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    • Custom: Color, Finishes, Features, Size

      Wholesale luxury wardrobes are bespoke items in terms of color, finishes, features, and size.

    •  Quality

      Luxury wardrobes are of premium quality. They are custom-made based on the specifications and design of individual customers.

    • Lower cost

      Buying luxury wardrobes from the best cabinet manufacturers in China will ensure lower costs because of streamlined manufacturing processes.

    • Wholesale

      Buying wholesale always means lower costs. Manufacturers in China not only ensure wholesale prices but superior quality as well.

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    Luxury wardrobe closet
    luxury walk in wardrobe

    luxury walk in wardrobe

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    luxury fitted wardrobes

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    Luxury freestanding wardrobes

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    Luxury built in wardrobes

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    High end wardrobes

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    Luxury wardrobe closet

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    Why Choose PA Wardrobe Manufacturer

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Kitchen Cabinet Cutting

    Luxury Wardrobe-Cutting

    Kitchen Cabinets Grooving

    Luxury Wardrobe Grooving

    Kitchen Cabinets Edge Banding

    Luxury Wardrobe Edge Banding

    Kitchen cabinets Drilling

    Luxury Wardrobe Edge Banding

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Kitchen cabinets PVC vacuum

    Luxury Wardrobe PVC vacuum

    PA Experienced Sales Team for Your Next Projects

    PA is a leading cabinet manufacturer in China. Engaging the services of PA ensures your importing process will be handled by professional and well-experienced staff from the sales, design, manufacturing, delivery, and installation. Its people are the strength of PA. The qualifications, hard work, and determination of the people behind PA set them apart from the competition.

    Your Wholesale Luxury Wardrobes Manufacturer

    Luxury Wardrobe Features and Details

    Base Material

    Luxury wardrobe are customized and you can choose the base material according to your personal style and budget.

    Door Panel

    Wardrobe doors are available in various styles, materials, colors, and finishes. You design your own luxury wardrobe. You can choose between laminate, lacquer, PVC, acrylic, glass, leather, and solid wood.

    High-Quality Hardware

    Luxury wardrobe deserve to be complemented by high-quality hardware of the best and leading brands. High-quality hardware secures the base (carcass) and the door panels.

    Functional Accessories

    Functional accessories allow you to maximize the space inside your wardrobe. They also allow you to organize your clothes and other things to be well-organized. Functional accessories for luxury wardrobes may include racks, drawers, storage boxes, security systems, and lighting systems.

    Humanization Design

    Luxury wardrobe cabinets are bespoke wardrobes created to meet your needs to ensure a well-organized wardrobe. There are numerous ways to customize your wardrobe design.

    Delivery day: 25-40 days

    Ocean freight is the most cost-effective option for importing luxury wardrobe cabinets from China. When planning your buying schedule, take into consideration the time it will take the manufacturer to prepare your order and the transit time from China to your warehouse. The entire process will typically take about 90 days.

    Benefits of Buying Luxury Wardrobe from George


    George creates luxury wardrobe that pass the discriminating tastes of importers. The company only manufactures superior-quality wardrobes with the use of advanced production processes complemented with excellent craftsmanship.


    China is known to be the home of globally competitive manufacturers. George manufactures wardrobes at bargain prices but with top-notch quality.


    George has the capability for mass customization. The company consists of a team of talented designers who can guide you through the design process to create a wardrobe that can meet your storage requirements in style.


    The design, sales, production, delivery, shipment, and installation team of George are knowledgeable about the entire process.


    George complies with all certifications required for the safe export of luxury wardrobe to the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world.

    Whole House Windows

    George is a one-stop-shop for all your home building requirements from building materials, whole-house windows, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and whole-house cabinets.

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    Luxury Wardrobes : The Definitive Guide

    What are Luxury Wardrobes?

    Luxury wardrobe are defined as bespoke wardrobes created to meet your unique storage requirements. They are often handcrafted to suit not only your storage needs but your lifestyle as well. They come in styles and designs that can set your bedroom to perfection.

    Pros and Cons of Luxury Wardrobes

    Pros and Cons of Modern Wardrobe


    • They are able to optimize your space with clever and intelligent designs.
    • Luxury wardrobes can be customized based on your available space and requirements.
    • They are wardrobes that complement the interiors of your bedroom
    • They can include functional accessories and other extra features such as security and lighting systems.


    • They can be expensive.

    Which brand wardrobe is best?


    Holike has been a top wardrobe brand in China since 2002. The company offers customized wardrobes and furniture using the most advanced production equipment and machines from Germany and Canada.

    Holike designers work closely with their Italian counterparts to create unique wardrobe concepts and designs. The Impression ff Milan” fashion wardrobe launched in 2014 has become the benchmark in the wardrobe industry.

    The Holike wardrobe line includes superior quality walk-in closets and walk-in closet doors.


    Suofeiya is a pioneer brand of custom wardrobes in China. Suofeiya is known to always set the trend in the latest wardrobe designs. The company has a production capacity of 184,000 sets of high-quality customs wardrobes a month with an average 10-12 days production lead time.

    PA Cabinets

    PA Cabinets is one of the largest and leading cabinetry manufacturers in China. The company uses advanced production machines and equipment from Germany (HOMAG) complemented by an intelligent production management system, talented designers, and skilled technicians and installers. All these contribute to the production of superior-quality, stylish, and functional wardrobes.

    Oppein Cabinets

    Oppein is one of the top 5 leading cabinet manufacturers in the world. It is a leading and well-known cabinet brand in China. Oppein produces premium quality wardrobes using the most advanced HOMAG from Germany machines and equipment and the Schuler software and production processes.

    George Buildings

    George Buildings is a leading one-stop shop for all your building requirements. George has the largest production capacity for wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, doors, bathroom fittings, windows, tiles, and marble in China. George can manufacture 4,500 sets of custom-made wardrobes, 3,500 sets of kitchen cabinets, 2,400 sets of interior doors, and 1,800 sets of bathroom cabinets a day.


    Snimay or the American Closet designs, sells, and installs bespoke closet and storage systems including walk-in closets, reach-in closets, kitchen cabinets, pantries, and garage cabinets.


    Boloni is a Sino-Italian joint-venture brand. Its cabinets are manufactured using the latest in German technology (HOMAG and Tiefenbach machines and equipment). The most advanced manufacturing technology complemented with the expert craftsmanship of the Chinese makes Boloni wardrobes and cabinets one of the best in the world.

    Are Luxury Wardrobe Worth the Money?

    Are Luxury Wardrobes Worth the Money?

    Luxury wardrobe can fetch high prices but they are worth every penny you spend on them. Luxury wardrobe are custom-made to meet your clothing and personal things storage requirements. They are made of high-quality materials and hardware. They come in stylish and functional designs.

    Luxury Wardrobe design idea

    • Luxury walk-in wardrobe
    • Luxury fitted wardrobes
    • Luxury freestanding wardrobes
    • Luxury built-in wardrobes
    • Luxury custom-made wardrobe
    • White wardrobes
    • Luxury glass door wardrobes
    • Luxury wooden open wardrobes
    • Luxury melamine wardrobes

    How Much Do Luxury Wardrobes Cost: Get Luxury Wardrobe Price List

    • Luxury Custom European Wardrobe Walk-in – US$179.00 per Square Meter
    • Luxury Wardrobe with Modern Light – $ 191
    • Luxury Italian mahogany Wardrobe Cabinet – $ 110 per square meter
    • Modern Style Luxury Wardrobe – $ 1,500 – $1,800
    • Luxury Wooden Walk-in Wardrobe – $800 – $1000

    How Do I Get a Luxury Wardrobe?

    How Do I Get a Luxury Wardrobe?

    You can find luxury wardrobe from China through:

    • Business-to-Business online platforms. Made-in-china and are the leading B2B online platforms in the world. These online platforms include verified listings of thousands of wardrobe manufacturers in China. They are one of the safest ways to order luxury wardrobes from China.
    • Attend Trade Shows. Attending trade shows is the best way to buy wardrobes from China. At trade shows you get to see the products of different manufacturers and talk with their representations. Famous trade shows include:
    • The Canton Fair
    • HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair
    • International Design and Furniture Fair Hong Kong
    • China International Furniture Expo (Shanghai)
    • China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou)



    • Go to Furniture Manufacturing Markets or Furniture Outlet Malls

    There are furniture malls located in strategic locations in China. These furniture markets or outlet malls house showrooms of many wardrobe and furniture manufacturers in China including:

    • Louvre Furniture Mall
    • Macalline
    • Red Star Macalline Brand Furniture Exhibition and Wholesale Center
    • Sunlink Furniture Market North and South Areas
    • Work with a Sourcing Agent

    A sourcing agent is an individual or company that works as your representative or purchasing office in China. If you cannot personally go to China to order your luxury wardrobes, working with a sourcing agent is your next best option.

    A sourcing agent can help you find the best wardrobe manufacturer in China, do factory visits, check on their product quality, and negotiate prices and MOQ. A sourcing agent can also help you draft, finalize, and sign the contract with the manufacturer.

    The services of a sourcing agent also include facilitating quality control inspections and logistics services.

    How to Select the Right Luxury Wardrobes Manufacturers & Suppliers

    How to Select the Right Luxury Wardrobes Manufacturers & Suppliers


    You can buy luxury wardrobes direct from manufacturers or from traders. Buying direct from manufacturers can give you the lowest prices.

    China manufacturers are known to offer products at the lowest prices. Choose a manufacturer that specializes in luxury wardrobes. This will mean they have the most advanced machinery and equipment to streamline their manufacturing processes.

    Minimum Order

    Choose a manufacturer and supplier whose minimum order quantity (MOQ) matches your requirement. It can be tempting to order more than you need to meet the MOQ of your choice manufacturer and avail of the lowest price possible. However, getting stuck with too much inventory that you are not able to sell at a given time is bad for your business.   

    Quality Control

    Choose a manufacturer that has a strict quality control system in place. The manufacturer should be capable of consistently meeting strict quality standards. Quality control inspections should be done at every phase of the production process. Inconsistencies such as dents, scratches, incorrect specification, incorrect sizes and dimensions, and incorrect materials and components are immediately addressed.

    Manufacturing Capabilities

    Choose a manufacturer that has the production capability to deliver your order on time. The manufacturer should have multiple production lines using the most advanced machinery and equipment. Production speed and quality should always go hand in hand.

    Measurement and Design Process

    Ordering from China often means ordering remotely (from other countries). Communicating your design, specifications, sizes, and other details can sometimes become a problem. Choose a manufacturer that uses advanced automated technology to make the measurement and design process a breeze and error-free.

    Lead Time

    Choose a manufacturer who offers a production lead time that fits into your schedule. The production process is only one of the times you need to consider when ordering from China. You also need to take into consideration transit times (shipping time), time to complete export and import documentation, and land delivery (local forwarder) to your warehouse.

    Project Support

    Project support being offered by the manufacturer is an important aspect to consider. The project support team of a manufacturer is your communication line to the manufacturer to get real-time updates about your order.

    How to Buying Luxury Wardrobes Online from PA

    How to Buying Luxury Wardrobes Online from PA

    Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

    Buying from PA starts with you having a design idea of what you want. PA provides consultation services to help you put into reality what you have in mind.  The designer assigned to your project will translate your ideas and inspirations into a 3D drawing for your appreciation and also so they can come up with an initial quotation.


    Drawing Analysis

    Analyze the 3D drawing. It will allow you to visualize the finished product and help make the decision easier. At this stage, you can make changes to some details of the design.

    Design & Approval

    Approve the final design, sizes, dimensions, and specifications.

    Sign a Contract

    A contract is an important document for your and the manufacturer’s protection. Make sure to read the fine details of the contract. All details of the orders that have been previously agreed upon should be included in the fine print.

    Logistical Service

    Make sure all logistical services are in order from quality control inspections, packing, transportation from the factory to the port of origin, export and import documentation, loading and unloading, and delivery of the local forwarder of your orders to your warehouse.


    If installation services are part of the contract, make sure to coordinate with the installation team the installation schedule.


    China manufacturers produce one of the best luxury wardrobes in the world with the best quality and at the best possible costs.

    Luxury wardrobes offer the finishing touch to the interiors of your bedroom. Bespoke wardrobes that match the interiors of your bedroom as well as being a reflection of your lifestyle and personality will make your bedroom a haven of style and comfort.

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