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    Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

    • Navy blue is a timeless color that has always been loved by interior designers and homeowners alike

    • It can hide small scratches and cuts

    • Stunning color and very easy to work with. You can create a multitude of contrasts

    • Can complement other trends like golden hardware

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    Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

    Modern Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

    Modern navy blue kitchen cabinets are a perfect choice for any trend of the 21st century. This color is complemented by sleek and clean lines that further enhance the visual appeal of the cabinets. They are usually combined with white countertops for a strong contrast.

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    Navy and White Kitchen Cabinets

    Navy and white kitchen cabinets provide a unique opportunity to create a stunning contrast that will remain in the mind of your guests for years to come. Those colors complement each other extremely well as they are both timeless and provide a clean and modern look

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    Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Hardware

    A relatively new trend, navy blue kitchen cabinets with gold hardware are a great choice for any contemporary kitchen. This combination creates a small contrast that enhances the gorgeous appeal of navy blue cabinets and adding a degree of complexity to your kitchen.

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    Dark Navy Kitchen Cabinets

    Dark Navy Kitchen Cabinets

    A truly stunning option, dark navy kitchen cabinets are at the heights of modern design. The darker shades add elegance and a feeling of luxury to your kitchen. These cabinets fit very well with light shades on the walls and floors to create a strong contrast.

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    Navy Blue Kitchen Island with White Cabinets

    Navy Blue Kitchen Island with White Cabinets

    If you want to add a bit of a shock factor to your room, navy blue kitchen island with white cabinets are the way to go. The blue and white complement each other very well while providing your kitchen with a clean and inviting aesthetic.

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    Navy Blue Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

    Navy Blue Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

    Navy blue gloss kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen appear brighter and more spacious. Navy blue is already a mark of a contemporary kitchen, the high gloss is an element that further enhances this. Gray and wooden colors for flooring complement this style very well.

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    Gray and Navy Blue Kitchen

    Grey and Navy Kitchen Cabinets

    As with white, grey and navy kitchen cabinets is a very modern combination that is sure to last you for years. The contrast is not as strong, but instead can be made consistent with your integrated appliances for a clean and continuous design.

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    Navy Blue Bottom Kitchen Cabinets

    Navy Blue Bottom Kitchen Cabinets

    Choosing navy blue only for the bottom of your kitchen cabinets allows you to get creative with your kitchen design. You will add a touch of modernity while maintaining a timeless look that is complemented by your top cabinets of a different color (usually white).

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    PA Experienced Sales Team for Your Next Projects

    Any serious navy blue kitchen cabinet manufacturer has realized by now that it is not enough to only focus on the quality of your products, but you also need to connect with your clients and help them throughout the ordering process. This is what our experienced sales team has spent over 13 years doing for our customers. Through their friendliness and professionalism, we have managed to gain their trust and continuous cooperation. So, do not hesitate to ask them for help, they are happy to answer any concern you may have.

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    PA Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet for Sale: Features & Quality

    Here are the most important features of our blue kitchen cabinet. High-quality and customization are the basis of these.

    A. Base Material

    Synthetic options like MDF, particleboards, laminates, and melamine work very well with this design. Especially the high gloss, which is only possible on such materials. Wooden alternatives are possible, but not recommended as they counteract the contemporary feel of navy blue kitchen cabinets.

    B. Door Panels

    Shaker style door panels are the most popular option here, as it adds to the cleanliness and consistency of the aesthetics of these cabinets. If you are interested in a custom design, make an inquiry and our team will get back to you.

    C. Hardware

    A highly appreciated option here is golden hardware. They are chic and create a beautiful contrast with navy blue cabinets. Another good option would be gray. Take a look at our range of handle designs and let us know if you find anything you would like. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you get stuck.

    D. Countertops

    Countertops are a stunning option that allows you to complement your navy blue cabinets. White is the go-to option here, as it complements the timeless nature of navy blue. We have an array of materials available (quartz, cement, granite, marble, etc.) so it all depends on your preferences and budget.

    E. Storage Accessories

    To further add to the modern atmosphere, you can opt for one of our custom storage solutions. These range from drawers and cabinet interiors designed for specific kitchenware to cabinet corner options that allow you to make the best of your available space.

    Why Wholesale Blue Kitchen Cabinet in PA ?

    PA design and manufacturing processes are driven by two words: precision and affordability. Both aspects are possible due to the latest machines imported from Germany. Our factories in Foshan, China and Jakarta, Indonesia both use automated processes to create over 150,00 pieces of cabinets per year while adhering to the design chosen by our clients. Therefore we are equipped to take care of both large and custom orders.

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    Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

    What are Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets?

    They are simply cabinets painted with navy blue. This is a darker shade of blue considered a modern option that works very well in combination with white cabinets or countertops and golden hardware.

    Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

    Is Navy Blue Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

    Definitely, yes! Navy blue creates a sophisticated look that remains forever trendy when used in interior designs. Navy blue, like the waters of the deep sea, add depth to your kitchen and evokes a relaxing, calming feeling. It can also add a touch of drama and mystery while remaining refreshing over the years.

    Pros and Cons of Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

    Of course, not all colors and designs are appreciated by everyone. So let us explore some of the ups and downs of this one.


    • Chic, timeless look
    • Can hide small scratches and cuts
    • Fits well with a multitude of other decorative elements
    • Gives off a calming, relaxing feel
    • Creates a stunning contrast with white


    • May be considered cold by some
    • May be more expensive than other ‘default’ color options
    • Will require you to do some planning if you choose them as a redecoration option

    How Much Do Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

    Since this design revolves around paint, navy blue kitchen cabinet are not expensive. The main factor affecting the price will most definitely be the base material you choose and not the paint itself.

    Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

    What Color Countertops Go with Navy Cabinets?

    Here there are 3 main options:

    White – the most popular option by far. This is because the contrast created is absolutely stunning and highly versatile.

    Natural veins – the natural veining of marble for example works very well with navy blue kitchen cabinets. It adds complexity and character to the already unique appeal.

    Wooden countertop – not a very popular choice. By adding a wood-colored countertop you gain an earthly look highly appreciated in traditional and farmhouse kitchens.

    Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

    Are Navy Blue Cabinets in Style?

    A hundred times yes! Navy blue kitchen cabinet have the same timeless characteristics as white so you also do not need to worry about them getting old any time soon. Additionally, the calming and relaxing effects they have make us reminiscent of the wide blue sky and the deep seas.

    4 Reasons to Jump on the Navy Cabinet Kitchen Trend

    Navy blue kitchen cabinet are a unique way to decorate your kitchen, here are some reasons to do so, if you are not already convinced:

    They are very practical

    This refers to both the fact that this color will stay trendy for years, so you do not need to think about redecorating any time soon and that blue can hide small stains, scratches, cuts and splashes that can occur from day-to-day activities.

    They are stylish and will remain so

    Navy blue is one of those trends that you do not need to worry about it going out of style. As we said, it has the same qualities as white in this regard. They are sure to remain in demand for years, adding value to your home over time.

    Extremely stunning and versatile

    Navy blue simply looks stunning and can be combined with other elements of your kitchen effortlessly. White floors, cream walls, natural wood, shades of gray and even stainless steel are just some examples.

    Can complement other trends

    The gold hardware trend is the best example in this regard. The combination of blue and gold looks gorgeous. Tuxedo cabinets are another one of those trends that look great with navy blue. So if incorporating other trends is your concern, navy blue kitchen cabinets are a great option to consider.

    Comparation Form Among 7 Door Fronts


    Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

    Here are some designs you can take some inspiration from when decorating your kitchen.

    How to Select the Right Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers?

    There are many manufacturers out there and it may be hard to find the one you need and can trust. Here are some aspects you should consider when searching for them:


    Try to look for manufacturers that offer wholesale prices, helping you to reduce costs. Especially so, if you have a large order you need to take care of.

    Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

    The minimum order quantity is the lowest amount of products the manufacturer is willing to produce for you. Smaller products will have higher MOQ, but navy blue kitchen cabinets usually have lower MOQ since they are a bit more complex to manufacture. Choose the manufacturer that has a MOQ you can afford.

    Quality Control

    Look for those manufacturers that use software to help improve their precision and that have strict regulations in place for quality control.

    Manufacturing Capabilities

    Information like how many factories they have, how many assembly lines, what are they equipped with are given freely by serious manufacturers in order to gain your trust. Look for those that present such information.

    Measurement and Design Process

    Especially important if you want a custom-designed cabinet. Look for how they take care of such orders. What software do they use? How do they incorporate your kitchen plans?

    Lead Time

    This is vital to know before they even begin production. Look for manufacturers that can take care of your order within reasonable time.

    Project Support

    Customer support hotlines are a must for any serious manufacturer. You can test how willing they are to answer your questions by sending them a few messages.

    Top 10 Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers List

    How to buy Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Online?

    The simplest answer is to Google ‘navy blue kitchen cabinets near me’ , or whatever location you are interested in, in order to localize your search. For a wider margin search for keywords like ‘wholesale’ or ‘cheap’ and drop the location, in order to see more convenient options. Keep in mind this will affect transportation costs.

    You can also check B2B trading platforms and large sellers like Amazon, Alibaba and Made in China.


    Navy blue kitchen cabinets are a stunning option for your redecoration project. They are timeless, can be paired with a multitude of other designs and are quite affordable, depending on the base material.

    Choosing an appropriate color palette will enhance the beautiful aesthetics even more. Colors like white and gold are the perfect examples. If you are interested in such cabinets and may want to find out even more details, do not hesitate to contacts our team. We are always happy to answer any questions if it can bring you one step close to your dream kitchen.

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