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    • Add color to your bathroom with custom-designed vanities regarding color, finishes, features, and size.

    • Buy a high-quality bathroom vanity made of high-quality material that withstands moisture in your room.

    • You only find affordable and quality products at a lower price at PA.

    • PA is a bathroom manufacturer for all types of bathroom vanities. Place an order for wholesale purchases.

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    Wholesale white bathroom vanity
    Wholesale bathroom cabinets

    Wholesale bathroom cabinets

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    Wholesale vanities

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    Distressed bathroom vanities wholesalers

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    Wholesale vanity cabinets

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    RTA bathroom vanities wholesale

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    Wholesale bathroom vanity cabinets

    Wholesale bathroom vanity cabinets

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    Wholesale bath vanities

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    Wholesale white bathroom vanity

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    Wholesale modern bathroom vanity

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    PA Experienced Sales Team for Your Next Projects

    PA has an experienced team of salespersons ready to help you place an order for your preferred wholesale bathroom vanity. They are knowledgeable and have what it takes to meet the expectations of each and every client.
    Our sales team is dedicated to providing quality services. The PA brand is built around loyalty and love, and the team always gives their everything to achieve it.

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    Your Wholesale Bathroom Vanities Manufacturer

    Wholesale Bathroom Vanities: Features and Details

    Base Material – PA uses high-quality base material for a bathroom vanity that can withstand the weight of anything on top of it and the high humidity in the bathroom. The vanity is built to last!

    Color Options – You have endless options when it comes to the color of your bathroom vanities. You can choose from white, blue, or modern, depending on what adds style to your bathroom.

    High-Quality Hardware – Just like all other cabinets or wardrobes in your home, you need high-quality hardware for your bathroom vanity. PA guarantees quality hardware that will withstand long-term usage.

    Functional Accessories – A bathroom vanity will possibly have drawers, a lighting system, and compartments. You can customize it to have all these, and we are ready to make it a reality.

    Humanization Design – Our wholesale modern bathroom vanities are designed to add value and style to your bathroom. You have the right to personalize it to your liking, and we will obey that.

    Delivery day: 25-40 days – PA boasts a short lead time. Your order for wholesale bath vanities will be processed within days and delivered within 25-40 days, depending on other factors that can delay the shipment.

    Benefits of Buying Wholesale Bathroom Vanities from PA

    • Quality – We have everything in place to ensure the quality of our wholesale bathroom cabinets. The base material, design, and manufacturing processes all follow strict quality protocols. The produced products are also inspected if they meet the quality standards.
    • Price – You do not have to drain your account just to be in the bathroom vanity business. You can gain by buying the products wholesale at PA as we offer discounts and our products are also competitively priced.
    • Customized – You can design your wholesale blue or white bathroom vanity as you like. We have a team of designers to interpret and do an optimized design, ready for production.
    • Team – We believe you deserve the best service, and that is what our sales and design teams guarantee you. The two teams consist of knowledgeable staff to help you through every process in ordering your products online from PA.
    • Certificates – PA operates within international standards. We have different certifications for our wholesale vanity manufacturing process to back us up.
    • Whole House cabinets – Apart from wholesale [bathroom vanity cabinets, PA is a diverse manufacturer of whole-house cabinets. Contact us for anything cabinet or wardrobe you want.

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    Wholesale Bathroom Vanities: The Definitive Guide

    Pros and Cons of Wholesale Bathroom Vanities

    Pros and Cons of Wholesale Bathroom Vanities

    Wholesale bathroom vanities consist of cabinets, a sink, and a countertop. Many people find adding these to their bathroom aesthetically appealing and come with other advantages. However, they also have disadvantages, as your interior designer must have told you.

    We will highlight the pros and cons of adding a bathroom vanity to your space.


    • Aesthetically appealing – hides the plumbing pipes underneath
    • Saves space – extra storage space for your bathroom essentials
    • Takes care of spills in the bathroom
    • Available in different styles and shapes to complement your bathroom design
    • Cheaper to buy and install than other cabinets within the house
    • DIY-friendly


    • Hard to install where there is poor plumbing arrangement
    • Many are small in size – less storage space
    • High-quality base materials are expensive

    Where Is the Cheapest Place to Buy Wholesale Bathroom Vanities?

    Wholesale bathroom vanities are attractive and can be easily bought online. You can find a supplier or a manufacturer on the internet, but you have to be very careful. The internet is full of fraudsters who can dupe you.

    Our advice is that you should not look for a cheap wholesale modern bathroom vanity. A low price means poor quality base material, which cannot withstand the high humidity in the bathroom. It will warp or peel off before you even know it, and you will be cursing the supplier.

    Go for quality instead of price. Whether you choose a supplier or you want to source directly from a manufacturer, inquire more about quality. At PA, we promise the best quality products at affordable prices. Contact us to get a free quote for one unit of bathroom vanity.

    How to Buy Wholesale Bathroom Vanities Online?

    How to Buying Wholesale Bathroom Vanities Online from PA

    The rise of the internet has made it easy to buy wholesale bathroom vanities locally and internationally. You only need to identify the right supplier or manufacturer and then place your order online.

    As the first step to buying wholesale bathrooms online, identify a supplier. We will shed light on this later, but you can skip other sections to reference it. Secondly, you submit your order requirements, which will be evaluated and a quotation issued.

    You can ask many suppliers to bid and go with an average quotation. You will then be asked to sign the contract and pay a deposit for the total bathroom vanities ordered. If you already have a shipping company or a customs broker, then the package will be forwarded to them for delivery.

    In general, you need to find a trusted supplier or manufacturer online and place your order with them. Make sure to inquire about their products and services and only commit when you are sure about it.

    Wholesale Bathroom Vanities Design Ideas

    Before you start your bathroom remodeling project, you need to first choose the style or theme you attend to achieve. If designing a new bathroom, your designer needs to put bathroom vanities into consideration. Any of these situations will require a wholesale bathroom idea.

    You do not have to go through the process of generating ideas yourself these days. Before the internet era, you had to sit down with a book, pen, and colors to design something as small as a bathroom vanity. These days, the internet is flooded with many bathroom vanity ideas that you can simply copy and paste. Check them out!

    How Much Do Wholesale Bathroom Vanities Cost: Get Wholesale Bathroom Vanities Price List  

    The cost of your luxury bathroom will definitely vary, depending on many factors. The countertops, sinks and their number, base material, cabinet size, and many other features will all dictate what you have to pay. That desired look you want in your bathroom is expensive, and you have to pay for it.

    A pedestal sink for your bathroom vanity gives you an affordable option, costing between $200 to $500. But if you need a more advanced and luxurious bathroom vanity, then prepare to pay anywhere from $750 to $1,500. You will definitely pay more if you prefer a double sink and a larger one.

    The installation cost will also add to your bathroom renovation cost. This also varies from place to place. You can save on the installation cost if you can do it yourself or pay an additional $100-$200, depending on your location.

    A customized vanity will cost you a few hundreds of dollars more. The personalized features you need come at a cost, which you have to bear.

    You can also search on  PA Kitchen Cabinets Cost Ultimate Guide .

    Why buy Wholesale Bathroom Vanities from China?

    China is one of the most industrialized countries globally, producing whole-house cabinets. Many businesspersons and contractors have realized the affordability of wholesale modern bathroom vanities from China. As a result, they turn online to source from this country.

    It is a good idea to source products internationally, but how do you do it from China? What is the process you have to follow, from placing an order to package delivery? Identify a shipping company that will ensure your package gets to you.

    There are many online stores where you can place an order for wholesale bathroom vanities. You can go to Alibaba, Made-in-china, and other sites to send inquiries. From the supplier or manufacturer user reviews and ratings, you can identify the best match for you.

    Now that you are on the PA website, you do not have to go through the hassles of viewing different suppliers. We are among the best whole house cabinet manufacturer in China you can trust. Just contact us, and our sales representative will walk you through the steps you need to buy our products.

    How to Select the Right Wholesale Bathroom Vanities Manufacturers & Suppliers

    How to Select the Right Wholesale Bathroom Vanities Manufacturers & Suppliers

    Internet is flooded with many advertisements about cabinet manufacturers and suppliers. That makes it such a daunting task to find one to trust. How do you know about their honesty, reliability, and capability to deliver as you want? Here are the best indicators of a good manufacturer or supplier you should take note of:

    • Cost – How are their bathroom vanities priced? Some people will indicate low prices to lure you and then dupe you. Also, high prices do not relate to a high quality of products. If you need high-quality wholesale modern bathroom vanity, ask about it. A good supplier should price products competitively!
    • Minimum Order – Different manufacturers have varying minimum order quantities. Ask their sales representatives about it if they can supply the number you need. A disagreement is a sign of a wrong match, and you should look elsewhere.
    • Quality Control – Ask about what has been put in place to ensure product quality. Do not just believe that their bathroom vanities are made from high-quality material and are, therefore, of good quality.
    • Manufacturing Capabilities – It is not common for a company to turn down a customer because it cannot meet its supply demands. You might not be told that, but do a background check to gather facts. We are sure you do not want to wait in a long queue to have your order processed.
    • Measurement and Design Process – If you can, find out the technologies and methods used in the cabinet manufacturing processes. Can they guarantee the quality of the final product? If so, then you can proceed with the deal.
    • Lead Time – Time is a limited commodity that waits for no one. Your business or project runs on a tight program. Use the company reviews to know how long it takes them to process orders. Do not enter into an agreement with a supplier who will make you wait forever.
    • Project Support – You are entitled to get support when you need it. Ask or find out on your own if your supplier has a customer support team to help you with any issues that might come up during the installation of bathroom vanities.

    How to Buying Wholesale Bathroom Vanities Online from PA

    Buying any product from PA saves you time because it is a fast process. You no longer have to visit online stores for bathroom vanities or any other cabinet because we have you covered. The steps are as outlined below:

    1. Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

    Contact our sales team to let them know you are interested in our products. At this stage, you will be asked to provide design specifications or a drawing. Any of the two should be enough to help our team give you a quote estimate.

    1. Drawing Analysis

    The specifications or drawing is analyzed by our design team, which then come up with multiple design options. These will be forwarded to you for approval.

    1. Design & Approval

    Our design will get back to you with designs ready for you to approve. You can make any changes you desire at this stage before that. Once approved, it becomes a final copy for production.

    1. Sign a Contract

    You will sign a contract and pay a deposit fee before the design is forward to the operations team for production. Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract.

    1. Logistical Service

    Your chosen shipping company handles the bulk of logistics for you. We only package the produced items and forward them to them for delivery. If you trust the company, you should not worry about the delivery as everything will get to you in one piece.

    1. Installation

    Installation is for the final contractor. If you are just a retailer, then you do not have to worry about it. We, however, offer support services for all our products. So, feel free to contact us.


    You can make your master bathroom what you want it to be by buying personalized bathroom vanities from PA. We design and manufacture everything according to the client’s requirements. The quality of our products and services also surpasses the expectations.

    Contact us for any inquiries. We have a sales team on standby to respond to your queries at any time of the day. Serving you will be of great pleasure!

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