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    • We manufacture high-quality bathroom vanities in bulk for wholesale, and discounts are given on the marked price.

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    Real wood vanity
    Solid wood bathroom cabinet

    Solid wood bathroom cabinet

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    Solid wood bathroom vanity 30 inch

    Solid wood bathroom vanity 30 inch

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    Real wood vanity

    Real wood vanity

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    24 inch solid wood bathroom vanity

    24 inch solid wood bathroom vanity

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    Solid wood vanity unit

    Solid wood vanity unit

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    Solid oak bathroom vanity

    Solid oak bathroom vanity

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    Solid wood bathroom vanity 48

    Solid wood bathroom vanity 48

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    Hardwood bathroom vanity

    Hardwood bathroom vanity

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    Solid wood vanity units for bathrooms

    Solid wood vanity units for bathrooms

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    Solid wood floating vanity

    Solid wood floating vanity

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    Solid wood double vanity

    Solid wood double vanity

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    Solid wood shaker bathroom vanity

    Solid wood shaker bathroom vanity

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    Kitchen Cabinet Cutting

    Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets-Cutting

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    Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets Grooving

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    Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets Edge Banding

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    Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets-Drilling

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

    Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

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    Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets PVC vacuum

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    Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity for Sale: Features and Details

    Base Material – Buy high-quality solid wood bathroom cabinet units from us for guaranteed quality. Choose from the various options we have: solid oak bathroom vanity, hardwood bathroom vanity, solid wood shaker bathroom vanity, etc.

    Color Options – You can complement your bathroom aesthetics with solid wood cabinet units for bathrooms of color or finish of your choice. At PA, you will find many options to choose from. We ensure that you have what matches your style and color.

    High-Quality Hardware – Like all other cabinets from PA, we only use high-quality hardware for our solid hardwood vanities. That ensures your bathroom cabinets remain functional and operable for many years. Additionally, our products come with a 5-year warranty.

    Functional Accessories – Our designers are experienced and can include any feature you recommend for your real wood vanity. Everything will be sleekly designed to surpass your standard.

    Humanization Design – Our solid wood bathroom cabinet units are designed and made to reflect the style and personality of our customers. You can personalize any feature you want by specifying it in the design requirements, and our team will actualize it.

    Delivery day: 25-40 days – PA is famous for a short lead time. That is because our machines and staff work 24 hours a day to meet demand from our customers. Your order will be processed and products delivered to you as soon as possible.

    Benefits of Buying Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets from PA

    • Quality – The quality of our products is one of the areas we dedicated our resources to. We an entire team just to ensure every item leaving the production line meet the quality standards.
    • Price – Buy solid wood bathroom vanity units at the best price. PA produces the products in bulk, allowing it to enjoy economies of scale. We also have discounts for our customers.
    • Customized – PA has a design team that is dedicated to meeting our client’s expectations. Any customized or personalized feature you need will be included in your solid wood cabinet unit.
    • Team – We have different teams to help you buy bathroom vanities online from our website. Sales, design, quality control, after-sales, and installation teams are all at your service.
    • Certificates – PA is a large-scale manufacturer of high-quality bathroom cabinets and operates according to international standards. We have different certifications to validate our processes.
    • Whole House cabinets – Buy any cabinet you need only at PA. We manufacture any cabinet furniture you need for your residential and/or commercial property, ranging from kitchen cabinets to bathroom wardrobes.

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    Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity: The Definitive Guide

    What Is Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity?

    When you are shopping for a bathroom vanity or any other cabinet, you will often come across different base materials. You must have heard of MDF, particleboard, plywood, etc. Solid wood is also one of those materials used for cabinetry.

    Bathroom vanities made from solid hardwood are referred to as solid bathroom vanity units. They are more resilient than other cabinets made from different materials. Choose solid wood if you want your bathroom cabinets to last a lifetime. They are additionally strong, durable, and aesthetically appealing.

    Pros and Cons of Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity

    Pros and Cons of Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity

    Solid hardwood bathroom cabinets units are the strong and most durable cabinets on the market. In fact, any furniture made of solid wood will agreeably last a lifetime. However, this seemingly precious material also comes with disadvantages.


    • Aesthetically appealing
    • Strong and durable
    • Different options – maple, oak, birch, polar, etc
    • Readily available
    • Resistant to humidity


    • The most expensive choice

    What is the best wood for bathroom vanities?

    The best material to use comes down to personal choice. When you want to make a bathroom vanity, you have many material options. The most common types include solid wood, particleboard, plywood, composite, MDF, and many others.

    Suppose solid wood is your choice, then you have to decide from different options under it. Solid wood is the most preferred choice for bathroom vanity units because it is strong, durable, appealing, and comes in many color options. However, it is also the most expensive option available.

    For solid wood bathroom vanity units, you can choose cherry, teak, oak, birch, maple, etc. Again, the cost of your bathroom will vary depending on the specific solid hardwood you choose.

    Is manufactured wood good for bathroom vanity?

    Yes, but not all manufactured wood will last longer in your bathroom. The cost of manufactured wood varies depending on the choice. There are cheaper options such as plywood and particle boards that are adversely affected by high humidity in the bathroom.

    Manufactured wood such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is designed to withstand high humidity and changing temperatures in the bathroom. They will resist cracking or warping as the surrounding conditions change, provided they have high-quality finishes. However, you will also have to pay more for such high-end manufactured woods.

    For bathroom vanities made of manufactured wood, you can try to control humidity to make them last. You need to know when there is excess moisture in the bathroom and use humidity control methods to reduce it.

    Vanity: Solid wood vs Plywood vs MDF

    Vanity- Solid wood vs Plywood vs MDF

    We have mentioned different materials you can choose for your bathroom vanity units, but what is the difference? Which is the best, and what are the disadvantages of other options? Let us compare the most common bathroom vanity materials: solid wood, plywood, and MDF.

    Solid wood

    Nothing really compares to solid wood, but they are not the most common materials for bathroom vanities because of the high price. Solid wood bathroom vanity units can be all-natural or solid hardwood. They are made from famous woods like oak, cherry, maple, teak, etc.

    Solid woods are durable, strong, and aesthetically appealing. However, some may warp or swell because they absorb water in the air. Therefore, it may not be the best option for bathroom vanity cabinets.


    MDF is an engineered wood composite made to resist humidity and temperature changes. They may be the perfect choice for bathroom cabinets because they are affordable, aesthetically appealing, and can be painted quite easily.

    On the downside, MDF is expensive to maintain as cracks are virtually irreparable. They can also swell and hard to work with since screws do not sink in that easily. Staining MDF is also not possible.


    Plywood consists of layers of veneers glued together. You can find them in different thicknesses and qualities. Compared to solid woods, plywood is more resistant to swelling due to humidity and/or temperature changes.

    Plywood bathroom vanity cabinets will remain relatively stable for a long time, and that is why most bathroom vanities and other furniture around the home are made of plywood. However, they can peel off under extreme conditions.

    Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

    Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

    Solid wood is easy to paint to achieve different colors and finishes. That has made it possible to achieve different themes such as free Mediterranean life, romantic and retro, modern, rustic, and many others. With the unlimited options in design when working with wood, it is possible to have an endless list of ideas.

    If you need bathroom remodeling or constructing a new one, you can check out these new solid wood vanity ideas. Get inspiration and let our designers actualize what you like. We are ready to make what you perceived a reality.

    How Much Do Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Cost: Get Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinets Price List

    How much will your bathroom remodeling project cost? Well, there is no direct answer, but we can say it depends. There are many factors to consider to help you decide.

    Before we state the approximate cost of solid hardwood bathroom cabinet units, let us briefly explore the factors:

    • Size – We do not have to say more about the size as it is self-explanatory. A solid wood bathroom vanity 48 inch will cost more than a solid wood bathroom vanity 30 inch, which also costs more than a 24-inch solid wood bathroom vanity.
    • Material – You have different options for solid wood bathroom cabinets. Teak, oak, cherry, maple, and birch are some of the solid wood types. Also, you can go for all-natural or solid hardwood. There is a cost variation depending on the type of solid wood.
    • Design – Other solid wood vanity unit designs take time to make. Also, the cost will rise if you choose a solid wood double vanity over a single one. Freestanding bathroom vanity is also a cheaper option compared to solid wood floating vanity.

    The factors stated significantly affect the cost of solid wood bathroom cabinets units. That is why we have a wide price range, from $200-$500. There is also an additional installation cost of between $200 and $1,000 per unit. Any manufacturer should price bathroom vanities within this range, but you can find otherwise.

    To get a better cost estimate for solid wood bathroom cabinet units, contact our sales team. Your design specifications will be used for a more accurate price of the cabinets.

    How to Select the Right Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet Manufacturers & Suppliers

    How to Select the Right Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Manufacturers & Suppliers

    You need to find the best solid wood cabinet manufacturer or supplier to meet your demands and other expectations. But how do you do that in an industry that is flooded by many brands? Here are the factors you need to consider before making the ultimate choice.

    Cost – What is the cost estimate for sourcing products from the supposed manufacturer or supplier? Find out if there is a discount for bulk buying if you are a contractor or a retailer. But be cautious not to get duped. Some cheap solid wood bathroom vanities can be of low quality.

    Minimum Order – Does the supposed manufacturer or supplier supply the quantity you need, or you fall below their MOQ? Ask if they can still supply even if you need less than what is stated in their MOQ.

    Quality Control – It is not easy to know if the supposed manufacturer or supplier puts any effort into ensuring you get quality products. But still, you need to ask if they have a quality control program. Certifications such as ISO 9001 can also be s sign that they care about quality.

    Manufacturing Capabilities – The capacity of the supplier is crucial. You need to know the number of solid wood bathroom cabinet units they can produce and compare that to their demand. You can visit the production site to be sure of this.

    Measurement and Design Process – Do you get involved in the design process or sidelined? For customized solid wood bathroom cabinets, you need to be the one in command. Find out if their design team consult you to come up with a personalized design.

    Lead Time – The waiting period from the time your order is confirmed to the delivery time is always torturous. You do not want to wait longer than necessary as that will affect your business, let alone the unbearable emotional torture.

    Project Support – Manufacturer or supplier with after-sales support team is the preferred choice. This team should be ready to respond to your queries whenever you need to consult them.

    How to Buying Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Online from PA

    How to Buying Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Online from PA

    Do you want to buy solid wood bathroom cabinet from us? PA has an online system that helps you to remotely interact with our team and place your order. The following are the steps:

    1. Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

    You initiate the process by contacting our customer support team with the design requirements.

    1. Drawing Analysis

    Our design team analyzes the requirements and drawing if you submitted one

    1. Design & Approval

    The completed design is sent back to you for approval. We usually submit multiple design options from your specifications and expect you to choose what matches your descriptions best.

    1. Sign a Contract

    You confirm your order by signing the contract and paying the deposit, after which the production begins.

    1. Logistical Service

    Our team will package the unassembled solid wood bathroom vanity units and forward them to the shipping company. It is better if you have your own, but we can help you find one.

    1. Installation

    We have an installation team who can help you assemble and install the cabinets in your bathroom. You can also reach out if you have any queries.


    Solid wood bathroom vanities are fashionable and will not get out of style. They have stood the test of time for their durability and aesthetics. Despite the high cost of these bathroom cabinets, they are just perfect additions to your space.

    Contact the PA customer support team if you need high-quality products at the best price. We manufacture bathroom vanities and other cabinets and ship worldwide.

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