Popular Hinges Brands in China for Your Kitchen & Furniture: Review

Hinges Brands

Popular Hinges Brand in China: A Quick Analysis


Automatic Closing

Silent System Fast Assembly Handless Design Heavy Duty Usage
Hettich Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Kitchen & Furniture

Blum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Hafele Yes Yes No Yes Yes



Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


DTC Yes Yes Yes No Yes


Nuomi Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Kitchen & Wardrobe


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Kitchen, Furniture etc.

Archie Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Furniture, Door

Topstrong Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Kinlong Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Door & Windows

A Review of Popular Hinges Brand in China

Hinges are the most important invention, second to the wheel. Hinges are important in everyday life although they are often taken for granted.

Hinges are all over your home – in the kitchen, bedroom, and even in the living room. These small objects are extremely important in every home. They come in many varieties – pivot, butt, strap, spring, and butterfly.

Most hinges in the market are made of different metals. Their styles vary depending on their intended use and where they are going to be fitted.

There are numerous hinge brands in China and making the right choice can be a tedious task. Read on to determine which hinge brand is right for where they are going to be used.

Types of Cabinets Hinges

Types of Cabinets Hinges

Hinges are classified according to their function and looks.

Face-frame Hinges

  • Partial wrap-around hinges feature a large surface area to improve the stability on flush, overlay or inset doors.
  • Variable overlay hinges are for doors that fully overlay the frame without a cutout on the back.
  • H-style hinges resembling the letter H with one side attaching to the frame and the other to the flush-mount door.
  • Inset hinges (3/8-inch) are for doors that overlay the frame with cutout on the back edge.

Frameless Hinges

  • Support heavier doors
  • The best choice for inset and dull-overlay doors, as well as face-time cabinets.
  • Adjust to level and align cabinet doors

Butterfly Hinges

  • For flush doors
  • Each wing mounts to the exterior surfaces of the frame and cabinet door.

3/8- Inch Offset Hinges

  • Provides offset doors with support and allows for a smooth operation

Full-Inset Pin Hinges

  • Work-surface mounted on the face frame of the cabinet
  • Works with doors that are completely flush with the cabinet face

T-Style Hinges

  • Resembles the letter “T” with the horizontal piece attached to the door and the vertical piece attached to the door frame.
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How to Choose a Hinge

There are some things to take into consideration when choosing the right hinges for your kitchen cabinets.

Framed or Frameless Doors

Determine the type of cabinet. There are two types of cabinets and each type has its corresponding hinge requirement.

  • Face-Framed Doors

Face-frame doors come with a frame, typically made of 1 ½-inches to 2 inches wide solid wood. The frame is attached to the face or the front edges of the case. The frame-mountable hinges are mounted to this face frame. These cabinets are commonly called American-style cabinets.

  • Frameless Doors

Kitchen cabinets with frameless doors some with a 4-sided box commonly made of ¾ inch thick stock. Frameless hinges are mounted to the interior of the cabinet. These cabinets are called Euro-style cabinets.


Check the box for door, lid overlaps or face-frame cabinet.

Overlay doors on Face-frame cabinet doors cover the opening of the cabinet overlapping on all sides the face frame or cabinet case.

  • Use inset hinges for cabinet door with partial overlaps.
  • Use overlay hinges for fully overlapped frame.
  • Use full inset hinges for cabinet doors that close within the frame.

For frameless cabinets, the overlays can be a full overlay, half overlay cabinets or inset cabinet.

Proper clearance

There needs to be proper clearance between the hinge pin assembly to avoid pulls and drags on the floor while closing and opening the door. To get the proper clearance, measure the gap between the door or lid and the frame or box.

Weight of Door

It is important to know the weight of the door the hinge will open. Solid wood doors need heavy-duty hinge while cabinet doors made of plastic or hollow materials will require lighter hinges.

You also need to measure the width, length and thickness of the cabinet doors as thicker doors will need taller hinges.

A small hinge for a heavier cabinet door may cause the hinges to give way and the door to get detached and fall.

Frequency of Use

Know how you will use your kitchen cabinets. Determine how often you will need to open and close the doors, the amount of moisture the cabinet will be exposed to, and where the hinges will be installed (indoors or outdoors).

Durable hinges will need to be installed on cabinet doors that will frequently be opened and closed because light and thin hinges will easily break down.

Stainless steel or brass hinges are more ideal for cabinets installed in higher moisture or humidity to prevent rusting.

For long-lasting use, make sure to get the right type of hinge for your kitchen cabinets.

Review of Popular Hinges Brands in China

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Hettich hinges features exceptional functionality. Cabinet doors with Hettich hinges close with ease with or without an installed soft close hinge.

Hettich hinges are reliable, innovative, and long lasting. They are of top quality and come with adjustment and mounting capabilities. The Sensys and Intermat are easy to fit and can are also easily adjustable.

  • Sensys Hinge

Sensys is a hinge technology that features the integrated Silent System to allow the convenient closing of hinged doors. It comes with a unique wide automatic closing angle that allows the door to almost close on its own. This Hettich hinge is quiet, gentle, and smooth.

  • Intermat Hinge

The Intermat hinge is a versatile and handy hinge that is fast to assemble. It is easy to fit, can be easily adjusted, and can be used for a variety of applications. An option Silent System can be added to allow doors to close softly and silently.

  • Handleless Design

Pressing the door opens the pushrod and allows your finger to easily open the door. Pressing it again will close the door. Depending on the application, the door can swing open or remain in the pushrod end position.

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Many woodworkers prefer to use Blum hinges because of their top quality, superior craftsmanship, and lifetime guarantee. Blum hinges attach to the cabinets and allows the smooth opening and closing of the doors.

Blum cabinet hinges are available in a wide range of styles and features to ensure seamless opening and closing of doors. Most all Blum hinges are soft closing.

Blum hinges are available for face frame, frameless, thin doors, and all kinds of applications. All Blum hinges open and close effortlessly and quietly.

  • Concealed Hinge with Soft Close
  • Concealed Multi-purpose Hinge
  • Concealed Face Frame Hinge with Soft Close
  • Concealed Hinge for Face Frame Cabinets

Soft close hinges are designed to open and close up to 200,000 times without failing. The Blum concealed hinges are also easy to install and integrates the soft-close feature with a wrap-around mount as well as a concealed face frame.

Blum believes that your kitchen should not only look and feel great, it should also sound great. Cabinets with hinges that allow them to open easily and gave a silent and soft close is the essence of a beautiful and highly functional kitchen.

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Hafele kitchen cabinet hinges for cabinet fronts feature numerous opening angles ideal for almost all possible applications. This allows the hinges to be used for almost any cabinet design.

There are also Hafele hinges, such as the soft-closing damper hinge lines, for more efficiency and convenience.

  • Butt Hinges

Hafele Butt hinges are the most popular kitchen cabinet door hinges. They also come in smaller versions suitable for jewelry boxes. These hinges are strong and adjustable. They also offer a high-end look.

  • Continuous Hinges

Hafele continuous hinges offer a high-quality smooth action to doors. This type of Hafele hinge is popular because of its appearance, strength, and ease of installation. It can also be customized.

  • Spring Hinges

Spring hinges allow the door to immediately close as soon as you let go of the door’s handle.

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Higold is the leading brand of hardware in China. It is known for its middle and high-end hinges. The company is the leading and biggest manufacturer in China of kitchen hardware.

Higold’ s innovative, unique, and functional kitchen hardware provide elegant and better lifestyles, as well as more ways to utilize kitchen spaces.

HIgolld has a full range of hinges to meet various customer needs and different applications.

  • Small agle hinge
  • Corner hinge
  • Alu frame hinge
  • Glasses hinge
  • Thick door hinge
  • Mirror hinge
  • Soft close hinge

The Higold Tall Unit Basket offers high customer satisfaction that ensures sustainable business development.

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The well-made and high-quality DTC soft-close hinges can fit in almost any cabinet doors. These hinges are versatile enough to support any kitchen cabinet style and design. DTC soft-close hinges come with an adjustable speed considered to be an innovative breakthrough.

Pivot Hinge

  • Concealed hinges featuring soft-close speed adjustment for ultimate style, function, and quality.
  • Smooth and soft-close motion due to built-in strong damper mechanism in the hinge arm.


Mortise-in hinges ideal for thin aluminum frame doors. This hinge features a slim and discreet design. It is ideal for fashionable furniture and cabinets.

Face Frame Hinges

 This hinge can accommodate from ¼ inch to 1-1/2-inch door overlays. It comes with a high-quality finish and strength that not only meets but exceeds international industry standards.

Push-Open Door Hinge

A touch latch mechanism combines with free swing hinges to provide the open/ close functions of cabinet designs without handles.

DTC hinges are cost-effective options when hinges are needed for basic functions. These hinges are ideal for a wide range of applications. They provide support and convenience for the easy opening and closing of cabinets

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Nuomi is a well-known brand and a consistent placer in the Top Ten Brands in the Hardware Industry. Their hinges are used by hundreds of wardrobe and cabinets brands in over 100 countries worldwide.

  • Two Section buffering Cabinet Hinge

A durable and rust-resistant hinge that comes with reinforced load-bearing to open doors with relative ease.

  • Rust Proof Cabinet Hinge

Comes with a wide range door adjustment (14mm – 22 mm). it comes with superior rust resistance. It can last for up to 50,000 quiet opens and closes.

Nuomi hinges are available for corner function, high cabinet, standard cabinets, and wall cabinets.

Nuomi hinges are available for kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes. Nuomi hinges are certified worldwide by the Technical Inspection Association (TUV) and the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), an international inspection agency.

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SACA hinges are finely made making sure the quality and technics are perfect. Every SACA hinge is easy to assemble and disassembled. The hinges ensure the easy opening and closing of cabinet doors.

SACA hinges are multi-angled (450 – 2700). They are made from multiple materials, too including iron nickel plating, zinc alloy, or stainless steel. More importantly, these hinges are soft-closing, quick loading, rebound, and two-way.

SACA hinges include

  • Soft-closing Hinges

This SACA hinge is made of cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, or nickel-plated. It is application for 14-20 mm thick doors. It comes with an opening angle of 105 degrees.

  • Invisible Hinges

This SACA hinge is applicable for 18mm thick wood and aluminum frame doors. It is applied in the base and in the hat of the cabinet. It comes in a nickel or black finish.

  • Soft-closing Invisible Hinges

This SACA hinge is a cam adjustment clip-on hinge. It features a 105-degree opening angle. It is applicable for doors with thickness of between 14-20 mm. This hinge is available in cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, or nickel-plated finish.

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ARCHIE hinges are high-quality hardware. ARCHIE hardware (smart locks and brass door handles, door hinges, furniture and bathroom accessories) undergoes stringer quality control processes and confirm with the strictest international quality standards.

  • Loose Pin Hinge

This ARCHIE hinge is a sleek loose pin hinge made of high-quality stainless steel.

  • Adjustable hinge

This adjustable ARCHIE hinge is made of steel and is available in brown, silver, or gold. It can be installed and adjusted depending on the specific need of the door.

ARCHIE hinges are manufactured with the finest materials with the latest and aesthetic designs. They are of the best international standard quality.

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Topstrong products are categorized into full-house customization, ecological door, and safety door lock.

Topstrong works on becoming the leading innovation solution provider door system space customization and intelligent hardware. The Topstrong hinge line includes:

  • Concealed Hinge
  • Flat Hinge
  • Wide-angled Hinge
  • Glass Hinge
  • Soft closing Hinge
  • Copper Hinge
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KinLong is a reputable brand in the construction industry.

  • Universal Type Stainless Steel Hinge
  • Full Overlay
  • Half Overlay
  • Invisible Hinge
  • Stainless Steel Hinge
  • Door Fittings
  • Gate Hinge
  • Point Spider Fittings

KinLong is a reliable and trustworthy partner to every engineer, designer, architect, and company engaged in the construction industry.

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