Top 10 Characteristics of High-quality Bathroom Vanity

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High quality bathroom vanity should look stunning and provide functional, easy-to-use storage at least twenty or thirty years. Bathroom vanities are long-term investments. When you are in the market for them, you should get the highest quality bathroom vanities possible. However, that is not always the case, as some traders don’t just care about the customers. They never mind about the quality of the products they bring to the market.

Many people have bathroom vanity problems much sooner than this, reporting issues such as crooked doors, sagging, deteriorating drawers, scratched and dented faces, loose hinges, and warping boxes.

But how do you know if the bathroom vanity you are just about to buy is high quality or you are just about to be duped? Many buyers have fallen victim to paying for substandard products not worth their money. We have prepared this article to enlighten you on the top 10 characteristics of high-quality bathroom vanity you should look for. Keep reading to find out the details.

1. Quality Finished and Bathroom Vanity Materials

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Like many other cabinets, bathroom vanities also come in different finishes. The type of finish may depend on the base materials used. For solid wood bathroom vanities, oak, ash, maple, birch, and other materials can be considered. We also have glass and other non-wood materials for making bathroom vanities.

The commonly available bathroom vanity finishes include glossy, matte, natural, and even metallic finishes. How do you know if the type of finish you are about to choose is the appropriate one? Apart from the aesthetics, which many people give priority, also check other properties. These may be waterproofing, rustproofing, weather resistance, mold growth suppression, among others.

The bathroom is highly humid, meaning the finish and base material should resist or be well adapted to such conditions. It’s the only way you will get the best value for your money. A high-quality bathroom cabinet with the best finish will serve you for a long time.

Low quality finishes for bathroom vanity
Quality Finishes for bathroom vanity

2. Bathroom Vanity Styles

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The bathroom vanity style doesn’t necessarily affect the quality of the cabinet but if for your convenience. What you will choose depends on your bathroom size. For example, a large bathroom is best paired with a free-standing vanity. A small bathroom, on the other hand, requires a wall-mount vanity. But what’s the difference?

Free-standing bathroom vanities are spacious. They can be moved around, depending on your plumbing. They are also large enough for double sink countertops, suitable for a couple or a large family. Wall-mounted vanities are the best choice for a small bathroom focusing on the minimalistic design. They can be fixed at a corner to utilize an otherwise unreachable space.

Choosing the best bathroom vanity style gives you the satisfaction you need for your bathroom. It will enhance the aesthetics and provide you with just enough space for keeping most bathroom items without making the room look so squeezed.

Normal Bathroom Vanity Styles
High quality Bathroom Vanity Styles

3. Sink Pairings

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The quality of a bathroom cabinet should match that of the sink. You can choose a bathroom vanity design with a sink integrated or opt for buying the sink separately. Whatever you prefer, the sink should be durable and maintain its stylish look for many years to come. You don’t plan to replace it shortly after the installation, do you?

Built-in vanity sinks are very similar to the under-mount or drop-in sinks. These are preferred by many homeowners because of the seamless integration. But you can also opt for vessel sinks that sit on top of the vanity countertop.

High-quality bathroom vanity sinks will reduce the maintenance cost and give you the best return on your investment.

Sink Pairings for bathroom vanity
Sink Pairings for high quality bathroom vanity

4. Stone Countertop

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Some bathroom vanity styles are large enough to have countertops. So, what material should you prefer for your vanity countertop? Many of them are made of ceramic and granite, but you can also opt for glass or natural stone.

Stones are also the best for their timeless appeal when used as bathroom vanity countertops. However, there are many things you will have to consider. Stones come in different colors and properties. So, it’s upon you to choose what works for you. Consider the following factors:

  • Durability: bathroom vanity countertops don’t experience as much wear and tear as kitchen countertops. However, they have to resist the effects of high humidity, water, toothpaste, makeup, and other related things.
  • Ease of cleaning: some stones can absorb water and other foreign materials mentioned earlier. They can also get stained very easily. So, you should be prioritizing how easy the stone is to clean when used as the countertop. Does it require a special cleaning solution or, can it be simply wiped with a damp cloth?
  • Color: a factor to consider for those who are after aesthetics. You may have limited options depending on the countertop stone color of choice.
  • Epoxy-coated metal with plastic rollers.
  • Side-mount glides reduce the drawer’s width thus reducing your storage space. They are also not soft close.
  • Center-mount and side-mount often provide only 75% access. A portion of the drawer remains inside the cabinet; thus, you are unable to reach the back portion of the drawer.
  • Metal or wooden single-center mount are the most inferior type of drawer glides because they slide through a plastic brace.

Undermount and soft-close drawer glides are your best bet if you want high-quality kitchen cabinets.

Stone Countertop for bathtroom vanity
High Quality Kitchen Cabinets

5. All-plywood Construction

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What many buyers fail to recognize is the material and grade for their bathroom vanities. Even retailers may not have time to counter check that with the vanity manufacturers. High-quality bathroom vanities are made of plywood material on the back and side. Plywood is strong and durable and can withstand the humid conditions in the bathroom.

Plywood is the most preferred for bathroom vanity construction because of its desirable properties. It can hold screws, fasteners, and glue better than any other material, making the finished product very sturdy and intact. Plywood has also shown high resistance to dents, sagging, warping, and weather changes.

Before buying any bathroom vanity cabinet, check and confirm that the sides, backs, shelves, and drawer bottoms are all-plywood construction.

Particle Board for of Bathroom Vanity
Plywood for High-quality Bathroom Vanity

6. Soft-close Hinges

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Another equally critical feature of bathroom vanity that you should consider is the quality of the hinges. They are what attach the door panels to the mainframe and allow for opening and closing. Low-quality hinges are stiff, loose, and may produce noise when being operated. Some may rust or just fail after a short time.

If you are out for a new bathroom vanity, soft-close, adjustable hinges are the best option. These are easy to operate and have a longer lifespan. They can endure thousands of open and close cycles without the need for repair or replacement.

Door hinges are of different standards, and bathroom vanity manufacturers can use any of their choices. It’s upon you, the final user, to check the door inches for quality. Most high-end bathroom vanities are made of quality soft-close inches, but you should always check to confirm that what you are receiving is what it should be.

Other hinge for High-quality Bathroom Vanity
Blum Hinge for High-quality Bathroom Vanity

7. Undermount,Soft-close Drawer Glides 

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Like door inches, you also need soft-close drawer glides. These allow you to pull or push the drawers with minimum effort. It will also reduce wear and tear between the drawer boxes and the main vanity frame.

The under-mount, soft-close glides should allow the drawer to be fully pulled out for easy access. And since the glides are supposed to support the drawer box and the content, they should be rated for carrying at least 90 pounds of weight.

Compared to other glide options, soft-close glides are more durable. Also, go for the under-mount design and not center-mount or side-mount ones because these will not give you full access to your drawer box. The side-mounted glides also reduce the available storage volume of the drawer boxes.

Sidemount drawer guides for bathroom vanity
Full access signature for high quality bathroom vanity

8. Fully Assembled in The Factory 

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If you are in the market for a new bathroom vanity, you can choose a fully assembled or ready to assemble (RTA) type. The latter are constructed, assembled, and packaged, and shipped to the owner. RTA means the individual cabinet pieces are shipped to the homeowner or contractor who assembles them on site.

Which one should you choose, fully assembled or ready to assemble? We strongly recommend fully assembled bathroom vanity cabinets because these are stronger and last longer. The individual pieces are joined in the factory using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced methods, which may not be available on site. Also, it saves you time since you simply install the unit after the doors, drawers, and everything else have been joined together.

Apart from the high price of a fully assembled bathroom vanity cabinet, you have all the reasons to choose it.

Rta bathroom vanity
Full assembled high quality bathroom vanity

9. Customizability and Modifications

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The quality of bathroom vanities is also gauged by the possibility of custom modifications. Homeowners have different tastes and preferences regarding size, color, design, and style of vanities. There may be limited options at the retailer and unlimited options at the manufacturers.

Stock cabinets are the most affordable but lack customization ability. Fully custom cabinets are also too expensive for many homeowners to afford. Fortunately, there are semi-custom cabinets that are not as expensive as fully custom cabinets. They give you a certain degree of customization.

Choose high-quality bathroom vanity that can allow you to make modifications and adjustments to meet your specific requirements. You should be able to modify the cabinet box sizes, finishing, color, door panels, and any other feature of your choice.

High Quality Kitchen Cabinets
High Quality Kitchen Cabinets

10. Lifetime Warranty and Industry Certification

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There are two types of warranties: lifetime limited warranty or short-term warranty. A lifetime warranty is an assurance from the manufacturer that their product will serve you for as long as you live. That’s a factor to consider when you are looking for the best quality bathroom vanities.

A short-term warranty means the manufacturer has faith in their products for the specified period. It can be a 1,2, 5, or 10-year limited warranty. The worst case is when the bathroom vanities don’t have a warranty at all. You can comprehend what that means, and in our opinion, such products should be avoided.

High Quality Kitchen Cabinets
High Quality Kitchen Cabinets


Bathroom vanities are some of the most expensive items you will ever buy for your home. These resource-intensive investments should live up to their reputation regarding quality and durability. Buy only high-quality bathroom vanities using the factors explained in this article. Be on the lookout for the features mentioned to ensure you get the best value for your money.

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