The Consumer’s Ultimate Bathroom Vanity Buyers Guide

Are you looking to personalize your bathroom space with vanity cabinets? If so, you have to know everything possible to make an informed decision before taking any regretful decision. The time invested in looking for the right product has the same value as the product itself.

Many people spend their money on bathroom vanity with sinks that get destroyed with the high humidity in the room before they enjoy it. Do not lose money on substandard products or mainly because you were never informed. Make it a sure investment by avoiding common mistakes buyers make.

In this guide, we provide all the necessary information you need to get the right bathroom cabinet for your space. The time you will spend here is much more worth than you can imagine. Stay with us as we walk you through the bathroom vanity styles, types, design, etc.

What Types of Bathroom Vanity?

A bathroom vanity consists of a sink on top and a storage area underneath. Usually, a bathroom vanity consists of a sink, countertop, and a cabinet. Compared to kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity cabinets are smaller. Their primary purpose is to hide the plumbing below the sink and offer storage space for a few bathroom items.

But did you know that there are different types of bathroom vanity types? Let us walk you through the most common vanity types.


This is the minimalistic design for a bathroom vanity that can match the style of any home. It only consists of a sink, unlike other bathroom vanity types consisting of a sink, countertop, and storage cabinet. Basically, it is a sink found in the bathroom.


Add style and functionality to your bathroom by choosing a freestanding bathroom vanity. Unlike the pedestal type, this is more feature-rich. It consists of a sink and storage cabinet and can sometimes accommodate two sinks. If thinking of enriching your primary bathroom, then you can choose a freestanding vanity cabinet.


Sometimes called wall-mount, floating bathroom vanities hang on the wall. No frame reaches the floor, but it has all the components of a vanity. This type has increasingly become popular because of the style that comes with it. However, its installation requires expertise and often expensive.


You guessed it right. A vessel bathroom vanity has a vessel sitting on the countertop instead of a sink basin. Such vanities are also becoming popular among designers because they are stylish and easy to install. They also leave more room on the countertop for other things.

Under-Mounted Sink

Unlike vessel bathroom vanity cabinets, the under-mount type has the sink bowl or trough installed under the countertop. It is much similar to the kitchen sinks but with a much smaller cabinet size under it. Aesthetically, this type is more appealing because you do not have to deal with the unsightly sink trough extruding on top of the sink.


As the name implies, bathroom vanities have storage cabinets with swing-open doors. Some might have pull-out drawers. Just like any other customized cabinets, you can choose the door and hardware style as you please.

Bathroom cabinets are not size-limited, but they need to be proportional to the overall room size. The smaller your bathroom is, the smaller the vanity cabinets can be.

What Styles of Bathroom Vanity?

Bathroom vanity styles are derived from the vanity types as highlighted above. As you can see, you have many options to choose from without even a second thought. What you settle on should match your bathroom style and add elegance to this personalized space.

Apart from the style, your chosen design should be functional. It needs to provide storage space for keeping your bathroom items. The following are some of the design styles you will come across when designing a bathroom vanity:

Freestanding Installation

From the name, freestanding bathroom vanities support themselves. No matter where they are placed, they always stand on their own with no installation required. They can be single or double-sink, depending on what works for you and the space to accommodate it.

Additionally, you find ample storage space in the cabinets to help you organize your bathroom. Depending on your design, you can have both compartments and drawers. You also have the freedom of adding any feature to your custom bathroom vanity cabinets.

Wall Mounted Vanity Installation

Wall-mounted or floating style vanities are anchored onto the wall. They are simplistic in their design, but their installation requires skills and experience. Like a freestanding vanity, wall-mounted bathroom vanities can have one or two sinks and a storage cabinet.

To install floating vanity cabinets, you need a support stud screwed or nailed to the walls and are mounted on bathrooms of different sizes. This should be strong enough to carry the weight of the cabinet and its contents.

Corner Vanities

If you have a small bathroom, you can maximize the usually wasted corner space by installing corner vanities. They get their name from the location. Corner bathroom vanities have one sink and storage cabinet underneath. From the size, you can expect a limited storage space for keeping just a few things.

Corner vanities can be freestanding or wall-mounted. But since the space is limited, you will mostly find the former type.

What are The Most Popular Colors for Bathroom Vanity?

Your bathroom vanity color speaks volumes. As a stylist who is very conscious about the look of everything within the room, you need the best color that matches up with the rest of the items.

For your bathroom vanity, you can choose from many color options. We have trending colors that you will find in most designs, but all that remains a personal choice. Consider any of the following bathroom colors:

White – A white color is timeless. There will be no day for you to get bored with your white bathroom vanity cabinet. It is the only color that has stood the test of times and matches well with other colors because of its neutral nature. If you choose white as your theme color, then you need to carefully select the sink and countertop colors to match them. The same goes for wall paints and all other accessories in your bathroom.

Black – Black color is also a good choice because it helps you hide stubborn dirt on your bathroom vanity. Apart from that, the black color pairs well with many bright colors. If you have other colors in the bathroom, then you can make a decision based on them. Black might not be the best option because your bathroom might become dark.

Grey – Like black color, grey performs well in hiding dirt and fingerprints. It is the link between black and white, meaning many people will find it more appropriate for their bathroom vanities. Grey theme is also trending, and you can extend it to your bedroom or kitchen.

Wood tone – Woody cabinets are visually appealing. The beauty that comes with natural grains of wood cannot be compared to any other surface finishing. If that is your style, then ask your bathroom cabinet manufacturer to produce just that.

Beige – Beige is a close relative to grey. It is best described as a sandy fawn color or a greyish tan. Beige is perfectly paired with white to keep a neutral theme while adding class and warmth to your space. You can consider it for your next bathroom renovation project.

What are the Best Materials for Bathroom Cabinets?

Before we talk about the material for the bathroom vanity cabinet, let us first admit that the bathroom is the most humid room in your home. The air in it is filled with water vapor, which affects most materials used for making furniture. This calls for your attention when choosing the appropriate material for a custom bathroom vanity cabinet.

Materials are affected differently by humidity. This fact will help you make the right decision on the best bathroom vanity cabinet material. Here are the options:

Solid wood

Solid woods are attractive as bathroom vanities. Their look and feel are second to none, but they cannot be the best choice for any furniture in such a humid condition. Even high-grade timber will absorb moisture and expand. This process will eventually cause cracks, shortening the lifespan.

Expansion and contraction are not even a big problem as the surface of the wood can be treated to be waterproof. Solid wood also comes with cost implications. There are cheaper options you can consider without making your project unnecessarily expensive.

MDF (Medium-density fiberboard)

MDF is engineered boards that have become popular in general cabinetry. The board is made by mixing fibers and small wood chips through waxing. They are usually painted or covered with veneer for a better look.

Despite the affordability of MDF, it is not the best choice for bathroom vanities because they are not durable. Vanity made of MDF will only last a few years before you need to replace them. Your bathroom vanity cabinets should be a long-term investment. You should shy away from any material that will demand frequent repairing because it will be expensive in the long run.


Particleboard is made by hot-pressing wood particles with glue to form thin sheets. There are different grades of particle boards depending on the particle size and density. Like MDF, particleboards are covered by veneer, laminate, or melamine.

The advantage of particle boards is that they are cheaper compare to solid wood. However, they are not very strong. Most of them cannot withstand the weight of quartz or granite countertops. Also, they are easily affected by steam, which is very frequent in the bathroom.


Plywood is also an engineered wood made by layering many thin sheets by gluing them together. Like particle boards, plywood also comes in different grades. Low-end ones are not very attractive and not as durable as the high-end plywood that is solid.

Plywood is cost-effective and the most preferred choice for bathroom vanities, but you need to go for the high-end grade. Apart from its strength and durability, plywood is attractive. It is likely to be stable for many years compared to solid wood. But you need to keep it as dry as possible, which applies to all materials used for cabinet making.


Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a type of plastic used in different applications, including bathroom cabinet making. This material offers many benefits over others on our list. It is cost-effective, water-resistant, and durable.

PVC can be the preferred choice for the bathroom because they are not affected by high humidity and water. For waterproof vanities, consider PVC as the primary material.

What are the Best Material Finishes for Bathroom Cabinets Doors?

Your bathroom vanity door panel should be as strong as the cabinet itself. Above all, appearance is crucial if you want to maintain the style in your bathroom. There are different materials you can use, and here are the insights:


A veneer is a thin sheet of wood or melamine glued to plywood, particleboard, or any other material to give it a better finish. It looks attractive, but it is not the right choice for your bathroom vanity doors. The veneers can damage easily, has a short lifespan, and are not of high quality than other options.


Laminate is a better choice for bathroom cabinet doors because they are waterproof. Provided you do not allow water to get to the middle material, you should have a cost-effective and easy-to-clean bathroom vanity door material. It is no doubt that these are also aesthetically appealing and will add color to your space,


Mirror door panels are commonly used as bedroom wardrobe doors but can also be used in the bathroom. They can double as dressing mirrors if you want to take that option, but their popularity is due to their reflection property. They will reflect light, making the room appear brighter and seemingly bigger.

However, mirror doors require great care because they can easily break. Also, frequent cleaning is necessary to remove dirt, fingerprints, and marks left behind by water droplets.


Glass doors are increasingly becoming common in many applications. How about introducing them to your bathroom? As the primary material for your bathroom vanity doors, glass offers high resistance to water and humidity.

Apart from their brittleness, they last a lifetime. Glass doors can never be attacked with pests and makes the room brighter, just like mirror doors. However, you need to regularly and frequently wipe them clean.


Metal is a good choice if you want to bring an industrial look to your bathroom. However, a coated or electroplated metal would be the only ideal because of the conditions in the bathroom. Painting may also help shield against moisture but not as effective as the previous protection methods would do.

Metal doors are prone to corrosion and can also be unnecessarily heavy, making the cabinet less durable.


Lacquer is comparable to varnish or urethane regarding its quality and waterproofing ability. This modern finish will add style to your bathroom and exposes the beauty of the material underneath.

Lacquer is more like paints applied on the surfaces to make them waterproof. Given the high humid conditions in the bathroom, it is worth fogging your door panels with a lacquered finish to protect them.

Solid Wood

Solid wood can work great as bathroom vanity door panels because of its aesthetic appeal. However, they are prone to warping. The recurrent expansion and contraction can cause the wood panel to crack, reducing its lifespan. Also, solid wood is expensive. So, you are better off exploring other options.

Key Benefits of Custom-Made Bathroom Cabinets

Key Benefits of Custom-Made Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom vanity cabinets are, undoubtedly, very beneficial. Apart from being function units in your bathroom, they also offer the following:

  • Aesthetics – First, the bathroom cabinet hides the unsightly plumbing under the sink. Secondly, these structures can double up as decorative elements. That explains why you need custom bathroom vanity over pre-made ones. The design and finish should complement your style and make your space more personalized.
  • Space – Bathroom cabinets offer storage space where you can keep any bathroom accessories. With the drawers and compartments, you can better organize your bathroom by reducing clutter.
  • Style – Bathroom vanities come in all styles and designs. So, you can use them to add style and color to your primary bathroom.
  • Maximized storage – Every space in your bathroom should be put to use. Bathroom vanity types such as corner vanitas make use of every small space available. Utilize it by constructing either freestanding or floating vanity cabinets.

Bathroom Cabinets Hardware Types and Brands

Bathroom Cabinets Hardware Types and Brands

Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

  • Handle – Handles help you to open bathroom vanity cabinets. Without them, operating the cabinets would be nearly impossible. That explains why you need high-quality hardware that will not break or require repair after a few years.
  • Hinge – Hinges are an essential part of any system that requires opening and closing. We find the hardware almost everywhere around the home. Whichever the application, you need quality and noiseless hinges. You do not want everyone in the house to notice when opening bathroom cabinets. Also, the hinges should have a long service life.
  • Bearing slide – Bearing slides are popular hardware used in a drawer, shelves, dressers, and making of other parts of the cabinet. They allow you to effortlessly pull and push the drawer unit when you need to store or access an item.
  • Drawer – Bathroom cabinets can also have drawers if you choose to. Drawers are great organizers for keeping small bathroom items. The number of drawers depends on the size of the vanity.
  • Mirror LED – As the name suggests, these are bathroom mirrors with LED lights for illumination. They are popular because they add the illusion of space in the bathroom. They are visually stunning and adds value to your bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinets Hardware Brands

Bathroom Cabinets Hardware Brands

Knowing where you shop for cabinet hardware can save you a lot of time. In a country like China with many such hardware manufacturers, it can be confusing. But do not let be the reason for your poor choice. Through our research, we have come up with the following list of the best hardware brands.


HETTICH is a specialist in hinges and other hardware. Their products display quality and reliability. From operation to service life, hardware from this company is top class.

Each and every product from HETTICH are easy to mount and show robustness in the build. You can choose from a range of products depending on your application. They can be fitted on every cabinet and function as expected. The following are different hinge types from HETTICH:

  • Sensys Hinge – Has a silent system for smooth and quiet operation.
  • Intermat Hinge – These are easy to fit and fast to assemble, ideal for many applications.
  • Handleless Design – Operated by pressing the door. When in a close position, pressing the door opens it and vice versa.


BLUM is a famous brand among many cabinet manufacturers. The hinges are of superior quality and allow you to operate your bathroom vanity doors, or any other cabinet door, smoothly. They are available in different designs and styles, making it easy to design many cabinet doors.

BLUM products are designed to withstand up to 200,000 cycles of opening and closing. That has made them the most durable hardware in the market. They are also elegantly designed, adding value and color to every cabinet where they are installed.

The hardware from this company can be operated quietly and effortlessly. The following are the different hinge types from BLUM:

  • Concealed Hinge with Soft Close
  • Concealed Multi-purpose Hinge
  • Concealed Face Frame Hinge with Soft Close
  • Concealed Hinge for Face Frame Cabinets


Hafele hardware allows your bathroom door to open at different angles. This flexibility makes them a viable option for many applications. Regardless of the cabinet design and style, the door hinge from Hafele is a perfect choice.

The door hinges come in different types, and they include the following:

  • Butt hinges – Are popularly fitted on the kitchen cabinets, but smaller versions are used in jewelry boxes. They are strong, high-end, and durable.
  • Continuous Hinges – This type of door hinge from Hafele is very popular because of its attractive appearance, strength, durability, and ease of installation.
  • Spring Hinges – Designed to make the door close when you release the handle.

Higold hardware

Higold is one of the reputable hardware manufacturers in China known for producing high-quality products. Its uniquely designed door hinges are easy to operate, elegant, and meet customer expectations.

The company has a full range of hinges which include:

  • Small-angle hinge
  • Corner hinge
  • Alu frame hinge
  • Glasses hinge
  • Thick door hinge
  • Mirror hinge
  • Soft-close hinge

DTC Hardware

DTC Hardware makes high-quality soft-lock hinges that can be fitted on any cabinet door. They also come with adjustable speed, which is technology on another level.

You can inquire about DTC Hardware brands to make your bathroom cabinet doors. They include the following:

  • Pivot Hinge
  • D-Hinge
  • Face Frame Hinge
  • Push-open door hinge

How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

From the beginning, we have been insisting on choosing a proper bathroom vanity. We have told you all you need to know about these bathroom cabinets, and now is the time to help make an informed decision.

Consider the following factors when buying a bathroom vanity:

Consider Who Is Going to Be Using It, and How

Bathroom vanities are not just decorative elements. They have to serve their primary function, and that brings us to its use. Before you decide on a bathroom cabinet to buy, consider who will use it and how it will be used.

If you live alone, then single-sink bathroom vanity is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if the house has two or more, you might need a spacious bathroom cabinet with two sinks. Also, if you need extra space to do your makeup, then you need a spacious countertop.

We may not exploit all the possibilities, but it is upon you to do it. Ensure you evaluate everything and settled for the right size of bathroom vanity.

Find Out Where Your Plumbing Is Located

The location and style of your bathroom vanity depend on the plumbing. As already mentioned, a bathroom cabinet is supposed to hide the unsightly plumbing underneath. It is costly if you would want to relocate the plumbing pipes just to suit your desired location for the vanity.

It is not possible, but it will escalate the cost of installing the cabinet. A freestanding bathroom vanity might be the best option in some situations and a floating type in another. All these are determined by the design and location of your plumbing.

Look at Potential Obstacles to Determine Placement and Size

What other objects in the bathroom can affect the size of your bathroom vanity and where it will be placed? Think of the door swing, position of the shower, toilet, and traffic. Evaluate each factor carefully and how it will affect the functionality of the bathroom vanity.

Obviously, you do not want to place it near a shower or where it is knocked by the door every time you open the door. High traffic areas or near toilets are also not preferred. Once you have considered these factors, you would be better placed to make a decision.

Regarding the size of the bathroom vanity, you also need to consider the bathroom floor area. You do not want to fill up only a little space left in your bathroom with a big cabinet.

Decide How Much and What Kind of Storage You Want

Storage space within the bathroom vanity cabinet is also another factor worth considering. How much of it will you need? You might not know the exact, but you can estimate, leaving allowance for future items. As mentioned, you like doing your makeup in the bathroom, then you will need larger cabinets where you can keep your accessories.

If you have to consider the space in front of your bathroom cabinet, you have to go back to the design. You have the option of drawers, doors, or both. The doors swing open while drawers are pulled right in front of the vanity. Consider which option works best in your case.

Determine Your Sink Style

You have two options when it comes to the sink style: vessel and under-mount sink. The vessel sink takes up much of your countertop space because it sits right on top of it. Under-mount sinks are below the countertop. Each of these is preferred under different conditions. So, it is upon you to decide on what you need or best suits you.

Also, the size and number of sinks for your bathroom vanity have to be considered. As mentioned, you need a double sink bathroom vanity if the house has two or more. For a primary bathroom, a vanity unit with two sinks is a perfect choice.

Pick Out Materials That Will Handle Wear and Tear and Look the Way You Want

Whichever design, size, or finish you choose, remember how water spillage and other substances will affect it. A bathroom is one of the humid rooms in your house. So, materials chosen [for the cabinets and countersinks should resist these conditions.

You might think of a type of finishing or material that will resist scratching. As your bathroom vanity gets into contact with other objects, wear and tear will soon take a toll. Your bathroom cabinets should serve you for many decades without the need for an overhaul.

Remember That There Are No Wrong Choices When It Comes to Personal Style

The type, style, size, and finish of your bathroom cabinet depend on personal preference. There is no template or standard design, but you need what gives you personal satisfaction. We have only given you a guideline, and the choice remains yours.

How to Custom Bathroom Vanity: Working Process

How to Custom Bathroom Vanity: Working Process

The process of getting your custom bathroom vanity largely remains the same regardless of the chosen manufacturer. You should ensure that your opinion counts because that is what makes your vanity customized.

  1. Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

Once you are ready, contact your company with the preferred design features. It is better if you already have a CAD drawing.

  1. Drawing Analysis

The supposed company has a design team that will review the submitted information and comes up with different design layouts or options. These should be sent back to you.

  1. Design & Approval

You get the honors of viewing the designs and only approve one which meets your requirements. This is the last stage where you can request design adjustments.

  1. Sign a Contract

If you are satisfied with the final design, you assign the contract and pay the requested amount in the quote. Payment can be partial or in whole, depending on the company chosen.

  1. Logistical Service

This is the process that ensures you receive your package in a single piece. You can use the services of a trusted shipping company or ask your manufacturer if they offer such services.

  1. Installation

Your manufacturer should offer installation support where needed. The bathroom vanity comes unassembled, and it is upon you or your technician to do it on-site. Some manufacturers or suppliers also have a support team that you can ask for its services.

Customize Your Bathroom Vanity in PA Manufacturer

Customize Your Bathroom Vanity in PA Manufacturer

PA is a renowned bathroom vanity and cabinet manufacturer based in China. If you need a customized bathroom cabinet, wardrobe, or kitchen cabinet, we are the best option you got. The following are the benefits of choosing our brand:

  • Quality – We use technology. This ensures we meet our client’s design requirements and quality. Our quality control team is your representative. It is tasked with checking every product and only allow ones that meet quality standards to be delivered to our customers.
  • Price – Our bathroom vanities are competitively priced. That is because we use state-of-the-art machines and automation, both of which significantly reduce the production cost. It also takes less time. All the benefits go to our customers who buy quality products at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Customized – Customization is the heart of our operation. We involve you as our client, and your design specifications are considered as they are. Our design team will consult you at every stage to ensure the final product reflect your taste and style.
  • Team – We are ever ready to help you buy a custom bathroom cabinet from us. Our sales and customer support teams are vigilant and promise an excellent customer experience. Get the quality service you deserve from PA.
  • Certificates – PA strictly adheres to international standards and policies set by regulating bodies. All our operations are valid and certified. That means you are protected as the customer.
  • Whole House Cabinets – PA can meet all your cabinetry needs. Whether you need custom wardrobes, custom bathroom vanities, or custom kitchen cabinets, we will make it. You do not have to look elsewhere!


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