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    Oak Kitchen Cabinets Benefits

    • Aesthetically appealing, making your kitchen more inviting than when you use other types of kitchen cabinets.

    • Highly flexible, do not expose the stains, paints, and glazes even when dark-toned but will still make your kitchen look beautiful and luxurious.

    • Highly durable and likely to remain in good shape for the entire lifetime of the property.

    • Easy to install and maintain as the oak wood is uniform all through. If broken, a little sanding on the exposed edge pulls the trick!

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    White Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    White Oak Kitchen Cabinet

    Any white kitchen cabinets are beautiful. The same is true when you choose white oak kitchen cabinet. They are definitely loved for the attractive and cozy appearance that they bring to any kitchen. If perfectly matched with the right countertops, flooring, and wall, then the beauty can be irresistible.

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    Modern Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

    Modern Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

    Oak kitchen cabinet are the best additions to any modern kitchen. Whether you are replacing existing cabinets or doing a new installation, the art of choosing the right cabinet types is needed. Unfortunately, it is not for everyone. If you don’t want to make mistakes, then choose oak kitchen cabinet of the best finish.

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    Light Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    Light Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    It all comes down to what your other kitchen features are. If you already have dark floors and walls, add light to your kitchen by going for light oak cabinets. These types of cabinets also match well with dark countertops. Just make sure that you don’t mess up your kitchen by not installing the cabinets that will feel out of place!

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    Farmhouse Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

    Dark Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    Dark kitchen cabinet give you the best way of hiding glare, stains, and unnecessary paints in your kitchen. Despite the dark finish, these cabinets still maintain their beautiful look and are the best choices for any kitchen design. Their earthy appearance and timeless appeal make them match other construction materials.

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    Red Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    Red Oak Kitchen Cabinet

    Red oak cabinets have been trendy for a while. Apart from beauty, they are strong, durable, and less expensive. Red oak features attractive grain patterns, making them famous in tailor-made kitchen cabinets.

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    Golden Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    Golden Oak Kitchen Cabinet

    The golden finish of oak kitchen cabinet is slightly out of favor but is still very common in residential properties. Golden kitchen cabinet are mainly considered by the elderly, who treasure culture and heritage. However, we have also seen these cabinet types making their way into modern homes. Golden oak is not for kitchen cabinets only but also for many other cabinets.

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    Farmhouse Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

    Farmhouse Kitchen with Oak Cabinet

    Creating a farmhouse kitchen begins with a proper selection of kitchen cabinets. If you are a lover of such kitchen styles, then choosing oak cabinets is the best way to do it. Oak kitchen cabinets all look natural and are available in many finishes and colors.

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    Rustic Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    Rustic Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    Oak kitchen cabinet help you add rustic vibes to your kitchen space. With the right selection of countertops, flooring material, and other features, rustic kitchen cabinets can go along the way in adding character to your kitchen. Just choose the right finish and design to get the full benefits of these cabinet styles.

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    Grey Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

    Grey Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

    Grey and white kitchen have contributed to the fall of golden kitchen cabinets. They are the trending kitchen design for any modern house. And if you want to go this route, then design your grey kitchen with oak cabinets. Grey kitchen also goes well with the addition of black accents, which can be the countertops.

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    Oak Kitchen Cabinet Edge Banding

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    Oak Kitchen Cabinet Drilling

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    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

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    PA Experienced Sales Team for Your Next Projects

    What really makes us different is our sales team. The team consists of professionals who have been serving our clients for the past 13 years that we have been in the market. With that experience, you can be sure to always get the best service when it comes to the cabinets you want for your kitchen.

    The sales team will work with you hand in hand to ensure that all your requirements and specifications are captured. PA is proud to have this dedicated team to connect its brand to the market.

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    Oak Kitchen Cabinets for Sale 

    You have many options when it comes to transforming your kitchen with a new set of cabinets. Oak kitchen cabinet has been trendy for a while, and they will readily make your kitchen the favorite room.

    Your Professional Oak Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer in China 

    A Base Material

    PA ensures the use of high-quality base material that can resist all the prevailing conditions that it will be subjected to. The base material should be resistant to any severe cold and water. These are common factors that may reduce lifespan as the base cabinets rest on the floor. Fortunately, we have the best material engineered to serve in such conditions.

    B Door Panels

    Door panels of any kitchen require the best finish and should also be of high quality. Door panels are the most active part of any cabinet. As such, they should be hard and resistant to wear through scratching. PA also has a collection of door panel finishes. You can choose what works for you according to your taste and preference.

    C Hardware

    Pieces of hardware installed on your cabinet are what will make them operable. The hinges and locks are usually rated by the number of opening and closing cycles. PA uses highly rated hardware with 40 years warranty. That further proves the quality of material used and the robustness of the design. Your cabinet will be easy to operate and will remain so for many years.

    D Countertops

    A good cabinet with a poor-quality countertop will not serve the purpose as intended, especially for base cabinets. At PA, we have a collection of materials for making the cabinet countertops. These are mostly natural stones, but some are engineered to resist constant abrasion, heat, impact, and water. Some of the materials that we use include composite stone, quartz stone, and engineered stones.

    E Storage Accessories

    A kitchen also serves the purpose of keeping the accessories and kitchen appliances. PA offers the best storage solution that will ensure that every accessory is in its rightful place. This level of organization saves you time because you know where to find what you are looking for.

    Why Wholesale Metal Kitchen Cabinet in PA ?

    Being one of the top 10 cabinet manufacturing companies in China, PA can supply kitchen cabinets to the global market. The major manufacturing company is located in Foshan, China, and the other one in Indonesia. In total, PA can produce over 150,000 cabinet sets annually.

    PA boasts of high client retention of 92%. That explains the quality of cabinets and the client satisfaction rate. We have completed over 4,000 projects worldwide over 13 years that we have been in operation. That achievement wouldn’t have been possible with our teams of dedicated designers and salespersons.

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    Oak Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

    What is Oak Kitchen Cabinet?

    Oak is one of the most durable wood that is used in the manufacturing of kitchen cabinets. Oakwood comes from an oak tree, which is one of the most available hardwoods around the world. Oak trees are in many different varieties, making them versatile. Oakwood is used for making kitchen cabinets, other furniture and as a flooring material.

    Oakwood is famous for kitchen cabinets because of their durability, aesthetic value, and ease of repair. If you are looking for a more permanent storage solution, oak cabinets are the best option available.

    Oak Kitchen Cabinets 1

    Is Oak Wood Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

    We have already mentioned the benefits that you get when you choose an oak cabinet. Oakwood has superior qualities that make it one of the best materials for making kitchen cabinets. Apart from beauty, they are durable, cost-effective compared to other solid woods, and highly flexible.

    Choosing oak wood for your kitchen cabinet means you are saying goodbye to glare, stains, and paints. Because of that property, oak cabinets are easy to maintain. They also come in different finishes to choose from.

    Pros and Cons of Oak Kitchen Cabinet

    Thus far, we have only looked at one side of oak cabinets. Despite the many benefits of oak woods, they also have some drawbacks compared to other materials. We will highlight the pros and cons here for your reference.


    • Visible grains giving it aesthetic value
    • Hard and durable
    • Relatively less expensive than other solid wood cabinets
    • Comes in many different finishes
    • Antiglare and stains
    • Easy to repair and maintain


    • Relatively heavy
    • May warp under extreme weather changes

    Oak Kitchen Cabinets 5

    How Much Does It Cost of Oak Cabinet?

    Obviously, the cost of oak kitchen cabinets depends on the size of your kitchen and the quantity you need. It will also depend on where you source them, whether locally or overseas. In general, the cost varies from $3K to $5K for a small to the medium-sized kitchen. Please note that this may double for a considerably large kitchen. Also, you should prepare to dig deeper into your pocket if you need tailor-made oak cabinets. Your choice of finishes, stains, type of oak, and many other factors come into play for customized services.

    To save on the cost of oak cabinets, source them from a large manufacturing company. Since such companies enjoy economies of scale, you can expect their prices to be fair compared to retail prices. Oak cabinet may be highly-priced because they are solid wood that offers unrivaled quality and beauty. If you are very low on budget, consider other materials such as veneers for your kitchen cabinets.

    Oak Kitchen Cabinets 3

    Are Oak Kitchen Cabinets Still in Style 2021?

    What makes oak kitchen cabinet gain relevance today is their different finishes. They come in light, dark, or distinct colors, making them easy to be used as decoration elements. You can choose white, grey, or red oak depending on what best suits your needs.

    In general, oak cabinets are still trendy and will probably remain so for many more years to come. Whether you need kitchen cabinets for a modern kitchen, rustic kitchen, or farmhouse kitchen, oak cabinets will serve the purpose.

    What Color Goes with Oak Kitchen Cabinet?

    Oak kitchen cabinet come in many finishes. You may not have a collection of color options, but you can comfortably choose between grey, white, and red finish. There is also an option for light or dark finishes. For a kitchen with little to medium attention to decoration, an oak kitchen cabinet will suffice.

    Some manufacturers can also offer customized colors. You can confirm with your supplier if your desired color is available. If not, then they should advise by giving alternatives.

    How to Make Oak Kitchen Cabinet Look Modern

    Oak kitchen cabinet are not all that difficult to maintain. However, the grains may tarnish over time, and you would like to make them look new or modern again. For that, you may need to contact the manufacturer for expert advice.

    If you have lost contact with your supplier, then you can try out adding a fresh coat of paint, stain, or facelift the cabinets with a new set of hardware. These are all DIY tasks that you can easily do on weekends. Also, note that the only way your kitchen cabinets will look modern is when you match them with the rest of the home décor. Get the right floor type and wall paint, and not forgetting countertops.

    Oak Kitchen Cabinets 7

    Oak Kitchen Cabinets Design Idea

    The list of oak kitchen cabinet ideas is endless. By performing a simple search on Google or any other search engine, you will get many ideas that you can try out. In this video, we are demonstrating the best kitchen ideas with oak cabinets. Watch it through to the end to get a full grasp of the idea!

    Where Can I Find Oak Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer in China?

    That is a sincere question that most retailers, contractors, and individual property owners ask. If the same question rings in your mind, then count yourself lucky because PA is the answer to all your cabinetry needs.

    PA is one of the leading cabinet manufacturers in China with a global presence. If you need any cabinet, then just contact us and our customer support team will guide you through the necessary processes. With PA, you get your orders processed and your items delivered to you on time. We guarantee high-quality products and a warranty.

    Top 10 kitchen cabinets manufacturers list

    Here is a list of the Top 10 kitchen cabinet manufacturers in China that you can consider:

    Top 20 Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in China

    How to Import Oak Kitchen Cabinets from China?

    After knowing where to find a high-quality kitchen cabinet in China, the next question will be how to get the products delivered to you. This question already has an answer when you consider PA for any of your cabinetry needs.

    PA has about 500 showrooms in different countries. That means you will simply walk into any of them to collect your product. If we don’t have a showroom in your country, then let our sales team know about it. We will organize a delivery option to your location. You no longer have to follow the tedious process of looking for an agent in China! We offer you services which you can trust.


    Your kitchen is an important room on your property. We know that you want to make it as cozy and inviting as possible. PA helps you through that transformation journey by offering tailor-made kitchen cabinets for you.

    We are ready to make your dreams come true. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and place your order. We would be glad to receive your order requirements and act on them. Our design team is ever ready to turn every design into physical products. We can also help you in determining the best cabinet option for your kitchen.

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