even in traditional ones.

In terms of costs, the base material is what matters most. A plywood frameless kitchen cabinet will cost more than an MDF framed kitchen cabinet.

Framed Kitchen Cabinets

What Does Inframe Kitchen Mean?

The term in-frame refers to a kitchen door that is inset within a frame that is fitted to the front of a cabinet carcass. This means that the door is smaller than a normal one, as it will open within the frame.
This choice is highly appreciated for its elegance and timeless features.

Are In-Frame Kitchens More Expensive?

Usually, yes. In-frame kitchen cabinets are around 20% more expensive than normal framed kitchen cabinets. This is simply due to the work and manufacturing capabilities necessary to create such cabinets.

Comparation Form Among 7 Door Fronts

Framed Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

As you may have already realized, there are tons of possibilities and design combinations to explore. If you are looking for inspiration, watch the following video.

How to Select the Right Framed Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

Once you have decided that framed kitchen cabinet are the perfect choice for you, next comes deciding on a kitchen manufacturer that can take care of your order. This decision may be a bit challenging to make, as there are many out there who will offer to take care of your project. Here are some ways you can narrow your choice.

  • Cost

Keep an eye out for those who offer wholesale prices, they will surely help you save money in the long run. The market is divided into three: low, mid and high-end products. Look for manufacturers that specialize in the category that fits your budget.

  •  Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

This is the minimum number of products a manufacturer is willing to produce in one order. This is to ensure it is actually worth it to open their production lines and not operate at a loss. Framed kitchen cabinets usually have low MOQs as they are usually custom-made. Choose a manufacturer that fits your quantity needs.

  • Quality Control

What are their practices or systems to ensure precision? What certifications do they have? Answering these types of questions will help you establish if the manufacturer can be trusted. Such information should always be transparent, so do not hesitate to ask.

  •  Manufacturing Capabilities

How many product lines do they have? How many machines do they use? Are they actually capable of taking care of your project? You should do a background on the manufacturer you are interested in, in order to find out some details about their factories and capabilities.

  • Measurement and Design Process

Measuring and design precision is usually ensured by the use of certain 2D and 3D software. Look on their website for what sort of software do they use and how do they work with it. Serious manufacturers will not lose an opportunity to gain the trust of potential clients through transparency.

  • Lead Time

Never forget to ask this question before they get to work: “How long is my order going to take?”. This may be especially important for commercial projects that need to respect certain deadlines. Even if you have a residential project you want help with, you should always know this.

  • Project Support

High-quality products are greatly complemented by a good customer service team. How do they communicate with their customers? Do they answer fast? Do they provide details in their answers? You can test this by sending them a few messages asking for advice for your design.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers List

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers List

How to Import Framed Kitchen Cabinets from China?

It may be off-putting for a first-timer, but once you get the hang of this process, it will be a breeze. Here are the general steps you should have in mind when ordering from China.

  •  Identify requirements

What do you plan on storing in the framed kitchen cabinet? Is it big, small? Asking these questions will help you determine the size and functionality of your cabinets. They will also narrow down your budget range.

  • Decide on a manufacturer

Using the points we discussed above, choose a manufacturer that fits your budget and can take care of your order.

  •  Determine materials

This is where your budget will play a significant role. Choose a material that balances functionality, your preferences, and most importantly, your budget.

  • Confirm design

Here you should decide on details like colors, sizes and the final design. Pay up the deposit (around 30%) and your manufacturer will get to work. You may receive a mockup for review by the end of this stage, so inspect it and signal any irregularities you find.

  •  Shipping and Warranty

If shipping is not taken care of by your manufacturer, consider hiring a sourcing agent for help. After the shipment arrives, inspect it for damage and contact your manufacturer if you see any. Keep the warranty somewhere safe and do not hesitate to use it, if you have to.

Framed Kitchen Cabinets


Framed kitchen cabinets are a highly durable option that can fit most types of kitchen styles. Not only are they sturdy, but they also provide you with the opportunity of unique design combinations. Since they are mostly custom-made and manufactured with high-quality materials, they may be a bit expensive. We offer wholesale prices, so take a look at our options and drop us a message if you have any questions.

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