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PA is your leading veneer kitchen cabinets manufacturer, producing custom- made quality kitchen cabinets. Choose your kitchen cabinet by different styles , layouts , materials and colors. Available at wholesale prices.

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Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Veneer Kitchen Cabinet

Wood Veneer cabinets are made from timber veneer. This construction material is made by gluing small slices of timber onto a plywood substrate. Wood veneers are perfect in just their natural form, but they can also be engineered to get a given appearance. Whichever type you choose, you will get an aesthetically appealing kitchen cabinet for your modern kitchen

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Laminate Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Laminate Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

While wood veneers are made from natural hardwood, a laminate veneer is not. Instead of wood, a thin layer called laminate is designed using plastic or other composites to look like wood. It is just an eye trick that works perfectly well in producing the right material for making exceptionally-appealing kitchen cabinets. These types of cabinets are more resistant to both scratching and warping.

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Modern Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Veneer kitchen cabinets are what will make your kitchen trending in 2021. The most popular kitchen cabinet trends are the cool-toned type, with others on the rise being the white, gray, and two-toned ones. With modern veneer, you can achieve whatever tone or color that you want to remain trendy for even many years to come

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Plastic Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Plastic Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

As already mentioned on the laminate veneer kitchen cabinet, plastic is substituted for the natural hardwood. A type of plastic, called melamine, is usually used to cover the underlying substrate. Everything comes out perfect that you may not even realize it is not wood. With this kitchen cabinet type, you can safely wipe it with water and soap without compromising quality and lifespan.

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Maple Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

When new, maple veneer cabinets bear a color of between cream white and tinged light yellow. This color changes to a deep pale gold as your cabinets age. Maple veneers are useful when staining and other finishes are necessary. But it mostly comes clear for those who treasure the curb appeal of natural wood grains.

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Oak Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Oak Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

If you live in an area with fluctuating temperatures, then oak veneer kitchen cabinets should be your best choice. Oak veneers are resistant to cracking, making it the number one choice for countering unpredictable weather patterns. These cabinet types appeal mostly to the elderly and can also be painted to capture the young generation.

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Painting Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Veneers are made from natural timber. So, painting them is like doing the same to any other wood. However, for high-quality products, clean the wood surface. You may consider sandpapering them, which will help you in removing sheen. That makes the paint adhere properly to the wood to make it last and more scratch-resistant.

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Need Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Your Projects ?

Custom Flexible Kitchen Cabintes

From hotels, apartments, restaurants, and residential kitchens, baths and recreational spaces, PA always meets all your custom kitchen cabinets needs. Catering to special events, architectural projects, and any other requirements of unique kitchen. Our customization options include:

Why Wholesale Veneer Kitchen Cabinets in PA ?

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Kitchen Cabinet-Cutting

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Kitchen Cabinet-Grooving

Kitchen Cabinets Edge Banding

Kitchen Cabinet-Edge Banding

Kitchen cabinets Drilling

Kitchen Cabinet -Drilling

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Kitchen cabinets PVC vacuum

 Kitchen Cabinet – PVC Vacuum

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Veneer Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

What is Veneer Kitchen Cabinets?

Veneers comprise small slices of timber made from hardwood that sandwich a substrate, usually a less expensive wood such as plywood. The resulting wood veneer can be used directly in making kitchen cabinets or treated to change the grain color and texture. But the engineering of veneer wood is only done upon request by a customer.

The grain pattern in a natural veneer depends on how the timber is cut. The most common is the crown cut and quarter cut. That alone can make a big difference in the grain of the wood. If you have seen linear grain patterns, then that is a quarter cut. The crown cut usually leaves oval or elliptical patterns in the grain.

Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Is Veneer Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

Veneer kitchen cabinets are popular in many countries. They are praised for high durability, resistance to scratching, aesthetics, and a wide range of color options. On the downside, such cabinets may require skills to repair. Depending on the material used in the veneer making, the quality may deteriorate with constant exposure to water. UV light and heat can also discolor the veneers!

Apart from the few cons stated, some of which can be solved by proper material selection, veneer cabinets are the best option. You can transform your kitchen in a flash, even on a low budget.

Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Pros and Cons of Veneer Kitchen Cabinets


  • Durable
  • Very affordable
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Offers design flexibility because of many color options and finishes available
  • Matches perfectly with other natural materials


  • A wood veneer may get damaged by water.
  • Veneer appearance may change in high temperatures.
  • UV light can discolor some veneer materials.

How Much Does It Cost of Veneer Kitchen Cabinets?

Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Whether it is remodeling work or installing kitchen cabinets for the first time, you will have to deal with cost implications. Some people often argue that refacing is cheaper than fresh kitchen cabinet installation. That may not always be true. You will have to consider many more factors that can make the cost vary significantly. The cost of refacing kitchen cabinets depends on the size of your kitchen. For instance, you need about $1K to $3K to reface a 10 by 12ft kitchen with laminate veneers. The cost almost doubles when you consider wood veneers for the case.

On the other hand, you will need between $4K to $5K to purchase a new set of kitchen cabinets for the same size of the kitchen. This cost can vary depending on the veneer material chosen. So, you need to consult with your supplier or design if you are planning to save something. The cost of veneer kitchen cabinets also depends on some factors that we have not mentioned here. To get an appropriate quote, consult with more than one supplier. Different companies have different price tags for their products, but PA promises you the best price.

How Durable is Veneer Kitchen Cabinets?

Wood veneers are designed to reduce the cost of installing kitchen cabinets. Unlike solid woods, wood veneers are made with a substrate sandwiched with thin slices of hardwood timber. They can also be made from other materials, as we have already mentioned. Some people may argue that veneers are not good enough for kitchen cabinets, giving reasons. But when it comes to durability, wood veneers carry the day.

Unlike solid wood, there is no day veneer will split. They are also not affected by weather fluctuations, and that can better explain their durability. Save the cost of installing kitchen cabinets and increase the aesthetics by choosing veneers.

What is the Difference Between Melamine and a Veneer?

Melamine is one of the materials used in making veneer. A veneer made from natural wood is called a wood veneer. The same goes for melamine, but how do you tell the difference?

Wood veneers are natural, while melamine veneers are engineered. You can use that fact to tell the difference by observing the grain alignment. Patterns in wood veneers are inconsistent with some natural imperfections that cannot be replicated in melamine veneers.

Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

How do I know if I have veneer or laminate?

You are now aware of what veneer is since we have described it repeatedly. To help you tell the difference, let us now define a laminate. This latter product is manufactured by printing wood grains on plastic, paper, or foil. The print is bonded to a less expensive substrate to reduce the cost. The most used composite is the particleboard.

One clear difference is that laminate is synthetic while the veneer is natural. Using the same procedure described in the previous section, you can differentiate veneer from laminate. Or, you can simply use the price tag to know which is which. Wood veneer is priced expensively because of its nature and all that goes into its processing.

Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Veneer Kitchen Cabinets Design Idea

A Kitchen is the power plant of your home. So, making one of the best rooms should be obligatory and not optional. Use the veneer kitchen cabinets ideas presented here to give your kitchen a trendy and glamorous look. How inviting your kitchen is can make a big difference in the delicacy prepared.

Where Can I Find a Veneer Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer & Supplier in China?

Look no more for veneer kitchen cabinet manufacturer and supplier in China. PA has the best deal for you! Being one of the largest companies in China, we can meet all your quantity and quality expectations.

We have a team that you can trust with your kitchen cabinet design specifications and be sure to get the results. Our sales team is also top-notch! They are ready to serve you and help you get the best that your kitchen deserves. You build, and we furnish!

Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Top 10 kitchen cabinets manufacturers list

When you are already referring to Google for the best veneer kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China, it is clear that you want nothing but the best. In this section, we present a list of top kitchen cabinet companies. Check it out!

Top 20 Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in China


Veneer has made it less expensive to transform any kitchen into a modern and trendy type. If you are a contractor, then you understand how it can be hard to make your clients smile. It can also be hard to satisfy even yourself. Choosing veneer kitchen cabinets can just be an effortless means of achieving it.

Get the quantity and kitchen cabinet design that you need from PA. We are a world-class manufacturer ready to meet your every need. Just contact us and let our exceptional customer support team handle your request. We are always at your service and help you transform your kitchen space.

You can also search on China ‘s #1 online manufacturer of PA kitchen cabinets .

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