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    Benifits of Pine Kitchen Cabinets

    • Extremely beautiful natural appeal giving off a rustic vibe

    • Very affordable, perfect for budget-restrained projects

    • Unique grains and hues that fit well in traditionally styled homes

    • Customizable according to your preferences

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    Pine Kitchen Cabinets
    Knotty Pine Kitchen Cabinets

    Knotty Pine Kitchen Cabinets

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    Farmhouse Pine Kitchen Cabinets

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    Our professional and friendly staff will help you through every step of your project, including after-sale services. Through our over 13 years of experience in the industry, we have earned the trust of our customers. This would not have been possible without our wonderful team! If you are looking for some advice for your order, or you need any sort of help, do not hesitate to ask them for help. Whether you are planning a large-scale commercial project or simply wish to renovate your home, our team is ready to assist you.

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    Your Wholesale Pine Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer

    To make sure it fits your vision and space, customize your pine kitchen cabinet according to your preferences. Let’s see what we can do for you.

    A. Base Material

    Pine is one of the most widespread woods out there, this is, in part, what makes it so affordable. The stunning beauty and high-quality craftsmanship are not, however, reserved only for our pine kitchen cabinets. We have a wide variety of soft and hardwoods base materials you can choose from. This includes birch, hickory, walnut, maple, and more! Perhaps you want to benefit from the gorgeous aesthetics of wood without the downside it comes with? Take a look at our synthetic options like MDF and melamine that can be stained with faux wood finishes for the same natural grace as real wood.

    B. Door Panels

    Customize the front of your pine kitchen cabinets however you wish. Choose from our stock options or come up with your own design and we’ll take care of the crafting.

    C. Hardware

    Make your choice from our variety of handles and bars for cabinet doors and drawers to fit your kitchen style. This doesn’t mean they are not convenient though! All necessary hardware for the installation is included in the package, but you can take a look at some other options like dust-proof hinges, crossbars, pins, and hinges.

    D. Countertops

    Darker countertops work well with light pine kitchen cabinets in order to create an eye-catching contrast. You can choose from stone, marble, cement, quartz, and more. Not sure what would work best with your color palette? Ask our team for some advice.

    E. Storage Accessories

    Our range of modern storage solutions can help you make the best of the available space in your kitchen. Drawer interior designed for bottles and corner storage mechanisms are some of the most requested accessories. The main goal of such accessories is to provide easy accessibility to your kitchenware and make it convenient for you to reach them.

    Why Wholesale Pine Kitchen Cabinet in PA ?

    PA kitchen cabinets are using the latest machines and systems imported from Germany that allows us to automate our production lines. This is how we can guarantee the highest quality cabinets at affordable prices. Those systems also allow us to fulfill large orders with incredible accuracy. This also means we can provide shorter production times and faster shipping to you. Through appropriate certification and workspace practices, we also ensure the protection of the environment and our staff.

    You can also search more information on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

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    Pine Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

    Is Pine Wood Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

    Short answer, yes. In fact, pine is the only species of softwood used as base material for kitchen cabinets. It does dent more easily than hardwoods why is why it requires some sort of stain. Pine is highly appreciated for its lovely knots. They are a perfect addition to your traditional or country-style kitchen.

    Pros and Cons of Pine Kitchen Cabinets

    As with all other variants, pine kitchen cabinets have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them.


    • Extremely beautiful
    • Highly affordable
    • Takes paint well
    • Creates a rustic atmosphere
    • Resistant to shrinking and swells
    • Durable, with proper staining


    • Prone to dents and scratches
    • Not very strong
    • Must be stained

    Pine Kitchen Cabinets

    How Much Do Pine Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

    Pine kitchen cabinets are one of the most affordable options you can choose for your kitchen. We can not give a precise number, however, as the price varies by a lot depending on the country of import, whether you go for a stock or custom option, hardware solutions and many more.

    You can expect to pay a few hundred dollars per cabinet piece though. Do not forget to also consider installation costs. If you are going for an RTA (Ready To Assemble) cabinet, you can ignore that consideration.

    Pine Kitchen Cabinets

    How Durable are Pine Kitchen Cabinets?

    Being made of softwood, pine kitchen cabinet are not as durable as other high-end options like walnut or hickory kitchen cabinets. Their durability, can, however, be enhanced through proper finishing or staining.

    Pine Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

    Not sure if pine kitchen cabinets fit the style of your kitchen? Take a look below for some ideas of the most popular kitchen designs incorporating these cabinets.

    Where to buy Pine Kitchen Cabinets?

    The easiest option is to browse the internet for pine kitchen cabinets manufacturers. You can either search globally using your preferred search engine, or restrict your search by your location as follows: ‘pine kitchen cabinets manufacturers near me’ 

    Here are some websites you can take a look at:


    Woodworkers shop

    You can also search more information on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

    Pine Kitchen Cabinets

    Where Can I Find a Pine Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer in China?

    Conveniently, most pine kitchen cabinets manufacturers in China are clustered in either the Guangdong, Zhejiang, or Fujian provinces. These ‘clusters’ are specific to every industry and are present in order to make the lives of both the manufacturers and clients easier. Most of the reputable companies also attend fairs, all sorts of events and may have showrooms in different cities. You can usually find this information if you visit their website.

    Top 10 kitchen cabinets manufacturers list

    Here are the top 10 pine kitchen cabinets in China. Most of them have had contracts with foreign clients and have gained experience in all sorts of exports.

    PA Kitchen



    George Buildings







    These are only some of the most well-known in the industry. You can also see what the smaller manufacturers have to offer. They are usually found on B2B platforms like Alibaba and Made in China.

    Top 20 Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in China

    How to Import Pine Kitchen Cabinets from China?

    Importing pine kitchen cabinets from china  especially in large quantities may prove difficult for many people. Even more so if it is your first time doing business with Chinese manufacturers. In the interest of making this process a bit easier, we recommend the following:

    Choose a reputable manufacturer – those that we have mentioned above can be trusted to fulfill your order, but this may not apply to all manufacturers you come across. Look for reviews and other people’s experiences with the manufacturer you are interested in. Also, ask and/or look for certification. For example, in the EU, companies that import products need to comply with specific product regulations and standards. One of those is the CE mark.

    Confirm MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) – not all manufacturers will agree to small orders (i.e. the amount you would require to redecorate your kitchen). So it is important to check if the one you are interested in is willing to fulfill your order.

    Get help with logistics – shipping overseas is not an exactly simple process. So we recommend looking for a manufacturer that is willing to help you in this regard. There are documents and approvals you need that you may not familiar with so it’s best to entrust this to someone who has done it before. Alternatively, you can look for a sourcing agent.

    Confirm warranty – this is the mark of a high-quality product. Manufacturers that trust the quality of their own products will not hesitate to offer a warranty over long periods of time. You should look for someone that offers at least 10 years of warranty for your pine kitchen cabinets.

    Once you have chosen a manufacturer based on the aspects we discussed above, you can place your order. Here is how that is usually done.

    1) Make quotations

    They will most likely ask for a kitchen plan in order to get the sizes to perfectly fit your kitchen. In this step, you are free to discuss the details of your design, if you opt for a custom one, or simply choose one of their stock options.

    2) Sign a contract

    To make sure both parties are planning to fulfill their respective obligations, you can request the signing of a contract. Here you agree on a delivery plan, date of shipping, way of transportation, etc. This is usually done for large-scale orders, so you may not need it for small, residential projects.

    3) Make a deposit

    After the details of your order are in place, you will most likely be asked for a deposit. 30% of the total sum is a typical value you can keep in mind.

    4) Shipping and documentation approval

    This part is taken care of by the manufacturer or the sourcing agent you hired. This step may take additional time (a few days perhaps) as they need to get all the necessary approvals and documents required to get your shipment going. If the shipment comes via frigate, you may be required to take care of the transportation from the port to your home.

    5) Inspection and Installation

    You should inspect the order and confirm everything is in place. If you see any damages to your pine kitchen cabinets, you are entitled to compensation, so don’t hesitate to contact your manufacturer. Also, make sure you have everything you need in order to install the cabinets. Hire a professional if you need help.

    Pine Kitchen Cabinets


    Pine kitchen cabinets are a gorgeous and affordable option for your kitchen. Their beautiful and unique knots are what make them stand apart from all the other types of wood. Keep in mind that pine is a softwood, so don’t forget to request or apply the appropriate finish or stain in order to keep it in top shape.

    You can also search on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

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