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PA is your leading glass inserts for kitchen cabinets manufacturer, producing custom- made quality kitchen cabinets. Choose your kitchen cabinet by different styles , layouts , materials and colors. Available at wholesale prices.

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Decorative Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets

Decorative Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets

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Stained Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets

Stained Glass Inserts for Cabinets

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Modern Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Glass Kitchen Cabinets

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Leaded Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets

Leaded Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets

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Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinets

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From hotels, apartments, restaurants, and residential kitchens, baths and recreational spaces, PA always meets all your custom kitchen cabinets needs. Catering to special events, architectural projects, and any other requirements of unique kitchen. Our customization options include:

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Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

What are Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets?

They are simply pieces (or a piece) of glass inserted in the center part of the cabinet’s door. Glass inserts are highly customizable, so you can easily make yours unique.

Can You Add Glass to Kitchen Cabinets?

Yes, and it looks very good! However, this is a process best left to professionals equipped with appropriate equipment.

Pros and Cons of Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinet

There are, of course, trade-offs you should take into account when considering glass inserts for cabinets.


  • Will make your kitchen seem larger and brighter
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Very easy to clean
  • Convenient to locate your items
  • Unique decorative element that looks stunning


  • Cluttered kitchenware is visible. More so in the case of transparent glass and less for frosted and more opaque options
  • Fragile, so you need to avoid slamming and any sort of rough behavior when handling them
  • Custom options will be more expensive

Top 5 Styles of Glass Inserts for  Cabinets

Top 5 Styles of Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets

Decorative Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinet

Our decorative glass inserts for cabinets will help you create a stunning look that is sure to catch the eyes of your guest. There are many patterns to choose from, each giving off a different and unique vibe that can fit all types of kitchen styles.

Leaded Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinet

Leaded glass inserts will help showcase and enhance the visual appeal of glass in any kitchen. They add a layer of complexity and character that is complemented by the beauty of glass, creating an eye-catching structure that helps you showcase your kitchenware while protecting the glass edges.

Stained Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinet

Stained glass inserts will allow you to create a truly unforgettable design in your kitchen. Various colors, textures, and art are available and you can also come up with your own combinations.

Frosted Glass Kitchen Cabinet

Do you want to benefit from the amazing qualities of glass, but without the transparency? Frosted glass kitchen cabinets are the perfect option for you. They still allow light to pass, adding to the brightness and spaciousness of your room while restricting the view to the inside of your cabinet.

Modern Glass Kitchen Cabinet

Modern glass  cabinets are the perfect addition to any kitchen of the 21st century. You can opt for black edges for your glass inserts, for a strong contrast, or even replace your cabinet’s door panel with glass.

How Much Do Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinet Cost

How Much Do Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets Cost

The answer is… it depends. On the size of the panel and type of glass mainly. You can take as reference the price of $6 per square foot for clear glass, but depending on the manufacturer, it can vary. You should also consider the installation costs of glass inserts for kitchen cabinets. As we mentioned, they are fragile and can break easily if not handled correctly, which in turn will result in additional costs down the way.

What Glass is Best for Kitchen Cabinet?

There is no clear ‘best’ amongst them. It is simply a question of preferences. Let’s look at some of the most popular options and what they excel at.

Transparent glass

The most popular choice due to its affordability. It is elegant and suits all types of kitchens, allowing you to showcase your cabinet interior and items. Toughened glass is recommended to add extra protection and guard against smashing.
The disadvantage is that transparent glass inserts for kitchen cabinets are prone to greasy, oil splashes and any kind of marks (especially finger marks) are very visible, so you may need to wipe them often.

Frosted glass

Allows for distorted views (colors and shapes) without full transparency. This type of glass achieves this quality through sandblasting or grit. Mostly used to partially show the contents of kitchen cabinets while letting in light. It is more resistant to fingerprints and splash markings than transparent glass.

Seeded glass

Similar looking to the previous option, seeded glass inserts have a more vintage look characterized by different bubble sizes. They fit great in modern kitchens and you can choose the bubble size.

Leaded glass

Great for both modern and traditional kitchens, leaded glass is made of multiple pieces of glasses which provide the fractured look. This look adds a layer of complexity to your kitchen that can be customized to your wishes. You can choose the placement, color, and art of this glass type.

Textured glass

Another customizable option, texture glass provides an appealing look achieved through various patterns. These are very useful in hiding fingerprints and other marks while allowing you to view the inside of your cabinet.


Laminated glass for enhanced security. Sumiglass is best for high-traffic kitchens due to its great strength resulted from the manufacturing process. This process implies layers of interconnected glass bonded together.

Comparation Form Among 7 Door Fronts

Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Want some more inspiration? Take a look below at some kitchen incorporating glass inserts.

How to Select the Right Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

How to Select the Right Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers

There are many manufacturers out there, so how can you select the one that is just right for you? Here are some aspects you should consider.


There are 3 types of glass inserts for kitchen cabinets: custom, semi-custom, or stock options. Depending on which one you choose, the price will vary by quite a lot. The stock options are the most affordable while the full custom options are the most expensive. Choose the one that fits your budget.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

MOQ represents the minimum number of products in one order the manufacturer is willing to accept the order for. Glass inserts for kitchen cabinets usually have a low MOQ, but still, it is best to keep an eye out for this number and how it fits into your needs.

Quality Control

How does the manufacturer ensure the highest quality for their products? Look for those that use precision software and that have strict regulations in place.

Manufacturing Capabilities

As a bit of detective work, it is best to do a background check on a manufacturer you are interested in. Questions like how many factories do they have? What machines do they use? How many production lines do they have? will help you decide whether the one you are interested in is serious and how well they can take care of your order (if at all).

Measurement and Design Process

In modern times, both of these processes are done with the help of 2D and 3D software. Conceptual drawings and digital mockups will confirm the details of your order, so choose a manufacturer that uses such software.

Lead Time

Regardless of the location, you are ordering from, it is vital to know how much time your order is going to take. If they have multiple production lines in place, that means they can take care of large orders or multiple small ones, but it is still best to ask about the lead time upfront.

Project Support

A customer support hotline is vital for any serious glass inserts for kitchen cabinets manufacturer. Send them a few messages to test how fast and completed their answers are, so you can establish whether or not they will be ready to answer any questions you may have during the execution of your order.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer List

Where to buy Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets

The best way to do this regardless of your location is to simply search online. Use your favorite search engine and you can simply ask this question directly to Google, for example. Some websites that come up are:

Fab Glass and Mirror


Bendheim cabinetglass

It is worth noting that Chinese manufacturers usually offer more affordable prices, so you can check Alibaba and Made in China for a wide selection of manufacturers.

You can also search more information on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

How to Import Glass Inserts for Cabinets from China

How to Import Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinets from China

This may be a bit hard for a first-time buyer from China, but do not feel discouraged. Here are the general steps you should follow.

Step 1 – Decide on a manufacturer (with the help of the guide above)

Step 2 – Ask if they can take care of the shipping (if not, consider hiring a sourcing agent)

Step 3 – Make quotations

Step 4 – Determine the details of your order

Step 5 – Sign a contract (if necessary)

Step 6 – They may offer you a digital mockup, analyze it and correct any errors

Step 7 – Order shipping (done by the manufacturer or sourcing agent)

Step 8 – Inspect your order on arrival

Step 9 – Contact your manufacturer if you see any errors and keep the warranty somewhere safe


Glass inserts for kitchen cabinets are a beautiful way to add character to your kitchen. There are many customization options, resulting in unique designs. Choose the type of glass depending on your preferences and budget and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

You can also search on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

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