The Consumer’s Ultimate Wardrobe Buyers Guide

The wardrobe is a long-term investment. Once installed in your bedroom, you expect a lifelong service with minimal repair and maintenance. But that cannot be the case if you do not make the right decision when buying bedroom wardrobes or any cabinet.

Making an informed decision when buying wardrobes is not a matter of choice. You need to understand every element and part that form the wardrobes. There are many factors you have to consider when on the market. First, you need to know the type of wardrobes available.

Spending your money on an asset that will not last as expected can demoralize you. The service life should be as expected, and that is why you need to go for high-quality wardrobes. To determine quality, you first need to know the material options, hardware, and design styles.

In this wardrobe buyer’s guide, we will walk you through everything concerning cabinets. The information in this guide will help you make an informed decision and only buy what meets your need. Buy wardrobes to organize your bedroom and that which will double as a decorative element. Our wardrobe guide is all you need to match any interior cabinet with your lifestyle.

What Are Custom Wardrobes?

Do you want to add color and style to your property by building new bedroom wardrobes? We are here to help you through your project. There are many wardrobe styles to choose from for your home. A custom wardrobe is one of them. In our own opinion, custom wardrobes make you personalize your space. But what is it?

Custom wardrobes can be fitted, or built-in wardrobes made according to your design. You have the freedom of choosing a color, material, finish, and any other customizable feature. By size, they are made to fit in the space specified during construction. They come part of the wall and are always permanent structures.

Why are Custom Wardrobes Worth your Investment?

  • Are designed specifically for your bedroom space – maximum utilization of the available space
  • They are of high quality, custom-made, and last longer
  • Add equity to your home
  • Add style and color to your bedroom
  • Keep your bedroom organized by offering storage space for clothes and other valuables.
  • Wardrobes can be fitted in any room in the house.

What Types of Wardrobes?

When buying wardrobes, decide on the style you want depending on the space you have. Your budget can also limit your choice. However, the ultimate goal is to get a functional wardrobe that will last as long as possible.

The following are the types of wardrobes you can consider for your home:

Sliding wardrobes

These types of wardrobes are made of sliding doors. As you would expect, the door panels are just pushed and move horizontally along a rail. These are considered fashionable but are a bit expensive. Sliding wardrobes have the following advantages:

  • Allow maximum use of small space
  • Are easy to operate
  • Visually appealing
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Allow traffic flow because doors do not obstruct

Apart from being expensive and obstruct the view of the closet, sliding doors are a perfect choice. You can install them with double-pane glasses to improve energy efficiency and view.

Hinged wardrobes

Hinged door wardrobes are the swing-open doors. The door panels are attached to the frame using hinges and are operated by swinging them about it. They are cost-effective but takes up more space compared to sliding door wardrobes. That is because doors need space to open.


  • Offer a better view of the content.
  • More storage space as some clothes or belts can be hanged on the inside of the door.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Unlimited option

Hinged doors are not as durable as sliding doors. The reason is that hinged doors have definite opening and closing cycles. The door exerts pressure on the hinge and frame every time it swings, which will finally fail.

Mirror Wardrobes

Mirror wardrobes can have sliding doors or swinging doors, but they are more stylish if you choose the former. Instead of solid wood, MDF, laminate, plywood, or any other material, mirrors are used for the door panels. Compared to other door materials, mirror doors are more expensive.


  • Make the room brighter
  • Make the room look bigger
  • Double up as dressing mirror
  • Aesthetically-appealing

Mirror wardrobes are classy but are expensive and delicate. The mirrors can easily break, and repairing them is costly and time-consuming. They also require frequent cleaning since dirt and fingerprints are easily visible.

Corner Wardrobes

Space utilization is a challenge to many people. Using every little space available is crucial if you want to organize your home. A perfect solution is to have a fitted or built-in corner wardrobe. As the name suggests, these closet types are built at the corner of your bedroom or any other desired room.


  • Increase space utilization
  • Spacious
  • Easily customizable
  • Make the room more coordinated

Swinging or hinged doors are the most common for corner wardrobes. However, these are not very efficient as two adjacent doors at the corner cannot be opened at the same time. They also have accessibility problems, especially clothes and items stacked at the corner.

Walk-in closet

As the name suggests, walk-in closets are big enough to give you space where you can take a walk. They are the king when it comes to storage as you can keep virtually everything in them. For fashion lovers, walk-in closets are the best option if the space is not limited.


  • Very spacious
  • Add property value
  • Enhance organization
  • Double up as dressing room

As you would expect, walk-in closets are the most expensive type of wardrobe on our list. That is so because of the size and cost of constructing the functional accessories. It also takes a significant time to clean.

What Styles of Wardrobes

What Styles of Wardrobes

Closets can make or ruin the bedroom’s appearance. Choosing the most appropriate style is an art, and you need to do it right. There are different wardrobe styles that you can choose to resonate with your personality. These are the most common styles to choose from:

Traditional style

Traditional style bedroom closets are timeless and characterized by warm neutrals, pastels, and light woodgrain finishes. The finishing is soft and stylish. This style is only recommended if your home or bedroom matches it. Consult an interior designer if you are not sure about it.

Modern style

Most modern style wardrobe designs have a gloss finish and all other accessories that reflect a modern lifestyle. A modern wardrobe is everything you expect for a classy life. They look futuristic but are still very affordable.

Luxury Style

Luxury-style wardrobes are practical, beautiful, and very decorative. They immediately become the focal point of every bedroom where they are installed. They are mainly designed with sliding glass doors to add to their already attractive appearance.

Minimalist Style

Minimalism means doing away with the unnecessary things that you can do without. In fashion, a minimalistic style refers to having only the basic features and clothes in your wardrobes. There is no need to overly complicating your closet when you do not need those additional features.

Minimalistic style wardrobes are cost-effective and efficient. And since you can customize your closets, it becomes easy to specify your minimalistic design.

What are The Most Popular Colors for Wardrobes?

Color or the appearance of any interior furniture is what will make it add style to any space. The same is true when deciding on the closet color. Before you pick any color from the spectrum, consider the advantages and disadvantages. Most of all, it has to perfectly fit in your bedroom.

There are different colors for wardrobes. While you can choose what you like, there are the most common colors, and they include:

White – This is a perfect choice for your bedroom space. White is considered neutral, meaning it will match up with almost every other color. You can choose white wooden door panels with different colors of handles and drawers. Also, picking a matching color for furniture or structure in the room can add irresistible aesthetics.

Black – As opposed to white color that reflects light, black will make the room look dull. However, it is a perfect choice if paired with other brighter colors. The advantage is that black wardrobes do not require regular cleaning as dirt is not visible.

Grey – Whatever the style of your bedroom, creating bespoke grey built-in wardrobes makes the room timeless. You will admire your sleeping space for many years to come as it will never get out of fashion. Grey closets can be paired with shades of white or any other color, which will help you decorate the room.

Wood tone – Wood is naturally beautiful because of the visible irregular grains. You will only need to pick from different finishes available to add the look and feel to your bedroom. Wood tined cabinets are a worthy investment with maximum returns regarding aesthetics and durability.

Beige – Beige wardrobes are also stylish and beautiful. You can choose them if you want something unique for yourself, but be careful not to make your closet feel out of place.

Wardrobes Material: Pros and Cons

Wardrobes Material- Pros and Cons

The material you choose for your custom wardrobe has an impact on its durability and beauty. That means you need the best possible material if the budget can permit it. Otherwise, you will find the best cost-effective alternatives. The following are the common materials:

Solid wood

As the name says, these are all wood closets. Both doors and compartments are made of solid wood. The cost of your built-in solid wood wardrobe will depend on a particular wood. Solid wood can be eucalyptus, cedar, oak, birch, maple, teak, walnut, mahogany, etc. So, you need to choose wisely.


  • Last longer
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Increase the property value
  • Many natural colors
  • Easily customizable


  • Expensive
  • Can warp due to temperature changes
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Can be attacked by pests

MDF (Medium-density fiberboard)

MDF is a board made of wood fibers and resin all waxed together. These boards are more compact than plywood and can last as long as solid wood due to technological advancement in their manufacturing process.


  • Resistant to crack and flex
  • Affordable
  • Easy to paint and seal
  • Even graining – appealing
  • Large-sized – easy when designing
  • Resistant to warping


  • The board can be easily damaged
  • Heavy
  • Can be affected by heat
  • Not very strong


Also known as chipboard, particleboard is an engineered product made by binding together wooden chips, sawdust, synthetic resin, or any other sawmill shaving. The manufacturing process involves hot compression of the ingredients to make the board and sheets.


  • Low cost
  • Can be laminated, painted, or wood veneer applied to it
  • Lightweight
  • More screw holding ability than MDF
  • Possess thermo-acoustic insulation property
  • Eco-friendly since they are made of wood waste


  • Low strength compared to MDF and solid wood
  • Toxic when resin breaks down to release formaldehyde gas
  • Expand and warp if it absorbs moisture
  • Less durable


Plywood is an engineered wood manufactured by binding and pressing thin sheets or small layers of wood veneers to form a solid piece. These boards have become popular for cabinetry and wardrobe making. But before choosing them, the following are the pros and cons you should know:


  • Durable
  • Strong and resistant to damages
  • Better screw and nail holding ability
  • Can be easily painted and stained
  • Less prone to water damages


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to cut and mold
  • Require veneer or laminate to finish the rough edges

What are the Best Material Finishes for Wardrobe Doors?

Wardrobes are not just for storing your clothes and other accessories. The material, color, design, and finish play a role in the overall room décor. We have looked at the materials and trending wardrobe colors for the main cabinet. Now, we will talk about choosing the best material for wardrobe doors.


Veneers are increasingly becoming popular as external finishes because modern and traditional wardrobe styles can be achieved. These materials are engineered sheets manufactured by compounding thin layers of solid wood.

These surface finishing materials are also growing in popularity because they come in different designs. As a result, they are used to add warmth, elegance, look, and feel desired to any space. Despite their cons, wardrobe doors with veneer finishes require regular maintenance, such as periodic polishing. Scratches and dirt are also visible. You, therefore, need to be careful when cleaning.


You will find most bedroom wardrobe doors made of laminates. That is because of their resistance to water, durability, affordability, and low maintenance. Also, they come in different colors, finishes, and designs. Whether you need a high-gloss or matte finish, you can achieve it with laminates. However, laminates can easily chip, and repairing is impossible.


We all use mirrors, but have you imagined them wardrobe doors? It is possible to add class and style to your bedroom space with mirrors as the doors. Mirrors reflect light, making the room brighter and seemingly bigger. They also last forever with proper maintenance.

However, mirrors can add weight and easily break. A sliding door design is preferred to reduce the chances of breaking mirror wardrobe doors. But you still need high-quality track systems to ensure the doors move with ease.


Mirrors and glasses for bedroom wardrobe doors have the same advantages and disadvantages. The only difference is that glasses are usually transparent, allowing you to see the content without opening the doors.

You can choose from different glass finishes to add the style and look you can feel. Frosted, plain, tinted, and lacquered are the options you have. Remember that each type will affect the visibility of the content. Glass is brittle. So, you have to be cautious with your glass doors.

Glasses are easy to maintain, clean, and are scratch-proof. Your wardrobe doors will remain attractive for many years to come.


By design, metal wardrobe doors are used if you want an industrial look and style for your space. Brushed metal is the most common, while other closet parts are made of plywood or other desired materials. Metal doors will last forever. And with regular painting, you can always maintain its look.


Choose leather or faux leather to add warmth and style to your bedroom space. The material softens the edges of the wardrobe doors and can last a lifetime. When you decide on leather wardrobe doors, add other leather features such as a headboard or any other to complete the design.


PVC doors are mainly used for the benefits that come with this material. They are the most cost-effective options you have for your wardrobe doors. VVC doors are durable because they can effectively resist damages by pests, moisture, corrosion, and changing temperatures. Unlike solid wood wardrobe doors, which need regular maintenance, you only need to wipe PCV door panels to keep them clean and sparkling.

We cannot exploit all the benefits of PVC doors. However, they also have disadvantages that limit their use. They are brittle, making installation of other hardware a challenging task. And despite their many color options, their visual appeal cannot be matched with other materials.


Lacquer is a type of wood finishing that makes it shiny, durable, beautiful, and fancy. These materials are long-lasting, high quality, and offer a wide range of design options. Lacquered wardrobe doors are easy to clean by just wiping with a damp soft cloth or kitchen towel. Dirt and fingerprints are not easily visible.

Why would you choose lacquered doors for your bedroom wardrobe? They are more elegant and complement most of the trending closet designs. When used, they will add value to your home and give you class. The good thing is that you can always facelift them whenever you wish by simply painting.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is a naturally beautiful material to be used in any furniture making. It is, however, not very popular these days because people tend to reduce deforestation and conserve the environment. But if you still choose to use them as your wardrobe doors, then you can still go ahead and exploit their timeless beauty.

However, solid wood is expensive and affected by temperature changes. Warping can make them difficult to operate and consequently reduce their lifespan.

Wardrobe Closets Offer Attractive Storage Solutions

Wardrobe Closets Offer Attractive Storage Solutions

Bedroom wardrobes are primarily for keeping clothes and accessories, but they are much more valuable than that. Without knowing, your closet can add beauty to your space. There are many benefits that a wardrobe brings to your bedroom, and they include the following:

Beauty and Organization

Whichever the type of your custom wardrobe is, it adds irresistible beauty to your bedroom. We all know wardrobes help in organizing clothes. But do they are also a crucial component of your interior décor?

To get the best out of your closet regarding beauty or aesthetics, pay much attention to the design. A built-in wardrobe perfectly designed to fit into space and fitted with glass or mirror sliding doors can add value to your property. Get the look and feel you desire by investing your time in the closet design.

Cabinetry Systems

Enclosed cabinetry is an excellent idea and decorative element to add to your bedroom space. The cabinet system can be designed as shakers, Manhattans, or reverse styles that will look ornamental once completed. There are different materials, design options, and finishes to choose from when you want to facelift your bedroom.

Interior of Wardrobe Systems

The outside of the closet is designed and given surface finishing that matches the room painting and style. Getting into the interior part, you find special compartments that help you organize your clothes. For a custom built-in wardrobe, you have the freedom of stating the sizes of the individual spaces.

The interior consists of a tall section for hanging clothes, shelving for folded ones, rack for shoes, hamper for laundry, and drawers for small innerwear, makeup accessories, documents, etc. All these compartments are not just built to offer functionality but also induce elegance.

Versatility of Wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes offer storage space for organizing your clothes while at the same time providing versatility. This wall-fitted furniture is a perfect solution if space is limited and style is a top priority. You install them to make use of the available small space and keeping your bedroom organized.

Key Benefits of Custom-Made Wardrobe Cabinets

Key Benefits of Custom-Made Wardrobe Cabinets

  • Aesthetics – You part of the design process of a custom-made wardrobe. This means you can add any feature you like that will resonate well with your bedroom decorations. Be it the color, finish, material, or any other thing design specification, you are the boss to dictate everything. If you are inexperienced in interior design, then you can seek the help of a designer.
  • Space – Unlike pre-built free-standing wardrobes, custom-made built-in wardrobes can be designed to fit the space. Whether you have a free L-shaped space at the corner, your designer will consider it and make a closet that fits it. They can also be made around windows. Custom wardrobes also offer a great way of utilizing alcoves, odd corners and integrate with the existing room shape.
  • Style – Styling your wardrobe is part of the customization process. You are in charge of adding all the elements you need to perfectly match your taste and preferences. The good thing is that wardrobe is constructed last after all other things are already installed. So, it becomes easy to perfectly match the style.
  • Maximized storage – Every space in your house can be maximized. You can call a designer for wardrobe ideal if you want to turn any tiny space in your bedroom into shelving and cubicles. Custom built-in wardrobes make efficient use of your bedroom.

Wardrobe Hardware Types and Brands

Wardrobe Hardware Types and Brands

Wardrobe Hardware

Hardware is an essential contributing factor for an attractive interior. High-quality wardrobe hardware will ensure the closet lasts and survive intense use. You, therefore, need to make your choice as appropriate.

Apart from quality, the aesthetic appeal of hardware is also crucial. It should not ruin the look of your wardrobe. Here are the different hardware parts of a custom wardrobe:

  • Hinge – It holds the door panel against the frame. Hinges are used in swinging door design. Different door hinges have rated lifespan. The longer the value, the better the hinge is. Ensuring quality means your door will easily open and close for many years without the need for a replacement.
  • Bearing slide – Bearing slides are used for sliding door designs and drawers. How easy it will be to slide your wardrobe doors from side to side depends on the quality and design of the bearing slide.
  • Drawer – This is an essential part of any cabinet. Drawers can be pulled in and out to put your clothes or accessories or to access them. The higher the quality and joinery method used, the longer your drawers will serve you.
  • Box system – Wardrobe boxes are used to safely transport hanging clothes without causing any wrinkles. Just as the clothe hanging compartment in your wardrobe, the box system also has a hanging rod. This makes packing your clothes quicker.
  • LED Light – Lighting systems are among the component of many wardrobes. Sometimes the light within the room is not enough to illuminate the wardrobe compartments. With an in-built LED lighting system, you can see everything you need all at once. They also add to the aesthetics of your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Hardware Brands

The quality of your wardrobe or cabinet hardware depends on the brand. That means you should also consider taking some time to review various hardware manufacturers. Fortunately, most of the wardrobe manufacturing companies have already identified reputable suppliers on your behalf.

In China, there are many wardrobe and cabinet hardware manufacturers that can confuse you. From our research, we have identified the following five brands:


Hettich is a renowned manufacturer of door hinges. Their products come in different designs and have been praised for their exceptional features and durability. Wardrobe doors fitted with Hettich hinges are easy to operate and are silent.

Their products show a high level of creativity and innovativeness that is exclusive. They all come with mounting capabilities and can be adjusted according to the application. You can find the following types of hinges from Hettich: sensys, intermat, and handleless hinge designs.


Cabinet makers prefer using door hinges from BLUM for their high-quality and state-of-the-art designs. The hardware allows for smooth and silent opening and closing of the doors and a lifetime warranty. The hinges come in many different designs and styles to make it easier to design many doors.

Most hinges from this manufacturer are soft-closing and can be fitted to face frames, frameless, thin doors, and many other applications. The hardware is rated 200,000 cycles of opening and closing. During this period, you will enjoy quiet and effortless operations.


Hafele boasts cabinet hinges that allow you to open doors at desired angles. This unique design allows the hinges to be used in many different applications. The Hafele hardware features soft closing damper lines to enhance the convenience and efficiency of use.

Depending on the application, you can choose from butt hinges, continuous hinges, or spring hinges. Each of these is designed for specific applications and will withstand many opening and closing cycles when used as recommended.

Higold hardware

Higold is one of the best cabinet hardware brands in China you can count on. Their line of products features high-end and medium hinges that are innovative and functional. They are elegantly designed to add color to your space, whether kitchen or bedroom.

Higold has a wide range of hinges designed to meet the varying needs of customers and applications. They include the following:

  • Small-angle hinge
  • Corner hinge
  • Alu frame hinge
  • Glasses hinge
  • Thick door hinge
  • Mirror hinge
  • Soft-close hinge

DTC hardware

DTC makes soft close hinges that can be used for almost any application. These are versatile hardware that you can use to add style to your bedroom wardrobe or kitchen cabinets. A unique feature of the DTC brand is the adjustable speed.

Depending on the application, you can choose pivot hinges, D-hinges, face frame hinges, and push-open hinges. DTC also boasts of affordable cabinet hardware to reduce the cost of cabinet manufacturing.

How to Custom Wardrobe: Working Process

How to Custom Wardrobe-Working Process

Custom wardrobe manufacturing is a process that engages both the client and the manufacturer. As opposed to pre-built wardrobes, you need to contribute to the design process. That is because you are the only one who knows the features of your bedroom wardrobe.

Before buying a custom built-in wardrobe, the following steps are followed:

  1. Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

After identifying your preferred wardrobe manufacturer, you contact their sales team or customer support representative. At this stage, you specify the features of your wardrobe regarding size, material, design, and finish. You can also submit a drawing or a picture if you already have it.

  1. Drawing Analysis

This is where the design team gets to work. The submitted design specifications or drawing is evaluated and optimized designs generated. At least two different versions should be produced.

  1. Design & Approval

The customer is the boss. Anything that does not please you in the final design should be changed before approving it for production. So, the design team will hand over their work to you to check and verify that it conforms with the requirements.

  1. Sign a Contract

As in every business deal, you will go-ahead to sign the contract and pay for the production cost. Some manufacturers can start production with only part of the total cost paid, while others expect you to settle everything first.

  1. Logistical Service

In many cases, the manufacturer will work with your shipping company to deliver the produced wardrobes. They are packaged and forwarded to the company that will handle the shipment. If you are lucky, then you can find a manufacturer with shipping services to your country.

  1. Installation

There should be an installation guideline you can follow to install the wardrobe, but you can also ask for help from the manufacturer. You should get help from their installation team.

Customize Your Wardrobes Closet with PA Manufacturer

Customize Your Wardrobes Closet with PA Manufacturer

Are you looking for a custom wardrobe or cabinet manufacturer in China? Look no further because PA is your one-stop shop for all types of cabinets. We are one of the leading whole-house cabinet manufacturers that guarantee the following benefits:

  • Quality – We use technology and high-end machines in the manufacturing of cabinets. Our quality control team is also on high alert, ensuring we always meet or surpass international quality standards.
  • Price – Custom wardrobes are usually expensive because of the limited quantity demanded by the customers. At PA, we automate the production process, which significantly reduces the cost. Buy quality products from us at the best price.
  • Customized – If you need wardrobes customized for your space, then contact our sales team. We will consider all your design specifications. You can personalize wardrobe accessories, color, finish, building material, and hardware.
  • Team – The success of PA cabinet brands is based on a team effort. We have various teams that collaborate with clients to meet their service demands. The sales, operation, quality control, and customer support teams all guarantee you the best experience.
  • Certificates – We are a company that is regulated by international bodies. PA is ISO 9001 certified and also operates according to the local policies and laws. Nothing about our process is illegal.
  • Whole House Cabinets – Count on us for quality cabinets for every room. Whether you need pre-made or custom-made wardrobes, PA can make them.


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