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PA is your leading outdoor kitchen cabinets manufacturer, producing custom- made quality kitchen cabinets. Choose your kitchen cabinet by different styles , layouts , materials and colors. Available at wholesale prices.

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Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most durable options, stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets are the perfect option for any outdoor kitchen. They are extremely sturdy, look gorgeous and will resist any damage from the elements. Those cabinets can also incorporate all sorts of heat-producing appliances.

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Waterproof Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

 Waterproof Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Having an outdoor kitchen naturally means it is going to be subjected to the elements. For this reason, it is best to choose waterproof outdoor kitchen cabinets. You can relax and have a drink without worrying your cabinets will get damaged by water.

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Wood Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

For a stunning natural look characterized by grain patterns and rough texture, you can opt for wood outdoor kitchen cabinets. They bring you one step close to nature and are the most eco-friendly option you can go for. A wide range of design choices is available to you.

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Metal Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Metal Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Metal outdoor kitchen cabinets are the best way to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor kitchen. They will give off a luxurious feel that is sure to be an eye-catcher. They are also protected from any sort of damage from the elements.

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PVC Cabinets for Outdoor Kitchen

PVC Cabinets for Outdoor Kitchen

PVC Cabinets for outdoor kitchens are a highly cost-effective option that can fit any backyard. They are affordable and virtually waterproof. PVC cabinets are also very light, so they can be easily moved whenever necessary. You can also incorporate cooking appliances in them.

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 Black Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

The go-to option for contemporary looks, black outdoor kitchen cabinets will give your backyard a premium look that will never go out of style. They cover scratches and cuts very well and can be used to create a strong contrast, together with flooring or walls.

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Stone Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

If you want your kitchen to blend in with the nature around it, choose stone outdoor kitchen cabinets. The rough texture and designs will help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your backyard. They are very durable and can withstand most types of damages.

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Need Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Your Projects ?

Custom Flexible Kitchen Cabintes

From hotels, apartments, restaurants, and residential kitchens, baths and recreational spaces, PA always meets all your custom kitchen cabinets needs. Catering to special events, architectural projects, and any other requirements of unique kitchen. Our customization options include:

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How Are PA Kitchen Cabinet Made

Kitchen Cabinet Cutting

Kitchen Cabinet-Cutting

Kitchen Cabinets Grooving

Kitchen Cabinet-Grooving

Kitchen Cabinets Edge Banding

Kitchen Cabinet-Edge Banding

Kitchen cabinets Drilling

Kitchen Cabinet -Drilling

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Kitchen cabinets PVC vacuum

 Kitchen Cabinet - PVC Vacuum

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Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

What are Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets?

Outdoor kitchen cabinet are incorporated into backyard kitchens in order to provide functionality and accessibility. Their role is to help you store any kitchenware you may need when cooking outdoors. You can also store charcoal and firewood for a quick barbecue whenever you want.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

As with any cabinet, there are advantages and disadvantages to using outdoor kitchen cabinet. Let’s explore them.


  • They make a perfect environment to invite guests into
  • Gorgeous-looking
  • Highly convenient for storage. Will make organizing a barbecue extremely easy and fun
  • They enable open-flame cooking


  • They require a lot of space, so you need sufficient space in your backyard
  • Will need to be protected against the weather. You do not need to worry about the cabinets themselves if you chose a waterproof base material, but the appliances and any other items you have on them may need special care
  • They are a security concern. You need to not leave anything of value in or around them

How Much Do Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

The price range can vary wildly depending on the material chosen. Stainless steel and wood are amongst the most expensive option while PVC is more affordable. You may also need to consider installation costs, which will surely increase the overall costs.

What can I Use for Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet?

Here are some of the most popular materials for outdoor kitchen cabinet:

Stainless steel – very sturdy and highly durable, can resist the elements very well.

Aluminum – a naturally corrosion-resistant material, this material is also very durable and comes in thick gauges for outdoor kitchen cabinets that are very strong. Lighter than stainless steel.

Masonry – provides a natural look and is highly customizable. You can choose the materials and colors based on the appearance of your backyard. Very sturdy and resilient and will not get damaged by weather.

PVC – a highly affordable option that has recently started being used for outdoor kitchen cabinets. It is weatherproof and can not rust or stain. Can warp with high-temperature variations and may lose color over time.

Wood – less common for outdoor kitchen cabinets. It provides a warm and classic feel but it is delicate and does not bode well against the weather. Requires you to have a cover over them and is quite expensive.

What Kind of Wood Should I Use for Outdoor Cabinets?

For outdoor kitchen cabinets, you will need wood a rather weather-resistant type of wood like teak, mahogany, or white oak. They are quite expensive and require water seals and staining.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

How Do You Waterproof Outdoor Cabinets?

You do this in 3 ways:
  - choosing weather-resistant materials;
  - enclosing your kitchen storage;
  - opting for stainless steel when it comes to hardware;

We recommend choosing waterproof materials for your outdoor kitchen cabinets because it is a cost-effective solution long-term. Wood can be stained to offer it some water-resistant properties, but it is a hassle to maintain and take care of.

We would also recommend at the very least covering your kitchen, in order to reduce possible sources of damage. Plus, you also need to worry about dust which needs to be cleaned if your outdoor kitchen is not enclosed.
In order to ensure your hardware does not rust, you should go for stainless steel, as it is the safest option.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

What is The Best Countertop Material for Outdoor Kitchens?

The two top contestants here are granite and quartzite. Both are highly resistant to the weather and are thus viable choices. Granite is a bit more expensive than quartzite, but it also has a more consistent look. In the end, it depends on your budget and preferences, but any of those two options are great.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Can Quartz Countertops Go Outside?

Quartz can be safely used outdoors only if it is sheltered. This is because overexposure to the Sun will cause it to lose colors, mainly to the UV radiation affecting the resins and synthetic pigments used in its manufacturing. However, if you install it in an outdoor kitchen that is covered, you can avoid this issue.

Comparation Form Among 7 Door Fronts


Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

So, as you can see, there are a lot of options and combinations you can choose to make your outdoor kitchen unique. Want more inspiration? Take a look below.

How to Select the Right Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers?

Many manufacturers offer to take care of building your kitchen, so how can you choose the best? Take the following into consideration.


There are mainly 3 market levels; low, mid, and high-end. You should choose a manufacturer that specializes in products for your price category. They will usually offer fair prices, helping you reduce costs. Look for wholesale prices.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

This is the minimum number of products the manufacturer is willing to accept the order for. Here, it is important to choose the one that fits the scale of your project. Smaller manufacturers will have a lower MOQ.

Quality control

Serious manufacturers will always have practices and regulations in place in order to ensure high-quality products. Look for those that do not shy away from showing you how they work.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Are their production lines sufficient for the scale of your project? For large orders, they would require parallel assembly lines in order to ensure a fast turn-around. Choose the one that fits your project requirements.

Measurement and Design Process

How can they respect your size requirements? How precise is their design process? What software do they use in these processes? Choose a manufacturer that will answer those kinds of questions.

Lead Time

You must always know before they get to work how much time your project is going to take. This is especially important for commercial projects that have deadlines that may not be able to be moved.

Project Support

Choose a manufacturer that has a well-built customer support team. For this, you can try asking them a few questions and see how fast and well they respond.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers List

Top 20 Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in China

How To Buy Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Online

The best way to do this is to search on your favorite search engine for “outdoor kitchen cabinets near me ” . This will ensure you will get results near your location. If, however, you are interested in a global market, you can look on trading platforms like Amazon, eBay, alibaba and Made in China.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets


Outdoor kitchen cabinets are a great way to add character to your backyard while allowing you to invite guests over for a relaxing and fun time. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to customization, so take a look around and see if any one of them catches your eye. Do not hesitate to ask for advice, we are always happy to help.

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