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      Hot selling and lower in cost modern wardrobe to provide your home with efficient storage space.

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    Modern built in wardrobes
    Modern sliding wardrobe

    Modern sliding wardrobe

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    Modern sliding door wardrobe

    Modern sliding door wardrobe

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    Modern oak wardrobe

    Modern oak wardrobe

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    Modern grey wardrobe

    Modern grey wardrobe

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    Modern fitted wardrobes

    Modern fitted wardrobes

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    Modern fitted wardrobes around bed

    Modern fitted wardrobes around bed

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    Modern built in wardrobes

    Modern built in wardrobes

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    Modern bedroom wardrobe

    Modern bedroom wardrobe

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    Mid century modern wardrobe

    Mid century modern wardrobe

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    Contemporary wardrobes

    Contemporary wardrobes

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    Modern wooden wardrobe

    Modern wooden wardrobe

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    Modern white wardrobe

    Modern white wardrobe

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    Modern wardrobe with tv unit

    Modern wardrobe with tv unit

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    Modern wardrobe with mirror

    Modern wardrobe with mirror

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    Modern wardrobe with dressing table

    Modern wardrobe with dressing table

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    Modern wardrobe closet

    Modern wardrobe closet

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    Modern wardrobe cabinet

    Modern built-in wardrobes

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    Why Choose PA Wardrobe Manufacturer

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Kitchen Cabinet Cutting

    Modern Wardrobes-Cutting

    Kitchen Cabinets Grooving

    Modern Wardrobes-Grooving

    Kitchen Cabinets Edge Banding

    Modern Wardrobes Edge Banding

    Kitchen cabinets Drilling

    Modern Wardrobes-Drilling

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Kitchen cabinets PVC vacuum

    Modern Wardrobes PVC vacuum

    PA Experienced Sales Team for Your Next Projects

    PA’s sales, design, and after-service teams work hand in hand to provide you with only the best quality service. Our sales team has mastered the systems and procedures involved in foreign trade and can professionally and efficiently assist you from order taking to delivery. Our design team has extensive training and knowledge on the latest trends in wardrobe design. Our people are the strength behind the success of the PA brand.

    Your Wholesale Modern Wardrobe Manufacturer

    Modern Wardrobes for Sale: Features and Details

    Base Material

    The carcass of a modern wardrobes cabinet is often made of particleboard.

    Door Panel

    The door panel can be made from a wide variety of colors and based on your style and budget. The door panels create the look of your wardrobe. You can choose from various styles and materials to create a unique exterior wardrobe design such as solid wood, lacquer, melamine, etc.

    High-Quality Hardware

    High-quality hardware from the best hardware brands in the world ensures the carcass and door panels are securely connected to ensure the wardrobe lasts long.

    Functional Accessories

    Organizing your wardrobe can be a tedious task without the right and functional accessories. Wardrobe accessories allow you to optimize space and efficiently organize your wardrobe including racks, storage boxes, hanging rods, and other accessories depending on your needs

    Humanization Design

    Designing a wardrobe for your bedroom based on your specific needs in terms of functional accessories.

    Delivery day: 25-40 days

    Delivery time from the factory in China to your warehouse or home address will typically take 25-40 days be sea freight. This includes:

    Benefits of Buying Modern Wardrobes Closets from PA


    PA Kitchen uses the latest German state-of-the-art technology to ensure they manufacture superior quality wardrobes. HOMAG cutting, grooving, edge bending, drilling, PVC vacuum machines ensure stability and precision of mass customization. HOMAG machines allow automated assembly lines.

    The Intelligent Design & Production Integration System (IDPI SYSTEM) ensuring quality control for the entire production process reducing human error to 0.1%.


    Modern wardrobes cabinets made by PA Kitchen is available at wholesale prices – lowest possible price. The streamlined and automated production process as well as the mass customization capabilities allow wardrobes to be produced at minimal costs.


    PA Kitchen can manufacture wardrobes based on your specifications (materials, dimensions, hardware, and accessories).


    PA Kitchen has a team of professional, highly trained, and skilled staff from order taking, design, production, delivery, and after-sale services.


    PA Kitchen is complete with certificates ensuring the manufacture of top-quality products including an SGS Certificate, ISO Certificate, SGS (MIC) Certificate, Particle Board Certificate, Plywood Certificate, and MDF Certificate.

    Whole House cabinets

    PA Kitchen manufactures whole house cabinets including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and wardrobe.

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    Modern Wardrobe: The Definitive Guide

    What Is a Modern Wardrobe?

    A modern wardrobe is not only meant for organized storage of your clothes and other things, it provides aesthetic beauty to your bedroom as well. Modern wardrobe is characterized by new ideas, a deep reflection of your personality, and your lifestyle.

    Modern wardrobes closet designs have geared away from the status quo and experimented with materials, textures, and styles to echo your personality.

    Pros and Cons of Modern Wardrobe

    Pros and Cons of Modern Wardrobes


    • A wide variety of materials to choose from with stylish designs and a modern look.
    • Characterized with a sleek and clean-cut finish.
    • Can be easily modified to make simple wardrobes look elegant and special.
    • Customizable for the best look you want for your room.
    • Enhances the aesthetics of your room while being extremely functional and practical storage spaces.


    • Not ideal for older bedrooms.
    • Not ideal for unusually shaped areas in your bedroom.

    5 Types of Modern Wardrobe Designs for Your Bedroom

    5 Types of Modern Wardrobes Designs for Your Bedroom

    Mirrored Doors

    It is a trend for modern wardrobes to line their doors with floor-length mirrors. Mirrors used in combination with an existing alcove will conceal the wardrobe. The mirrors will reflect light around your bedroom and will make it feel warmer and brighter. Mirrors can also make the room feel big.  The mirrors also allow you to look at your appearance before leaving home.

    Sliding Doors

    Many modern bedrooms are tight on space. Hinged doors need some floor space when they open. Wardrobes with sliding doors allow you to have access to one side to one side of the wardrobe when you slide the door open. Wardrobe doors that slide horizontally also save on space because the doors do not take up space in front of them.

    Built-In Wardrobe

    A built-in wardrobe is fixed to the wall and cannot be moved. The exterior materials of this type of wardrobe can be designed to match the interiors of your bedroom. If you want to change the color of your room, you can easily paint the doors of your wardrobe.

    The Closet

    Closets are not wardrobes because they are not fitted or placed in your room. Closets are separate rooms, either a spare room or reducing the size of your bedroom to accommodate closets.

    All that is visible from your room is a door leading to the walk-in closet. Inside the room are simple rails and mirrors. Your clothes are fully exposed allowing you to comfortably choose your outfit for the day while having plenty of room to move around.

    Wall Dividers

    This entails creating a free-standing wall divider in your bedroom and incorporating your wardrobe. This style makes your wardrobe almost invisible because it is not obvious that the divider is a storage space.

    Wall dividers are ideal for small apartments and bedrooms with a modern minimalistic design. This type of wardrobe allows you to have a gorgeous wardrobe with spaces to hang clothes and store folded ones but will almost no evidence of having one.

    Materials to use for your Modern Wardrobe

    Materials to use for your Modern Wardrobes

    The wardrobe finish (material, color, and texture) is what will make it blend with the interior design of your bedroom. The wardrobe material you choose will create a balance between style, function, and durability.

    • Solid Wood

    Solid wood is a charming material that reflects an invigorating shine. Solid wood matches almost all interior design themes in your bedroom. This material also lends warmth to the room. It is also extremely durable.

    While solid wood is a favorite for traditional wardrobes, it is a viable option for some modern bedrooms. Solid wood, however, is not customizable in terms of color and finish but many homeowners love its natural grains.

    • Plywood

    Plywood is one of the strongest and most durable alternatives for solid wood. Plywood consists of layers of wood veneer sheets glued together and evenly distributed to create strong and solid layers.

    Plywood is a light material making it easier to create detailed wardrobe designs in it. Plywood is typically used for wardrobe boxes. It is also the based material that is finished with laminate or veneer.

    • Particleboard

    Particleboard is an engineered material created from sawdust and wood chip wastes. It is priced lower than plywood and is sold pre-laminated. Particleboard is not as strong as plywood or MDF but it is extremely lightweight and easy to work with.

    • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

    MDF is made from broken-down softwood and hardwood residuals that are transformed into wood fibers. MDF are thin sheets with even and smooth surfaces without knots and bumps. This makes MDF easier to paint on than other wardrobe materials.

    MDF is not as strong and durable as plywood making it cost less.  It is, however, denser and stronger than particleboard.

    • Glass

    Glass is fast becoming a favorite for wardrobes because of its modern appeal. Wardrobes with glass fronts make the solid structure appear lighter. You can choose between transparent, colored, and opaque glass.

    To have a more durable and stylish wardrobe, you can mix and match two or more wardrobe materials. You can, for example, opt to use plywood for the carcass of the wardrobe and MDF for its doors.

    Classical Wardrobes VS Modern Wardrobe

    Classical Wardrobes VS Modern Wardrobes

    To choose between classical wardrobes and modern wardrobes is to take into consideration some important factors:

    • Interior Design

    Older furniture in your bedroom made from dark hardwoods will match a traditional wardrobe design. Modern furniture made from lighter materials will match a modern wardrobe design.

    • Design Style

    Traditional designs such as Rustic and French Country designs, among many other designs, require traditional wardrobe designs. Minimalistic bedroom designs match modern wardrobe designs.

    • Materials

    Opting for a glass or mirror finish should match minimalist and modern wardrobe design styles.  Wood can have a traditional or modern wardrobes design depending on how it is incorporated into the design.

    Darker woods will give a traditional look and lighter woods are ideal for a brighter and modern look.

    • Wardrobe Size and Shape

    Traditional fitted wardrobes are ideal for bedrooms that have linear shapes and layouts.


    • Hinged or Sliding Doors

    If your bedroom has old large furniture, traditional designed wardrobes with hinged doors are a perfect match. If you have modern furniture in your bedroom, wardrobes with sliding doors are an ideal modern wardrobes closet design.

    Modern Wardrobes Closet design idea

    A wardrobe is not only a storage solution, it also provides aesthetic beauty to your bedroom. Some common modern wardrobes design ideas include:

    • Wardrobe with Mirrors
    • Sliding Wardrobes
    • Loft or Elevated Wardrobes
    • Wardrobe with Vinyl Doors
    • Painted Doors Wardrobe
    • Modern Wardrobes with Dressing Table
    • Modern Wardrobes with TV Unit

    How Much Do Modern Wardrobes Cost : Get Modern Wardrobes Price List

    The cost of a modern wardrobes depends on the following:

    • Size
    • Types of Wardrobe (swing or sliding/ standalone or fitted)
    • Design / Style
    • Materials

    Modern Wardrobes Price List

    • Wardrobe with Mirrors – $150 – $200
    • Glass Door Wardrobe – $800
    • Walk-in Closet – $800 – $2000
    • Sliding Wardrobes- $ 100 – $900
    • Modern 6-Door Wardrobe – $888
    • Laminated Wardrobes – $100 – $1000
    • Wardrobe with Vinyl Doors – $100 – $300

    How to Select the Right Modern Wardrobe Manufacturers & Suppliers

    How to Select the Right Modern Wardrobes Manufacturers & Suppliers


    Choose a manufacturer that can offer the lowest cost for your modern wardrobe requirement.

    Minimum Order

    Choose a modern wardrobe manufacturer that can offer a feasible minimum order quantity (MOQ) for your requirement with the lowest possible cost.

    Quality Control

    Choose a manufacturer who has in place superior quality control measures to ensure the delivery of top-quality wardrobes.

    Manufacturing Capabilities

    Choose a manufacturer that has factories with high manufacturing capabilities to ensure your wardrobe orders are delivered on time. A leading manufacturer of wardrobes should be equipped with automated product assembly lines consisting of the latest state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.

    Measurement and Design Process

    Choose a manufacturer whose measurement and design processes are seamless and accurate. A leading manufacturer of wardrobes will have a design software automation system and should be able to provide a 3D image of your wardrobe before production.

    Lead Time

    Choose a manufacturer whose production lead time matches your buying schedules.

    Project Support

    Choose a manufacturer who has an excellent project support system manned by professional and well-trained staff.  


    How to Buy Modern Wardrobe Online from PA

    How to Buy Modern Wardrobes Online from PA

    • Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

    Provide PA with inputs (measurements, quantity, design / style) of your wardrobe. PA kitchen will render and provide you with a 3D image of your wardrobe together with the materials and specifications.

    • Drawing Analysis

    Review the 3D drawing submitted by PA and make some comments and / or suggestions, if any.

    • Design & Approval

    Approve the 3D drawing design for production.

    • Sign a Contract

    Sign the contract for your order. Make sure the design, materials, finish, measurements, hardware, accessories, quantity, and costs are what has been agreed upon. Make sure, too, that delivery schedules and payment of other fees are included in the contract.

    • Logistical Service

    Make sure you are on top of everything. You should be notified of the status of your order from manufacturing, quality control, packing, and delivery.

    • Installation

    PA Kitchen can arrange for expert installers to do on-site assembly and installation of your wardrobe for a minimal fee. These installers are either from the PA headquarters or installation partners from all parts of the world.

    You can also search more information about China ‘s Top manufacturer of PA Kitchen Cabinets &Wardrobe .

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