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    • Custom: Color, Finishes, Features, Size

      Solid wood wardrobes may be low in cost but they add a lot of aesthetics to your bedroom. Oil-based finishes bring out the natural qualities of the wood grain. Solid wood can also be painted, stained, or dyed.

    • Quality

      Solid wood wardrobes are strong and durable. Each solid wood wardrobe undergoes strict quality control processes.

    • Lower cost

      Solid wood wardrobes are available at competitive prices.

    • Wholesale

      Solid wood hardwood can be bought at wholesale prices from leading manufacturers in China.

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    Solid wood wardrobe closet
    White solid wood wardrobe

    White solid wood wardrobe

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    White solid wardrobe

    White solid wardrobe

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    Solid wood wardrobe with mirror

    Solid wood wardrobe with mirror

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    Solid wood triple wardrobe

    Solid wood triple wardrobe

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    Solid wood wardrobe closet

    Solid wood wardrobe closet

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    Solid wood built in wardrobes

    Solid wood built in wardrobes

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    Solid pine wardrobe

    Solid pine wardrobe

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    Solid oak wardrobe

    Solid oak wardrobe

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    Real wood wardrobe

    Real wood wardrobe

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    Modern solid wood wardrobes

    Modern solid wood wardrobes

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    4 door solid wood wardrobe

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    3 door solid wood wardrobe

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    PA Experienced Sales Team for Your Next Projects

    PA has for over 13 years strived to deliver superior-quality wardrobes to its discriminating clients worldwide. Advanced machinery, equipment, and technology, as well as the hard work and determination of its professional staff, have allowed the company to be a market leader in the cabinetry industry.

    Your Wholesale Solid Wood Wardrobes Manufacturer

    Solid Wood Wardrobes Features and Details

    – Base Material

    Solid wood falls under two categories – Hardwoods (Teak, Oak, Sheesham, and Mahogany) and Softwoods (Pinewood, Cedar, and Himalayan). Hardwoods have rough textures, denser, and show more pronounced natural grains than softwoods. Wardrobes are made from many types of wood but oak is the most commonly used because of its strength.

    – Door Panel

    Solid wood door panels can be painted in any color you wish. It can also be varnished, dyed, or stained. You can have an oak façade for your wardrobe but a solid oak construction will ensure it will look as good as new for many years.

    – High-Quality Hardware

    Whatever hardware type you choose (pulls, knobs, etc.) make sure they are from the best high-quality brands. Knobs, handles, and pulls are the jewelry of your wardrobe. Use a single them for your wardrobe hardware so the styles do not clash. Hardware should complement your wardrobe design.

    – Functional Accessories

    Functional accessories allow you to maximize the space inside your wardrobe. Racks, hooks, rods, drawers, drawer inserts, clothes lifts, boxes can be installed anywhere inside your wardrobe. There are many ways to design the interiors of your wardrobes with the use of functional accessories.

    – Humanization Design

    You have your way of organizing your clothes and stuff. No matter the size of the wardrobe, you can create its design and layout to suit your needs to make it an ideal fit. You can have your custom wardrobe design.

    – Delivery day: 25-40 days

    It normally takes about 25 days for goods from China to get to the east coast of the US and about 15 days to the west coast by sea freight. These are the times your goods are in the waters. Add in a few more days for loading at the port of origin and unloading at the port of destination. Add in, too, the number of days it will take for your goods to clear customs and for the local forwarder to transport the shipment to your warehouse.

    Benefits of Buying Solid Wood Wardrobes from PA

    – Quality

    PA uses only the best quality solid wood for your wardrobe. The company uses only the most advanced HOMAG machinery and equipment from Germany as well as the latest in automated technology to ensure wardrobes are manufactured in a precise and accurate manner.

    – Price

    The automated production lines of PA allow them to manufacture wardrobes at the least possible costs and with the least human errors. Add to this is PA is able to source the best raw materials at the least costs, too. These factors allow PA to price their wardrobes at lower prices but with guaranteed top quality.

    – Customized

    PA has the capability to do mass customization. Send in your measurements and design ideas and PA’s design team will help create a wardrobe based on your specific needs.

    – Team

    PA consists of a team of professional, dedicated, and well-trained, and well-skilled individuals. Each individual has a role to play to ensure the on-time delivery of premium-quality wardrobes.

    – Certificates

    Although it is possible for PA to export almost any variety of wardrobes, some wood wardrobes are subject to additional export regulations. PA has all certifications in place to facilitate the swift export of solid wood wardrobes.

    – Whole House cabinets

    Aside from wardrobes, PA manufactures Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets, and cabinets for your entire home.

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    Solid Wood Wardrobes : The Definitive Guide

    What Is a Solid Wood Wardrobe?

    Solid wood is the strongest material that can be used for wardrobes. Solid wood can be made of either hardwood or softwood. While hardwoods are considered more durable than softwoods, softwoods have their specific benefits. Hardwoods, of course, are more expensive than softwoods.

    Oak, however, is the best solid wood for a wardrobe.  Despite its strength and durability, solid wood wardrobes can be sold at affordable prices.

    Pros and Cons of Solid Wood Wardrobes

    Pros and Cons of Solid Wood Wardrobes


    • Timeless

    You can use your solid wood wardrobe forever because it will never go out of style.

    • Strength and Durability

    Solid wood is a robust material and will last for a long time. Whether hardwood or softwood, solid wood is the ideal choice if you are after the longevity of your wardrobe. Solid hardwood has built-in reliability and stability for wooden wardrobes.

    • Look and Feel

    Solid hardwood can bring a piece of nature into your bedroom. A solid wood wardrobe can provide warmth and comfort to your bedroom.

    • Versatility

    Solid wood is more versatile than any other wardrobe material because it can match traditional or contemporary interiors of your bedroom. Solid wood wardrobes can also come in a variety of styles.

    • Easy Maintenance

    Solid wood wardrobes are easy to maintain. Dust and dirt on the surface can be removed by wiping with a soft cloth or a feather duster. It is important to not install your wardrobe near direct sunlight to avoid degrading the finish. Avoid getting your solid wood wardrobe wet.

    • Eco-Friendly

    If you are conscious of the environment, a solid wood wardrobe is an ideal choice. Wood is a renewable material and can be reused and recycled. It is 100% biodegradable, too. The presence of a solid wood wardrobe in your bedroom positively impacts your physical and mental health.


    • Can be damaged from Temperature, Water, and Sun

    Changes in temperature and humidity can cause solid wood to warp and affect its proper function. Water can stain your solid wood wardrobe, thus it should never get wet.  The sun can damage the color of your solid wood wardrobe, thus, it should not be installed in a place where it can be hit by direct sunlight.

    • Susceptible to Surface Damage

    Solid wood is susceptible to marks and dents especially from the tip of sharp objects.

    • Natural Characteristics are Visible

    Solid wood is a natural material and its unique characteristics (grains, knots, and growth circles) will be highly visible. Some people love these unique characteristics of solid and do not mind them being visible. If you, however, like to have a uniform and smooth finish, this wardrobe material is not for you.

    Types of Wooden Wardrobes

    Types of Wooden Wardrobes

    · Hardwood

    Hardwoods are resistant to markings and scratches, thus they are considered as a better quality material for wardrobes because they are stronger and more durable. Different types of hardwoods come in varying appearances and price ranges.

    – Oak

    Oak is one of the most preferred hardwood materials for wardrobes because of its amazingly visible growth ring patterns. Oak, however, can be expensive because this species is slow-growing and not a sustainable material. As such, oak is often used for wardrobe trims and handles.


    Birch is another commonly used hardwood for wardrobes. It comes with a fine even texture and beautiful light color. Birch is a sustainable source and wood. It is also a popular choice for fibers that constitute plywood.

    Cherry, mahogany, and maple are not common choices for wardrobes because they are scarce and difficult to work with.

    · Softwood

    Softwoods are more sustainable than hardwoods and are, therefore, more affordable. While softwoods are less durable and prone to dents and dings, they are still a popular option for wardrobes as long as they are painted for added protection.

    – Pine

    Pine is one of the most commonly used softwoods for wardrobes and other furniture. It comes with a light finish and its natural finish features visible rings and knots.

    – MDF

    Medium density fiberboard or MDF is a composite and high-grade material made out of resin and recycled wood fibers. MDF are machine dried and formed into dense sheets by pressing machines. MDF performs better than solid wood when exposed to heat and humidity.


    Plywood consists of multiple thin layers of wood that have been glued together. Plywood is also a durable and versatile wardrobe material.

    Are Solid Wood Wardrobe Worth the Money?

    Because of its strength, durability, and longevity, a solid wood wardrobe may be expensive but worth every dollar you spend.

    Solid Wood vs. MDF Wardrobe -Which One Better?

    Solid wood is perceived as a sturdy and strong material while MDF is often seen as a cheap and weak alternative. Both solid wood and MDF have their pros and cons as a wardrobe material. Solid wood is not always the best choice, in certain instances, MDF can be the better material. When it, however, comes to wardrobe doors, many believe that MDF provides more benefits than solid wood.

    Solid Wood Wardrobes Design Idea

    • Solid wood wardrobe with sliding door
    • Solid wood and glass wardrobe with sliding door
    • Contemporary style solid wood wardrobe
    • Built-in solid wood wardrobe with sliding door
    • Sectional solid wood wardrobe

    How Much Do Solid Wood Wardrobes Cost : Get Solid Wood Wardrobes Price List

    You can also search on  PA Kitchen Cabinets Cost Ultimate Guide .

    • Solid Wood Walk-in Wardrobe – $190 – $235
    • Solid wood wardrobe – $835 – $838
    • Custom-made solid wood wardrobe – $330 – $450
    • Solid wood – Mahogany wardrobe – $1,029 -1,035
    • Solid wood wardrobe (American style) – $300
    • Simple solid wood wardrobe – $1,025 – $ 1,038


    How to Select the Right Solid Wood Wardrobes Manufacturers & Suppliers

    How to Select the Right Solid Wood Wardrobes Manufacturers & Suppliers

    • Cost

    Request quotations from at least three solid wardrobe manufacturers and suppliers to compare costs.

    • Minimum Order

    Inquire about the minimum order quantity required. Low costs usually mean high minimum orders. Lower minimum orders usually demand higher prices.

    • Quality Control

    Check the quality control systems of the manufacturers and suppliers you are considering. If you are working with a sourcing agent, have him do a factory visit.

    •  Manufacturing Capabilities

    A factory visit can also allow you or your sourcing agent to check on the manufacturing capability of the factory. A factory’s manufacturing capability will say a lot whether they can or cannot deliver your orders on time.

    • Measurement and Design Process

    If you are ordering online from a wardrobe manufacturer in China, make sure the company is well-equipped with the technology to ensure accurate measurements. The design process should also be through the use of software (e.g. 3D images) to ensure you get your envisioned design.

    • Lead Time

    The manufacturer you choose should have a production lead time that suits your buying schedule. This is to ensure that you get your orders on the time you expect them.

    • Project Support

    The manufacturer should have an excellent project support team who can give you real-time updates.

    How to Buying Solid Wood Wardrobes Online from PA

    How to Buying Solid Wood Wardrobes Online from PA

    – Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

    After you have submitted your specifications and design ideas, ask the manufacturer to submit a quotation and a 3D image of the wardrobe.

    – Drawing Analysis

    Check the 3D image of the design, materials, and specifications submitted by the manufacturer.

    – Design & Approval

    Should you find everything in order, approve the design.  

    – Sign a Contract

    Before signing the contract make sure the design, specifications, materials, delivery date, terms of payment, and other details are based on your agreement with the manufacturer.

    – Logistical Service

    Make sure the logistical service from the factory of the manufacturer, port of original, port of destination to your warehouse is well-covered.

    – Installation

    If installation services are part of your agreement with the manufacturer, make sure the installation team arrives on time.


    Solid wood, whether hardwood or solid wood, is an ideal material for wardrobes. Each type of wood varies in features, benefits, and costs. Ordering your solid wood wardrobe from a manufacturer in China ensures you will get superior-quality products at the cheapest price possible.

    PA are ready to supply you with any quantity of solid wood wardrobe. Contact us to place an order, and we will deliver on time.

    You can also search on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

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