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L Shaped Kitchen with Island Wholesale

Looking for L shaped kitchen with island at wholesale prices?
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L shaped kitchen layout with island

L shaped kitchen layout with island

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Small l shaped kitchen with island

Small l shaped kitchen with island

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L shaped kitchen island with seating

L shaped kitchen island with seating

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L shaped kitchen with large island

L shaped kitchen with large island

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L shaped kitchen island with post

L shaped kitchen island with post

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L shaped kitchen with island and dining table

L shaped kitchen with island and dining table

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Long l shaped kitchen with island

Long l shaped kitchen with island

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L shaped kitchen island with cooktop

L shaped kitchen island with cooktop

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L shaped kitchen with l shaped island

L shaped kitchen with l shaped island

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Modern small l shaped kitchen with island

Modern small l shaped kitchen with island

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Modern l shaped kitchen with island

Modern l shaped kitchen with island

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Buying L Shaped Kitchen with Isalnd: The Ultimate Guide

What is L shaped kitchen with island?

From the name, you can guess that L-shaped kitchen cabinets follow the layout formed by two adjacent walls that meet at right angles. The shape formed by the joining cabinets resembles that of an L, hence the name.

L-shaped kitchen cabinets are commonly found in modern kitchen designs because they make the kitchen look spacious and creates more countertop spaces. The height and size of the cabinets, depending on your design preference.

What is L shaped kitchen with island?

Pros and cons of L Shaped Kitchen 

L-shaped cabinets are a trend that we see in many homes. Designing a kitchen with cabinets of this shape is very easy. Other benefits come with it. On the other side, L-shaped cabinets also have disadvantages.


  • Ideal choice for an open floor plan
  • Cooking space and sinks are separated
  • Maximum use of corner space
  • Reduces traffic flow
  • Increase productivity in the kitchen
  • Work triangle is possible
  • Make smaller areas appear spacious


  • Corner cabinets are dark and inaccessible
  • Only possible for a single cook
  • Less efficient for bigger spaces
Pros and cons of L Shaped Kitchen with Island

Styles of L Shaped Kitchens with Islands

L-shaped cabinets are of different styles. You can choose from modern, rustic, painted, and traditional, depending on the kitchen design theme you want to achieve. This is the reason you will see them in many homes because of the design flexibility. Just choose the appropriate kitchen cabinet finishing and style to realize these design themes.

L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets with Island Styles

Modern L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets with Island

Use L-shaped kitchen cabinets with an island to create a modern kitchen. You can choose an inset cabinet style or just a simple shaker-style cabinet. If topped with the right finish and color matching, your kitchen will look cozy and classy.

Rustic L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets with Island

These cabinet types are ideal for creating a rustic kitchen. Shaker-style cabinets with minimalistic features are the best choice. With an appropriate wood tone, it is possible to create an attractive farmhouse kitchen.

Traditional L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets with Island

Traditional kitchen design is timeless. L-shaped kitchen cabinets with island make it easier to wrap up the design. Older cabinet door panels and drawer front styles such as shakers are ideal for achieving this.

Painted L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets with Island

You can paint L-shaped kitchen cabinets, but that is only possible with the right type of finish. Some do not offer the best choices because they do not take in paint as required. Also, ensure you use the right paint texture and consistency when painting the cabinets.

L Shaped Kitchen with Island Styles

Matching L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets with Your Walls and Floors

The first step in matching the L-shaped cabinets with the walls, floors, and other kitchen elements is to choose an appropriate color for the cabinets. You can contrast or mix and match the colors only if you know the cabinet colors. Dark cabinets require lighter color shades and vice versa.

The most important factors to take into consideration when color matching or color-contrasting your kitchen include the following:

  • Flooring
  • Wall Colors
  • Lighting
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Faucets
  • Hardware

U Shaped Kitchen VS L Shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped kitchen has three sides. This layout creates privacy when cooking and achieves maximum efficiency for stove-refrigerator-sink arrangements. However, this is design for spacious kitchens. Adding an island might not be possible or will congest the space for small rooms.

Unlike U-shaped kitchen cabinets, L-shaped kitchen cabinets have two main sides that meet at 90 degrees at the corner. The two arms are where you put your appliances, sinks, stove, and countertops. This design is more efficient for small rooms as the space feels open but connected to the house. It also works best with an island, even in small kitchen spaces.

Comparison Among 7 L Shaped Kitchen Door

Use the tabulated information below to determine the best cabinet door design and finish for your L-shaped kitchen cabinets:

Kitchen Cabinets Doors

Where to Import Wholesale L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets with Island

Importing L-shaped cabinets from China is now easier than ever before. You can shop for wholesale kitchen cabinets from Alibaba, Made-in-China, or directly from the factories. There are many manufacturers you can rely on if you need high-quality kitchen cabinets.

PA is one such reliable kitchen cabinet manufacturer based in China. We have a simple buying process that will make you place an order for the wholesale L-shaped cabinets in no time. Just send us an inquiry, and you will have our representative talking to you in no minute.

Where to Import Wholesale L Shaped Kitchen with Island

How Much Do L Shaped Kitchen with Island Cost: Get L Shaped Kitchen Prices List

Just like all kitchen cabinets, the costs of L-shaped kitchen cabinets also vary depending on the size, base material, design style, features, among others. When asking for a quote, you need to specify all these. Otherwise, you will only get the prices as a wide range.

We have considered three main factors that determine the prices and tabulated possible cabinet costs. These are just to guide you. They can change at any time and can also vary from brand to brand.

Kitchen Cabinet Prices According to Size

Type Price Per Linear Foot Price Per Unit
Pre-built $100 – $300 $200 – $650+
Semi-custom $150 – $650 $250 – $800+
Full-custom $500 – $1,200 $500+

Kitchen Cabinet Prices According to Material

Material Price
Wood veneer $2,000 – $15,000+
laminate $4,000 – $15,000
Solid wood $5,000 – $25,000+
acrylic $5,000 – $20,000
Stainless steel $25,000 – $38,000

Kitchen Cabinet Prices According to Design

Design Price
Framed Cabinets $5,000 to $20,000+ per unit
Frameless Cabinets $6,000 to $30,000+ per unit
Inset Cabinets $150 to $1,200+ per linear foot
Shaker Cabinets $100 and $1,200+ per linear foot

It is nearly impossible to give a cost estimate close to the actual value because of the factors mentioned. To get a more accurate quote, contact our sales team with your modern kitchen cabinet specifications and preferences.

L Shaped Kitchen with Island Design Ideas in 2022-2023

Designing your kitchen with L-shaped cabinets requires excellent ideas. That is because of the role that cabinets and islands play in the interior decoration of your kitchen. You can find the best L-shaped kitchen design ideas online to draw your inspiration from. With a bit of research, you can make your kitchen one of a kind with attractive cabinet designs.

L Shaped Kitchen Production Process

The kitchen production process can impact quality and quantity. At PA, we use state-of-the-art German machines and intelligent manufacturing processes. This ensures high quality and maximum production capacity. The steps are as outlined below:

  1. Measurement and Cutting
  2. Grooving
  3. Edge banding
  4. Drilling
  5. Lacquered
  6. PVC vacuum
  7. Quality inspection
  8. Packaging and delivery

How to Verify the Quality of L Shaped Kitchen with Island

Quality verification requires knowledge, and it is a must-done process. You deserve the best, and the only way of ensuring it is to confirm the quality of the products you receive. A high-quality L-shaped kitchen cabinet should have the following properties:

  • Inspect the cabinet boxes to ensure they are all constructed with appropriate material
  • The full-height strong and durable back panel
  • Soft-close and noiseless cabinet door hinges
  • Under-mount soft-close drawer glides
  • Hardwood dovetail boxes
  • Melamine interior construction
  • Solid wood face frames
  • Fully assembled or RTA cabinets
  • Easy to customize and modify
  • Lifetime warrantyIndustry certifications
How to Verify the Quality of L Shaped Kitchen with Island

How to Select the Right L Shaped Kitchen with Island Manufacturers & Suppliers

Cost – You need quality products at the best price. A manufacturer that can maintain this is definitely the best choice. You can ask for sample products from different manufacturers and compare quality against the prices.

Quality Control – End products will only meet quality standards if quality control protocols were followed in the manufacturing process. Additionally, a cabinet manufacturer that is regulated by international organizations is likely to maintain quality standards. Use these tips to find the best partner.

Manufacturing Capabilities – The higher the production capacity, the better. This means you will have your orders processed and your kitchen cabinets delivered to you on time. Check out the current supply capability and the demand.

Customizable and Design Process – If you need personalized kitchen cabinets, you need a company that offers such services. You should be allowed to participate in the design of your L-shaped kitchen cabinets.

Project Support – There is nothing more we should say about project support. You need a manufacturer with 24/7 customer support services, and that is all.

How to Select the Right Modern Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers & Suppliers

How to Buying Wholesale L Shaped Kitchen Cabinets with Island from PA  

  1. Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

Start the process by sending an inquiry to us. Our team will get back to you for more design specifications if needed.

  1. Drawing Analysis

We have a design team to analyze your submitted requirements. This team will turn the ideas into reality by producing kitchen cabinet designs according to your specifications.

  1. Design & Approval

The designs are sent to you for approval. If everything meets your preferred specifications, approve and move to the next stage. This is where the cabinet design ends. So, you need to raise any concerns here.

  1. Sign a Contract

You accept the contract by signing it. After paying the deposit, mass production of your L-shaped kitchen cabinets begins.

  1. Logistical Service

The finished products are packaged and forwarded to your chosen shipping company. If you do not have one, then our team will help you get a reliable service provider.

  1. Installation

Follow the installation guides to install your cabinets. Feel free to reach out if you have any queries. Our technical support team is here to help you.

Ready to Buy Your L Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen cabinets fit many kitchens floor designs. If you need this cabinet layout, then PA is more than willing to help you out. Contact our experts to assist in designing and manufacturing cabinets exclusively for you. Our staff is on standby!

How to Buying Wholesale Modern Kitchen Cabinets from PA


L-shaped kitchen cabinets can transform any kitchen. Whether it is a kitchen remodeling project or new construction, these cabinets are the best fit. There are different cabinet designs to choose from. Customization is also possible to add a personal style.

Contact PA’s sales representatives to buy high-quality kitchen cabinets. Our products are competitively priced, and we also guarantee timely delivery.

You can also search on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

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