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PA is your leading walnut kitchen cabinets manufacturer, producing custom- made quality kitchen cabinets. Choose your kitchen cabinet by different styles , layouts , materials and colors. Available at wholesale prices.

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Modern Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Add a touch of elegance and modernity to your kitchen with walnut kitchen cabinet. Their dark hues and deep colors give off a luxurious and warm feel. With their well-defined, stunning grain patterns and gorgeous textures, nothing can match this unique look.

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Black Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Black Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

The beautiful grains and deep, rich color of black walnut kitchen cabinets make them a perfect addition to your contemporary kitchen. They are usually paired with light-colored flooring and appliances to create a strong, eye-catching contrast in your kitchen.

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Light Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Light Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Lighter shades bring out the warmth of natural wood. Light walnut kitchen cabinet will brighten your kitchen and provide it with an inviting, familiar vibe. The strong hues and grains will ensure they are the dominant architectural element in your kitchen.

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Walnut Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops

The deep and rich nuances of walnut, together with the stunning grains and hues are already a wonder to look at. You can further enhance their beauty by combining them with white countertops of various materials. White is timeless and it brings out the natural feel of walnut kitchen cabinets by making them stand out and creating a powerful contrast.

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Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Perfect for a traditional home or a cabin, the rustic walnut kitchen cabinet will evoke a nostalgic feeling you never thought you had. The dark colors of walnut are usually combined with slightly lighter nuances of floor tiles to give off a friendly and inviting feel.

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Antique Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Antique Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

With both dark and light-colored variants, antique walnut kitchen cabinets are perfect if you are a Victorian-era lover. The intricate design and geometry of the cabinets are paired with unique hardware to completely take you back almost 200 years in time.

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Walnut Kitchen Cabinets 12

Farmhouse Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

With colorful combinations of different shades of walnut and countertops, the farmhouse walnut kitchen cabinet is the best choice if you want your home to be as natural as possible. The wood aesthetics dominate the entire room for a unique vibe.

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Need Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Your Projects ?

Custom Flexible Kitchen Cabintes

From hotels, apartments, restaurants, and residential kitchens, baths and recreational spaces, PA always meets all your custom kitchen cabinets needs. Catering to special events, architectural projects, and any other requirements of unique kitchen. Our customization options include:

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Walnut Kitchen Cabinets: The Definitive Guide

What are Walnut Kitchen Cabinets?

Like all kitchen cabinets, they are a vital part of any kitchen providing convenient functionality and beauty. You can use them to store any sort of kitchenware and jars. Walnut kitchen cabinet are usually entirely made of solid wood without the use of glass panels. They can, however, be incorporated, resulting in unique contemporary designs. With proper color palette and planning, they can fit most kitchen styles.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Is Walnut Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

Walnut is widely considered a classy option for kitchen cabinets. This is because of the deep swirls, rich hues and marvelous grain patterns. The combination of these natural characteristics provides walnut with the charm it is loved for. Walnut is a strong type of wood and a proper finish can add water-resistant capabilities to its already sturdy build.

Walnut kitchen cabinet are also known for their durability and resistance to shock. This ensures they will last you for years.The main reason for choosing this material for your kitchen cabinets, however, is undoubtedly elegance. The premium look walnut provides is unrivaled.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets 2

Pros and Cons of Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Walnut kitchen cabinet are a very good choice for any modern kitchen. However, they may not be for everyone. As with all cabinets, they have both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Very strong
  • Stable
  • Shock-resistant
  • Intricate carvings are possible
  • Beautiful grains, hues and swirls
  • Highly durable
  • More resistant to water than other porous types of wood
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive
  • High variation of colors within one piece
  • Non-uniform patterns
  • May warp or crack in humid environments

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets 3

How Much Do Walnut Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Because of its durability, strength and the fact that is harder to get, walnut is one of the more expensive options for kitchen cabinets. You can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for the decoration of an average-sized kitchen with such cabinets. Additionally, installation and re-lacquering costs are worth considering. They need to be taken into account in a case-by-case scenario.

Walnut is a hardwood, as we have already mentioned, so you may be able to install it on your own, but you may need some help with hanging cabinets. Re-lacquering (or finishing) should be done once every few years just to be sure your cabinet maintains its natural beauty.

What Is More Expensive Cherry or Walnut?

Due to its natural limitations, walnut is the more expensive option. Cherry is simply more abundant and therefore a bit more affordable. It is, however, still more expensive than some other hardwoods like birch.

Are Walnut Kitchen Cabinets Stronger Than Oak?

Oak is by no means a ‘weak’ type of wood, but if you were to call it strong, then you would have to call walnut extremely strong.

So, yes walnut kitchen cabinets are stronger and more durable than their oak counterparts. This does, however, come with an added price tag. Another core difference between the two is the grain pattern. Oak tends to have a tight grain pattern while walnut is more open-grained.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets 6

Walnut vs Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

To help you understand the differences between the two, we have compared them in some key areas:

Property Cherry Walnut
Natural color Reddish-brown, darkens with age Very dark
Grain pattern Straight Wavy
Very strong
Easily carved
More resistant to impact damage
Water-proof Needs finish Needs finish
Preferred style Traditional Modern

From this comparison, you can see that the qualities of the woods are rather similar, so in the end, it is a matter of preference. The reddish color of cherry kitchen cabinets is highly appreciated in traditional family homes due to the warmth and friendliness it evokes. Walnut is used to create a strong contrast, usually with white countertops, resulting in a premium and luxurious appearance filled with elegance that is specific to modern-styled kitchens.

While both wood species are on the more expensive spectrum, it is worth noting that you may find cherry slightly more affordable.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets 7

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

When it comes to walnut kitchen cabinet designs and combinations, your imagination is the only limit. Intricate carvings and eye-catching contrasts are only some of the possible options. Take a look below at some more ideas:

Where Can I Find a Walnut Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer in China?

You can either find Chinese walnut kitchen cabinet manufacturers online or through direct visits. Most manufacturers can be found in the Guangdong, Zhejiang, or Fujian provinces and they usually attend industry-specific fares and events, so you can also find them there if you inform yourself in advance.

Top 10 kitchen cabinets manufacturers list

These are the largest and most experienced manufacturers of walnut kitchen cabinet, you can find out more about them in this guide: Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Makers in China.

Top 20 Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in China

If you want a more complete list, including the smaller manufacturers, we encourage you to browse through trading platforms websites like Alibaba and Made in China.

How to Import Walnut Kitchen Cabinet from China

You can follow this simple step-by-step method.

1) Decide on a manufacturer

We have already talked about where you can find them, so it is up to you to decide which one you want to entrust your project to. You will find that some are more commercially-large-scale projects oriented, while others are more dedicated to homeowners. Make sure you know from the start whether they will help you with logistics or you have to hire your own sourcing agent.

2) Make quotations

After you have gotten in contact with a manufacturer, they will most likely ask you to provide them with your kitchen plan. At this step, you discuss the details of your desired designs and establish sizes.

3) Create a contract

This is just a safety measure to ensure the seriousness of your supplier. You can also discuss the details of your deposit, as most manufacturers will ask you for one. The amount can vary, but it is generally around the 30% mark.

4) Shipping

After the order is done, which can take a few months, the complicated task of shipping begins. The details of this step should either be taken care of by the manufacturer of a sourcing agent. Various fees and documentation are required in order to export overseas.

5) Arrival and warranty

After you have confirmed everything is in order with your shipment, depending on the manufacturer, they may offer after-sale services to you. The most important of which is the warranty, so make sure you keep the documents you received somewhere safe.


Walnut kitchen cabinet are a beautiful choice for any modern kitchen. Their dark swirls and grains provide a unique look that fills the space with elegance and a luxurious feel. Many customizable options are available, so take your pick and let us know what you chose.

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