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    Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Benefits

    • Offers the most cost-effective way of improving the look of any kitchen. It is a budget-friendly option for updating kitchen cabinets.

    • Laminate kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, making it possible to customize your kitchen to your liking.

    • Highly durable compared to other cabinet types. Once installed, they maintain their new look for many years, even in areas prone to scratch and moisture.

    • Easy to clean and maintain. Any kind of dirt can simply be wiped off using a damp kitchen towel.

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    White Gloss Laminate Kitchen Cabinets
    White Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    White Laminate Kitchen Cabinet

    White is probably the most popular cabinet color that you will find in most modern kitchens. If it appeals to you, then you are good to go with the white laminate kitchen cabinets. Unlike solid wood cabinets that are susceptible to warping, laminate is weather-resistant.

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    Commercial Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    Commercial Laminate Kitchen Cabinet

    Commercial laminate kitchen cabinet will make your kitchen dazzle. They are built with very impressive materials that are resistant to both heat and scratching. Don’t wait to turn your kitchen space into a little heaven with the best quality cabinets from PA.

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    Laminate Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

    Laminate Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

    Veneer laminates are known for their durability. They come in handy when upgrading your kitchen cabinets on a low budget. If properly installed, you will enjoy the new face of your kitchen for many years. However, you are required to be more careful when using them and carry out maintenance regularly.

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    Dark Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    Dark Laminate Kitchen Cabinet

    The fingerprints and other dirt on your kitchen cabinet and countertops can be annoying. They are made visible by reflection, and using dark laminate is the best way not to see them. However, that should not deceive you not to clean your cabinets as regularly as possible.

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    Modern Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    Modern Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    Modern laminates were considered as low-end materials. The story has since changed, given the quality and many benefits that come with them. Modern laminate kitchen cabinet has been on the rise recently, with many homeowners considering them as the best option for interior design.

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    White Gloss Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    White Gloss Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    A gloss finish helps in adding more light to your kitchen space. The dull or dark appearance of other laminates may not be your thing. With a white gloss laminate kitchen cabinet, you can operate in your kitchen even with a dim light. They are great for smaller kitchens since they bring an illusion of large space.

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    Wood Look Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    Wood Look Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    This is designed to deceive the eye with a reclaimed wood look. If you need the natural grains of solid wood but low on budget, then wood look laminate cabinets are designed for you. You cannot notice the difference between this and natural wood if you are not keen.

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    Walnut Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    Walnut Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    Walnuts may not be the hardest wood available, but they are sturdy enough for kitchen cabinets. They are generally dense, durable, and resistant to water. Apart from their property, walnut laminate kitchen cabinets make the best choice because of their curb appeal.

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    Cherry Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    Cherry Laminate Kitchen Cabinet

    Cherry-toned cabinets are a type designed to meet the specific requirements of some customers. It is possible that you don’t get thrilled with white laminate, dark laminate, or any other laminate type. We got cherry laminate kitchen cabinet that you can check out!

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    European Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    European Laminate Kitchen Cabinet

    European laminate has multiple layers of decorative papers submerged in melamine resin, which gives it texture variations. They make durable and easy to maintain kitchen cabinets. On the downside, they don’t have strong moisture-resistance properties.

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    Why Choose PA Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Kitchen Cabinet Cutting

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Cutting

    Kitchen Cabinets Grooving

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Grooving

    Kitchen Cabinets Edge Banding

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Edge Banding

    Kitchen cabinets Drilling

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Drilling

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Kitchen cabinets PVC vacuum

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinet PVC Vacuum

    PA Experienced Sales Team for Your Next Projects

    A kitchen can never be called so if it does not have cabinets installed. Also, not all kitchen cabinets will speak your class. At PA, we are ready to take your project to the next level.

    We have a team of designers and sales team with dedicated members who can make your dream a reality. You can choose from our templates or submit your customized specification. Our team is the best for the job!

    PA China Kitchen cabinets Manufacturer
    ISO Certificates
    Kitchen Project
    ISO Certificates

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinets for Sale 

    Your Professional Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer in China 

    It is the quality and features of our laminate kitchen cabinets that sets them apart in the market. Let us unveil what we are made of:

    PA Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Features & Quality

    A Base Material

    Being a certified kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China, we have a strict protocol for material sourcing. Only quality materials are used in the manufacture of all our products. For laminate kitchen cabinets, we have many variations. You can rely on them to be of the best quality and will deliver as promised.

    Our kitchen base materials are resistant to scratching, warping, and impact. They are not affected by changes in weather patterns that might affect the operability of kitchen cabinets.

    B Door Panels

    We have over 15 door panel finishes and unlimited color options. The door panels should be matched with the rest of the cabinet structures, but we have also seen mix and match ideas. You get whatever you need!

    Our door panels are sturdy and durable. They will serve you as long as you take good care of them. Without vandalism, you will use them for decades, probably until you get rid of them yourself.

    C Hardware

    Opening and closing drawers and compartments should be a quiet operation known only to the operator. Our hardware is designed and tested for reliability, a reason why you will use them for decades without hearing even a sound from them. Basically, they are designed to properly function throughout the lifespan of your cabinet. They are also backed up with a 40-year warranty!

    D Countertops

    Countertops play a role in your kitchen. They are frequently exposed to water, heat, and impact. PA designers are well aware of that and only use the best materials that endure all the harsh conditions in the kitchen. We mostly use engineered stones, quartz stones, composite stones, and other stones that have been proven to resist heat, water, and impact.

    E Storage Accessories

    The kitchen is a room that is called upon to store many appliances and accessories. It often comes out as the busiest room on any property since it is the powerhouse. We offer kitchen storage solutions that will help in maintaining a high level of organization in your kitchen.

    Why Wholesale Laminate Kitchen Cabinet in PA ?

    PA has two large cabinet manufacturing companies that make it meet the supply-demand of clients. One is located in Foshan, China, and the other one in Indonesia. Together, the units give our company a high production capacity of 150,000 cabinet sets per annum.

    We also use the latest technology and state-of-the-art machines that ensure only quality products get to our customers. Our dedicated team of salespersons and customer support team are available and ready to respond when duty calls.

    Get in touch for free design and quote.

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    Laminate Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

    What is Laminate Kitchen Cabinet?

    Laminates are composite artificial materials that are manufactured by pressing thin layers of paper or plastic resins. The decorative patterns are printed on the upper layer to mimic the natural wood grains. Color may be added to give it the required finish.

    Laminates that are commonly used for kitchen cabinets are processed in the factory through high-pressure machining. Laminate kitchen cabinet have become popular because of their durability, low maintenance, and a wide variety of finishes.

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinets 1

    Is Laminate Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

    Laminate material has proved its usability in cabinet construction. It is mostly used for kitchen cabinets because of its water-resistant and heat-resistant properties. They are ideal for use in hot areas and humid places.

    Also, you have the chance to upgrade your kitchen cabinets even on a low budget. Probably it is because of their affordability that has led to their popularity.

    Pros and Cons of Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

    Laminate kitchen cabinet are bundled with many benefits. However, it also has some of its downsides. We have only praised it for its stunning features, but now is the time to come clean and also explore its downsides:


    • Water and heat resistant
    • Durable
    • Easy to clean
    • Cost-effective
    • Low-maintenance
    • Less affected by UV light.
    • Wide variety of finishing options
    • Stain-resistant
    • Scratch-resistant


    • Irreparable when damaged

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinets 3

    How Much Do Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Cost

    Laminates are engineered to save on the cost of installing kitchen cabinets and other furniture. That makes it less expensive, but its actual cost is not that cheap either. The average cost is in the range of $2K to $5K, but it can go up to $10K. Compared to other cabinets, such as bamboo kitchen cabinets, they are cheaper. However, the cost varies greatly depending on several factors.

    Before you can know the actual cost of installing your kitchen cabinets, you must know the size of your kitchen and the laminate type for your cabinets. Relay this information to your manufacturer or supplier for a cost estimate.

    Which Laminate is Best for Kitchen Cabinet?

    You cannot get all the features and property that you desire in just one laminate. That means you will have to do a trade-off, letting go of some of the features. As a rule of thumb, however, you cannot let go of heat-resistance, water-resistance, and durability properties.

    After knowing the main features to look out for, trade with the finishing type and antibacterial property. It will mainly depend on your personal preference; gloss, white, dark, walnut acrylic, or any other finish type.

    The answer is that no laminate is best or bad for kitchen cabinets. It all depends on what you want.

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinets 6

    How Long Do Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Last?

    Laminates are praised for their durability. If you properly maintain your kitchen cabinets, then you can talk of 30 to 50 years. That is more than long enough to get bored with them. They can even last a lifetime if not intentionally damaged or removed. But the secret is proper care.

    What is the Difference Between Laminate and Melamine Cabinets?

    In simple terms, melamine is a type of laminate. It is a low-pressure laminate manufactured by saturating layers of paper with melamine resin through thermal fusion. Plastic laminate is a high-pressure laminated made soaking multiple layers of Kraft paper in a plastic resin and then taken to the drying chamber. Physically, it may not be easy to tell the difference if you are not an expert in the industry.

    Melamine has limited color options, as opposed to laminate which can be of any color within the visible spectrum.

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinets 8

    Are Laminate Cabinets Cheap?

    Laminates are artificial materials engineered to reduce the cost of cabinets and other furniture. Since they don’t use expensive solid wood, laminate cabinets are relatively cheaper. They are even less expensive than most kitchen cabinets because of their artificial nature.

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Design Idea

    Doing a google search will result in endless laminate kitchen cabinet ideas. There is no limit to how creative you can be when you choose laminates for your kitchen cabinets. You have no excuse if your kitchen is still not what you want it to be.

    Where Can I Find a Laminate Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer in China?

    PA is the answer for all your cabinetry needs. We among the top 10 manufacturing companies in China with a high capacity to meet the global market demands. Our team is ready to work with you through the project to find the best kitchen storage solution.

    For your reference, we have included a list of the Top 10 kitchen cabinet manufacturers in China. It will help you in rating us relative to others. PA guarantees you the best quality cabinet and a 10-year warranty on any of our products.

    How to Import Laminate Kitchen Cabinets from China?

    Some people shy away from importing kitchen cabinets from China because the process is lengthy and complicated. That is no longer the case when you choose to source from PA. We have streamlined our ordering process and ready to intervene on behalf of our clients to help them get their items at their doorsteps.

    We have heard of some customers using agents to import products from China. It works for some people, but you cannot easily trust them if you are a newcomer. Talk to our team to explain the entire process in detail. We are here to help our customers get what they want.

    Laminate Kitchen Cabinets 13


    PA is a renowned Chinese cabinet manufacturing company that has what it takes to produce kitchen cabinets for the global market. We are ready to work with individuals, contractors, or other companies to ensure that our customers get the best quality cabinets.

    As our customer, you are entitled to the best service and high-quality products. Do not accept anything that is below the standards. Talk to us and let us know your requirements and inquiries. We are ready to act!

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