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    Inset Kitchen Cabinets Benefits

    • Streamlined, clean look with a smooth front

    • Can be used to achieve an old look, perfect for history enthusiasts

    • Excellent craftsmanship, as they require more attention to details and precision, they will last you a long time

    • High-quality cabinets for traditional homes

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    Full Inset Kitchen Cabinets
    White Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    White Inset Kitchen Cabinet

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    Unfinished Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    Unfinished Inset Kitchen Cabinet

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    RTA Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    RTA Inset Kitchen Cabinet

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    Full Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    Full Inset Kitchen Cabinet

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    Beaded Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    Beaded Inset Kitchen Cabinet

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    PA Experienced Sales Team for Your Next Projects

    A custom-oriented manufacturer will naturally have a custom-oriented sales team. They are the core of the interactions between us and you, so it is only fair they excel at their job. Our friendly and professional staff is highly knowledgeable about the procedures of foreign trade, so you can rely on them to answer any questions you may have regarding your order. Read more about them here.

    Your Professional Inset Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer

    PA Inset Kitchen Cabinet for Sale: Features & Quality

    What should you know about PA inset kitchen cabinets? Take a look below.

    Base Material

    There are pros and cons to every material we use to craft inset kitchen cabinets, so it all depends on your preferences and budget. These include natural wood, MDF, laminates, and melamine. The balanced option we would recommend is plywood.

    Door Panels

    Inset cabinet’s door panels blend in with the frame of the cabinet box. The result is a sleek and smooth surface. Different designs will have different effects. For example, beaded panels will add more complexity, while smooth slabs will add to the clean aesthetics.


    Hinges can be either visible or completely hidden from view, depending on the type of inset kitchen cabinet. They can add to the design or can simply be removed from view to enhance the aesthetics of inset cabinets. Bars and handles are also an important design element that can be customized according to your wishes.


    Countertops are always a great way to add some character to your kitchen. They are extremely eye-pleasing, especially in combination with inset kitchen cabinets. You can choose from a wide variety of materials like marble, cement, quartz and stone. Inquire about your preferred one and let’s see how we can make it work for you.

    Storage Accessories

    For added functionality and convenience, you can browse through our selection of storage solutions. They are custom-made and will help you make the best of your cabinet’s available space.

    PA Inset Kitchen Cabinet Factory Strength

    The other part of our major success, besides the excellent staff, is our factory strength. This comes from automated machines and systems that help us execute your order with consistency and the highest possible precision. PA kitchen cabinets can operate 30 machines working at the same time over 10 production lines. This translates to 150,000 annual sets output and a 92% client retention rate. Curious how we can put all of this to work for you? Make your inquiry today.

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    Inset Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

    What is an Inset Kitchen Cabinet?

    Inset cabinets are installed into (or in-line) with the cabinet frame. When closed, the door panel is completely flat and you require a pull or knob to open. This also means the resulting design is very smooth and sleek, qualities that can be incorporated into all sorts of kitchen styles. Hinges can either be exposed or hidden by the frame.

    Are Inset Cabinets Better?

    This simply depends on your preferences. The smoothness and clean appearance come with additional costs (up to 30% more expensive than overlay doors which they are most commonly compared to).
    However, the design is simply stunning and can fit in a wide variety of homes.

    Pros and Cons of Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    Nothing comes free, every advantage of any kitchen cabinet is countered by an equal disadvantage you need to consider. Let us view those of inset kitchen cabinets.


    • Clean, smooth appearance
    • Historic look
    • High-quality manufacturing due to distinct crafting techniques
    • Highly versatile


    • Higher cost
    • Depending on the material, it is possible that expansions due to humidity can cause them to rub against the cabinet frame
    • Smaller storage space

    How Much Do Inset Kitchen Cabinet Cost

    How Much Do Inset Kitchen Cabinets Cost

    As we already mentioned, inset  cabinets can cost up to 30% more than their overlay counterparts. The price depends on whether the cabinets are custom-made, semi-custom, or part of the stock options. We could not give you a precise number, as various inset cabinets will have widely different characteristics from each other, depending on the clients.
    Some aspects that affect the cost:

    • Whether you opt for an inset face or a beaded inset face
    • Design
    • Finish
    • Whether or not you want extended legs for the cabinets
    • Knobs and hardware
    • Number of drawers

    Custom storage solutions

    Do Inset Cabinets Cost More?

    Yes, for the benefits of the beautiful design, you can expect to pay more.

    Do you Lose Space With Inset Cabinets?

    Yes, unfortunately, that is one of the disadvantages of inset cabinets. It may be hard or impossible to store large pans or dishes in such cabinets as they must fit inside the frame of the cabinet which takes up some space that would have otherwise been used for storage.

    Full Overlay vs Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    Let’s observe the differences between the two using the table below.

    Quality Full Overlay Inset
    Hides the cabinet frame        ❌
    Higher cost
    More storage space
    Streamlined and sleek
    Hidden hinges If you want to
    Exposed corners
    Greatly affected by humidity

    So, there you have it, both options are beautiful and can be a great fit for your kitchen. Look at their individual advantages and disadvantages and decide which one is best for you.

    Comparation Form Among 7 Door Fronts


    Inset Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

    There is a myriad of ways you can fit inset kitchen cabinets into your home design. If you are out of inspiration, you can take a look at the video below for some ideas.

    Top 5 Styles of Inset Kitchen Cabinets

    1) White Inset Kitchen Cabinet

    The most popular option and the go-to one for this style, white inset kitchen cabinets are highly versatile. The timeless quality of white, combined with the clean and smooth look of the cabinet fronts will make sure your cabinets will stay trendy for years to come.

    2) Unfinished Inset Kitchen Cabinet

    For a more natural and genuine look, we recommend the unfinished inset kitchen cabinets. They bring out the beauty of wood and will provide your kitchen with a friendly and inviting feel. Highly appreciated in farmhouse and cottage-style homes.

    3) RTA Inset Kitchen Cabinet

    Cut costs and save money. These are the selling points of our RTA inset kitchen cabinets. They come with finish applied, holes cut and hinges packed.
    They look gorgeous and come in small volume packages, ready to be installed in your kitchen.

    4) Beaded Inset Kitchen Cabinet

    The ‘frame within the frame’ of the beaded inset kitchen cabinet is a great way to add more depth and complexity to your kitchen. The clean outlines will stand out and provide character to your cabinets. These can be combined with the Shaker-style door fronts for a more sophisticated look.

    5) Full Inset Kitchen Cabinet

    Full inset cabinets fit perfectly within the frame of the cabinet box for the ultimate streamlined clean look. These cabinets will give an impression of continuity and consistency, making it look like your whole kitchen is one single body.

    How to Select the Right Inset Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

    How to Select the Right Inset Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers

    Many manufacturers on the market can take care of your inset kitchen cabinets. The question is: How can you know which one to choose? Take a look below for the most important considerations to look out for.


    You can consider the industry divided into three markets: low, mid, and high-end manufacturing. They affect the quality and price of your cabinet, so choose wisely, based on your budget.

    Minimum Order Quantity

    This is a number that represents the minimum number of products a manufacturer is willing to manufacture for your order. For small items like utensils and kitchenware, this number can be quite high. However, for kitchen cabinets in general it is quite low. Nonetheless, it will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, so choose one that fits your needs.

    Quality Control

    What are the procedures they have implemented in their factories? What certifications do they have? These questions will help you find a serious manufacturer that is acknowledged internationally. Do not hesitate to inquire about this type of information to their customer service team.

    Manufacturing Capabilities

    How many factories do they have? What about manufacturing lines? Where do they import their machines from? Answering these will make it clear whether or not a manufacturer can be trusted to execute the scale of your order. Choose one that fits your requirements.

    Measurement and Design Process

    The processes of measurement and design are nowadays done digitally. So make sure to ask or maybe browse on their website from how they do it and what software do they use. Most modern manufacturers will give you a 3D digital mockup for approval before actually starting manufacturing.

    Lead Time

    Crucial to know beforehand, the lead time is especially important for large-scale commercial projects where deadlines are in place. Even if you have a residential project you need help with, it is vital to ask the question of “How long will this take?” before they start the manufacturing process.

    Project Support

    Every serious manufacturer has realized by now that answering your client’s questions and helping them with any information they request is as important as high-quality products. This is how they maintain a good client retention rate and gain popularity. You can try contacting the manufacturer you are interested in a few times and see how long they take to answer and how in-depth the answer is.

    Top 10 Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers List

    [insert another photo if necessary]

    How to Buy Inset Kitchen Cabinet Online

    As a first step, simply search on Google for ‘inset kitchen cabinets for sale’. You can add your location (city or country) of choice if you want to restrict your search. Keep in mind the shipping costs this would add to your order though. Here are some websites you can take a look at.

    RTA cabinet store

    Cabinet Joint

    Maplevilles Cabinetry

    Cliq Studios

    We also recommend taking a look at some of the biggest B2B platforms and markets like Alibaba and Made in China.

    You can also search more information on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

    How to Import Inset Kitchen Cabinet from China

    How to Import Inset Kitchen Cabinets from China

    This may seem like an intimidating process, especially if it is your first time trying to import from China. There is always the option of hiring a sourcing agent to help with your order, but most reputable manufacturers will have a strong customer support team to aid you in. Generally, here are the steps you should take.

    Identify Specifications

    You will need a kitchen floor plan for this, in order to pass it to your manufacturer so they can execute your order with high precision.

    Determine use and market category

    Do you want a custom, semi-custom, or stock option? This is the time to decide.

    Decide on the materials

    This depends on both your preferences and budget. Inquire about what type of materials the manufacturers have available.

    Confirm design

    This is where the design, sizes, and colors are definitely decided on. You will most likely be asked to pay a deposit in this step. This is usually around 30% of the total sum.

    Shipping Details

    A reputable manufacturer will take care of this step. If not, you will most likely have to hire a sourcing agent. There are documents and approvals the order would need to be shipped overseas, especially via frigates.

    Arrival and Inspection

    Once you have received your order, inspect your cabinets and make sure there is no damage. If you observe any type of damage, contact your manufacturer.


    Inset kitchen cabinets are a gorgeous way to decorate your kitchen and will provide a smooth and continuous design. Decide carefully on what type of materials would best fit your preferences and budget. If you are interested in ordering from China, our friendly staff is ready to assist you at every step of your order. Make an inquiry today and we will get back to you with details as soon as possible.

    You can also search on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

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