Top 10 Kitchen Hardware Manufacturers in China :The Ultimate Guide

Kitchen Hardware Manufacturers

Are you searching quality & affordable kitchen hardware manufactruers from China ?

Kitchen cabinet knobs and handles are the most important hardware you will need for your kitchen. Opting for knobs or handle pulls is a personal preference. One may look aesthetically better than the other, but both have similar functions and work well with your drawers and cabinets.

With the various kitchen hardware available, choosing the best can be overwhelming. The style and finish of your kitchen cabinets can help narrow down your choices of hardware finish and style.

No matter how good the kitchen cabinets, if the right hardware is not installed, the cabinets will look odd and will affect the overall look of the kitchen.

The right kitchen hardware should take into consideration these factors:

●       Kitchen Theme

●       Cabinet Colors

●       Cabinet Finish

●       Appliances and Fixtures

China is one of the most prominent sources of cheap and high-quality kitchen hardware.

Top 10 Kitchen Hardware Manufacturers in China

1. Blum China

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  • Headquarter: China

power dekor wood flooring supplier
  • Company Information

Blum China was established in 1952 by Julius Blum. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture fittings in the world.

Blum has a total of 8 production facilities including 5 in Vorarlberg, Austria (Hoechst, Gaissau, Fussach, Dornbirn, and Bregenz. The production facility in the US (North Carolina) caters to the North American market and manufactures pull-out and hinge systems. Rollers and runners for the South American market are manufactured in Brazil. The logistic center of Blum is in Poland.

  • Key Products

Kitchen Fittings

  • Recommended Reason

Blum has many innovative ways to offer superior quality motion for kitchen cabinets and on how to maximize storage spaces.

2.Hettich China (Zhejiang)

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  • Headquarter: China

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  • Company Information

Hettich combines functionality, intelligent technology, and innovative design to manufacture various fittings for different functions. The company specializes in sliding and folding door systems as well as runner and drawer systems.

The company is headquartered in Kirchlengern, Germany.

  • Key Products

● Hinges

● Drawer systems

● Drawer runners

● Sliding and folding door systems

  • Recommended Reason

Hettich manufactures top-of-the-line kitchen hardware to complement any kitchen cabinet design and finish.

3. Nuo Mi

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  • Headquarter: China

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  • Company Information

NuoMi was officially registered as a brand in 2003. The company is one of the pioneer domestic manufacturers of hardware accessories for the home.

In 2016, NuoMi was listed as one of the Top Ten Brands in the Hardware Industry” of China. The company has partnered with over 100 global wardrobe and cabinet brands to showcase its world-class home hardware brand.

The superior quality of NuoMI hardware is certified by SGS (the leading verification, testing and certification company in the world and TUV (companies from Austria and Germany who inspect, test, and certify technical systems) as well as numerous sales agents across China and all over the world.

  • Key Products

● Kitchen Storage Hardware

  • Recommended Reason

NuoMi is committed to putting customer satisfaction as the top priority. The company strives to produce superior quality products focusing on honesty, integrity, and accountability in its global business.

4. DTC

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  • Headquarter: China

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  • Company Information

The DTC (Guangdong Dongtai) Hardware group is a manufacturer of hardware products for residential and commercial kitchen cabinets and furniture.  The company has 4 manufacturing facilities with a total area of over 600,000 square meters.

All DTC hardware products conform with the European and American test standards. Many of these products are available for the high-end market in most first-world countries.

DTC has become a global brand with the wide acceptance of its products and services by customers all over the world.

  • Key Products

● Hinge Series

● Drawer Slides

● Drawer Systems

● Lifting Systems

● Sliding Door Systems

● Connecting Fittings

  • Recommended Reason

DTC is a strong and powerful brand with an extensive product line with superior quality and backed by an excellent customer service system.

5. Higold

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  • Headquarter: China

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  • Company Information

Guangdong Higold Household Co., Ltd., is an innovative manufacturing company specializing in intelligent hardware products and whole-house customization of hardware products.

Higold is a high-end brand and is part of the functional hardware industry of China. The company has a manufacturing facility of over 200,000 square meters. It has the largest R & D and manufacturing base for functional hardware products in Asia. The company is backed by a German Design base in Germany.

  • Key Products

-Kitchen Hardware

-Wardrobe Hardware

  • Recommended Reason

Higold hardware products are exported to 86 regions and countries worldwide. It has a global sales network and about 80,000 wardrobe and cabinet stores.

6. Hafele

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  • Headquarter: China

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  • Company Information

Hafele was first established in 1923 in Nagold, Germany. In 1996. Hafele is based in China. The company is engaged in the manufacture of furniture fittings, architectural hardware products as well as electronic access control systems.

Hafele’s customers include property developers, architects, furniture makers, cabinets makers, and retail distributors. The company has 38 global subsidiaries and sales offices catering to over 150 countries and regions.

Hafele China has branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Chengdu and sales offices in major cities in the country.

  • Key Products

-Kitchen and Living Solutions

-Folding, and Tambour Door Fittings

  • Recommended Reason

Hafele has logistic networks across China with 10,000 square meters of storage area housing over 13,000 product varieties. This is to ensure customer demand is always met at the shortest possible time.

7. Salice China(Beijing)

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  • Headquarter: China

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  • Company Information

Salice is well-known worldwide because of its careful attention to innovation, quality, and excellent customer service. With its over 90 years of experience, Salice has risen to become one of the most prestigious brands.

Salice was established in 1926 in Cantu, Italy. The company started by selling hardware products from Italy and overseas. In the late 1950s, Salice built its first factory in Cantu and started manufacturing its own line of hardware products for furniture.

In 2015, Salice China was established in Shanghai to cater to the Southeast Asian market.

  • Key Products


-Runners and Drawers

-Lift Systems

-Sliding Systems

  • Recommended Reason

Salice continues to invest in the latest state-of-the-art equipment to improve production processes and systems.

8. Kessebohmer

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  • Headquarter: China

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  • Company Information

Kessebohmer was founded in Germany in 1954. The company is a leading supplier of fitting systems for kitchen furniture. Kessebohmer products combine functionality, quality, and design in all its fitting products.

  • Key Products

-Hardware for displays, presentation systems, shelves, and kitchen furniture.

  • Recommended Reason

Kessebohmer produces ergonomic hardware for residential and commercial furniture.

9. Grass

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  • Headquarter: China

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  • Company Information

Grass manufactures functional hardware and accessories for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and woodworking products. Grass is a leading manufacturer in the world of functional hardware systems.

Grass America Inc was established in 1977 and since 2004, the company is owned by the Wuerth Group of North America. The company’s manufacturing facilities are in North Carolina and with distribution networks across the entire country.

  • Key Products

-Hinge Systems

-Drawer Systems

-Slide Systems

-Lifter Systems

-Assembly Equipment

  • Recommended Reason

Grass has a wide range of hardware systems for specialty storage systems, drawers, and lifter systems.

10. PA

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  • Headquarter: China

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  • Company Information

PA Kitchen is the top wholesale kitchen cabinet manufacturer at reasonable prices in China. The company also produces bathroom cabinets, and wardrobe. PA Kitchen cabinets are all customized to meet the demands of residential and commercial customers in terms of styles and designs.

PA Kitchen has production facilities in Foshan, China and Jakarta, Indonesia. The company uses only high-quality raw materials and superior quality hardware to ensure the cabinets are durable, beautiful, and long-lasting.

  • Key Products

-Kitchen Cabinets


  • Recommended Reason

PA Kitchen has a fully-automated production process. It takes advantage of the latest in modern technology to streamline the production process to ensure the delivery of superior quality products with affordable prices, and with the shortest lead time.

Why to Purchase Kitchen Hardware from China?

Kitchen hardware is one of the major products exported by China. Do the top retailers and manufacturers in the world prefer kitchen hardware from China?

Kitchen Hardware Manufacturers-11

  • Cheaper Cost

Many retailers, developers, architects, and even homeowners prefer to buy kitchen hardware from China because of their cheaper costs.

China manufacturers are able to offer cheaper costs because manufacturers use state-of-the-art equipment. Hardware is cheaper in China because of the advanced and seamless production techniques leading to cheaper production costs.

  • High Quality

The hardware of kitchen cabinets sees a lot of torture and traffic. China manufacturers put high emphasis on quality to ensure they are strong, sturdy, and easy to handle.

In China, cheap does not always mean low quality. Most Chinese kitchen cabinet hardware manufacturers have been in the manufacturing industry for decades. Finding the right kitchen hardware manufacturer in China ensures well-built kitchen cabinets.

  • Diverse Designs

Kitchen hardware comes in various designs. The hardware you choose for your kitchen should blend with the theme of your kitchen cabinets.

Traditional kitchen cabinets look well with smooth and simple knobs. Contemporary and modern kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, look better with tubular and sleek pulls. Bronze, metal, or brush hardware with an antique look good with French country-designed kitchen cabinets.

  • Easy to Assemble

Many kitchen cabinets are exported to various countries. Kitchen cabinets and hardware are, thus, easy to assemble. Most kitchen cabinets from China have cam lock mechanisms wherein hooks hold cabinet sides and frames together/

  • Good Investments

Kitchen hardware from China are good investments. They come with durable construction, ideal for different kitchen cabinet styles and designs. Kitchen cabinets from China are good investments. Kitchen hardware makes kitchens more functional and durable.

What Types of Kitchen Cabinets Hardware?

Kitchen Hardware Manufacturers-5

There are many different kinds of kitchen cabinet hardware. They are designed to complement the style, design, and function of the cabinets.

  • Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen hardware is an important device. If you are buying an excellent kitchen cabinet, it is essential that it goes with an appropriate set of hardware.

Cabinet hardware includes:

  • Hinges
  • Knobs
  • Pulls
  • Drawer slides
  • Catches
  • Cover visits
  • Latches

You need to choose the hardware that matches the style and design of your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet hardware from China is available in various styles and designs.

The size of the doors and drawers of kitchen cabinets should always be taken into consideration when choosing the right cabinet knobs and draws. You need to make sure that the hardware is a perfect fit.

Most cabinet hardware come with standard-sized screws; thus, you should always take into consideration the design and style of your kitchen.

Do you want your kitchen hardware to blend with the surfaces of the rest of your kitchen fixtures? Be bold and innovative and decide on the best kitchen hardware from China.

  • Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Cabinet knobs and pulls are loved because of their beauty and function. It can get messy in the kitchen and the surface of the cabinets need to be protected to ensure longevity.

Knobs and pulls protect the finish of the kitchen cabinets because the oils on your fingers go to the knobs and pulls instead of to the cabinet fronts. Kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls are available in various styles and finishes that are sure to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. It is important to decide if you want a knob or pull.

  • Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet hinges attach to the door. They are installed inside the cabinet frame to flush with the closing of the cabinet face. Hinges can either be exposed or concealed. To open the cabinet, hinges need a doorknob.

Hinges are intended to be decorative and functional. Some help close in certain ways while others only have decorative functions.

The type of hinges ideal for a kitchen cabinet depends on whether the cabinet is face-framed or frameless. It also depends on the door overlay.

Hinges can either be:

-Semi-concealed. A portion of the hinge is exposed and the other parts are concealed inside the cabinet.

-Concealed. The hinge is not visible from the exterior of the cabinet with a closed door.

-Non-mortise. These hinges are mounted on the surface of the cabinet.

-Wrap-around. Part of the hinge is bent and wraps around the door.

  • Drawer Slides / Drawer Glides.

Drawer slides or drawer runners allow individual drawers to slide in or out of the drawer unit. Drawer slides use different mechanisms and have different functions. Some types of drawer slides include:

  • Roller slides
  • Wooden slides
  • Ball-bearing slides

Drawer glides, on the other hand, are hardware found beneath the drawer box. They function easily to slide open and close the drawer. Full-extension undermount drawer glides open the drawer all the way to the back.

  • Cabinet Locks

Cabinet locks function for safety. There are several mechanisms you can choose from to securely lock cabinets. Locks make your family safe especially when you have small children around.

-Cabinet locks can either be:




-Spring release

  • Lid Stays / Lid Hinges / Lid Supports

Lid stays are devices connected to the door to control how wide the door opens (usually 90 degrees). Lid support hinges allow doors to remain open. They also allow doors to close softly and smoothly.

  • Catches / Latches / Bumpers

When you touch the cabinet door over the latch, the door is popped open by a spring allowing the lip to be grabbed to open the door. Touch latches have magnets so doors are kept in place when closed. A magnetic catch is similar to a touch latch but without the springs.

Bumpers also function the way as catches and latches. They reduce noise when the doors are closed hard and protect the cabinets from being scratched. Cabinet bumpers should be durable, have self-adhesive backings, and seamlessly blend with the kitchen décor. They can be colored or clear depending on the finish of the cabinets.

  • Under Cabinet Lighting.

This is often added under the cabinet to produce some localized lighting. It functions similarly to a night light. The extra light they produce adds to the functionality of the kitchen.

Under cabinet lighting illuminate countertops below the cabinets. They can also be decorative because the light’s lower height can show off the pattern of a backsplash in the same manner as puck lights can highlight the kitchen’s workspaces.

  • Vents/Louvers.

Louvers function for ventilation. They allow air to pass through cabinets while preventing the entry of debris, dirt, and water. The cabinet frame is mounted with fixed or moving blades.

Where to Find Chinese Kitchen Hardware Manufacturers?

Finding a reliable kitchen hardware manufacturer can be a tedious task. There are, however, various resources available that can make the task successful and less stressful.

  • Google

The Google search engine has almost all the information you need for anything that you need. You just need to know the right way to search for them.

The most essential thing with Google is knowing the right keywords to use in your search. Hardware manufacturers use various keywords so people get directed to their website no matter what keywords they enter on the Google search box.

To search for a hardware manufacturer from China, you can use these keywords for successful results:

  • “cabinet hardware + manufacturer + China”
  • “cabinet hardware + wholesale + manufacturer + China”
  • “cabinet hardware + factory + China”
  • “cabinet hardware + factory + wholesale + China

Google is the most powerful search engine. However, you will not get much information about manufacturers in China. There are other more reliable resources.

  • Made in China

Made in China ( is an online free wholesale marketplace similar to,, and is a leading extensive third-party Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce platform in China. It was established in 1998 and is operated by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. serves the global trade field by providing information to global buyers about high-quality and reliable Chinese products, manufacturers, and suppliers. includes full reviews on paid-up suppliers and provides product information in 27 categories and 3,600 sub-categories. Information is displayed in 11 languages.

  • Canton Fair

The Chinese Import & Export Fair or the Canton Fair has been playing host to thousands of manufacturers and suppliers from China since 1957 in Canton. The oldest and largest trade fair in China is held every spring and autumn of every year.

The Canton Fair showcases a large variety of products of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers and attracts thousands of attendees and buyers.

  • Sourcing Agent

If you cannot personally be in China, you can work with a sourcing agent on the ground. A sourcing agent could be an individual or a company.

A sourcing agent could be a professional who will do everything for you from sourcing products and manufacturers, taking charge of monitoring the buying process and up to the shipment of your orders and everything in between. They will charge you a certain amount as a professional fee.

There are also sourcing agents who function as a middle man for manufacturers and suppliers.

Sourcing agents are experts in checking the legitimacy of a manufacturer or supplier in China. They speak the same language so miscommunications are prevented. They are knowledgeable not only in the buying process in China but also of the importation process.

Sourcing agents can save you a lot of time and money. You, however, need to be sure that you are dealing with a legitimate and reliable sourcing agent.

How to Select the Right Kitchen Hardware Manufacturers?

Kitchen Hardware Manufacturers-8

There are a lot of Hardware manufacturers in China. Choosing the right manufacturer that is a perfect match for your requirements can be tedious. There are many considerations that you need to study well before making the decision.

  • Cost

Buying wholesale can greatly reduce the price of the kitchen hardware from China. This is one of the major selling points of manufacturers and suppliers from China.

When dealing with a sourcing agent or directly with the manufacturer, find one that will give you the price that will protect or increase your bottom line.

  • Minimum Order

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is the lowest number of units you can order to get the best possible price. Small ticket items typically have more MOQ than big ticket items. Hardware products will have a higher MOQ than Kitchen Cabinets.

Find a kitchen hardware manufacturer that can offer you a MOQ you can afford, sustain, and is feasible for your operations or project.

  • Quality Control

Good quality control is also one of the reasons many retailers, builders, architects, etc. opt for products made in China.

If you want to order the best quality kitchen hardware, check on the production process of the Chinese manufactures. Most of the best manufacturers from China have hi-tech production processes using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and software technology.

These advanced high-technology production processes minimize human error and produce superior quality products.

Most manufacturers in China also comply with strict Quality Control Systems.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities

It is always best to check on the background of a kitchen hardware manufacturer from China before deciding to cut a deal.

The background check should include how long the manufacturer has been in business, past clients, product quality, and manufacturing capability.

Most of the best kitchen hardware manufacturers from China have multiple production facilities and product lines. They use state-of-the-art production equipment and high-technology software in their production process.

You need to make sure that the kitchen hardware manufacturer you choose to work with can supply the products you need with the quality you expect. The manufacturer should also be able to deliver your orders in a timely manner.

  • Measurement and Design Process

Choose a versatile and flexible manufacturer. Kitchen hardware comes in various types, styles, and designs.

Choose a manufacturer that can design the kitchen hardware you need based on the latest trends.

  • Lead Time

Buying kitchen hardware from China can take time. Aside from the production process, shipment from China to your warehouse can take a lot of time. Always ask for the lead time the manufacturer needs before placing an order to determine if the schedule is within your timeline.

Kitchen hardware manufacturers with multiple manufacturing facilities and product lines can handle a humongous number of orders per month. But, remember, you are not their only client.

  • Project Support

A manufacturer with an excellent customer service system is always one that is easy to work with. Make sure it is easy to contact their customer service hotline. Make sure, too, that they have an English-speaking staff to assist international clients.

How to Import Kitchen Hardware from China?

Kitchen Hardware Manufacturers-9

Before venturing into ordering Kitchen Hardware from China, make sure you are well-equipped with knowledge on how to import from China. Here are some of the facts and details you need to be aware of.

  • Know your Import Rights

There are import regulations that apply for kitchen hardware products when imported for commercial use – resale or business. Make sure

  • Compute your Landed Cost

Know the classification of the products you are importing so you can compute the landed cost. Landed cost means the total cost of your order include, buying price, shipment and courier costs, as well as tariffs and duties.

More often you may not know the exact cost of your shipment until it arrives. Unexpected fees can pop up during the shipment that can affect your landed cost. At any rate, being aware of all the possible costs can help you make an accurate estimate.

  • Find the Right Supplier from China

Go through the process of finding the right supplier from China. You can use Google,, attend the Canton Fair, or work with a sourcing agent.

Once you have decided on a supplier from China, as for a quotation or Pro-forma Invoice (a non-binding document or a document with no legal obligation).

  • Place your Order

Before placing your final order, make sure all product specifications, descriptions, quantity, and prices are in order.

Some suppliers from China agree to ship a sample (with corresponding fees). You can take advantage of this to make sure you will be getting exactly what you are ordering.

  • Pay your Supplier

Some suppliers in China may request for a down payment before starting the production process of your orders. Some may require full payment. Either way, make sure you are paying your supplier through legitimate payment channels.

  • Letter of Credit
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Remittance Company


  • Arrange for Cargo Transport

When importing from China, cargo transport will include the following costs:

  • Sea Freight or Air Freight Costs
  • Container Fees
  • Terminal Handling Fees
  • Broker Fees
  • Courier Service (from port of destination to your warehouse or delivery address)

Delays in shipment are always to be expected including:

  • Delays in production
  • Vessels may not sail on original schedule
  • Customs may hold your products

From the warehouse of the China supplier, it may take about 1 or 2 days for your cargo to be transferred by the cargo transport to the port of origin. Cargos need to stay at the port for at least 2 days for documentation and Customs Declaration.

Always make sure to choose a good and reliable freight forwarder.

  • Track your Cargo

Goods from China to the East Coast of the United States take 30 days. It takes 15 days from China to the West Coast of the U.S.

Typically, the consignee of the shipment is notified within 2-5 days of port arrival. When the ship arrives in the U.S. these processes need to be complied:

  • The Importer of Record (owner, purchaser, licensed customs broker to represent the owner, consignee) files the necessary entry documents of your cargo with the Port Director at the Port of Entry of your cargo).
  • Entry Documents include Bill of Lading
  • Detailed list of the items imported
  • Arrival Notice from the freight agent
  • Official Invoice (country of origin, purchase price, and tariff classification)
  • Packing List

It is the responsibility of the Importer of Record to arrange for the examination, inspection, and release of the cargo.

  • Receive your Shipment

If you choose a door-to-door service, you can just wait for your shipment to be delivered to your designated address.

Once you receive your shipment, check the quantity and quality packaging. Labels, and instruction, send an email to your supplier to inform them that you received your shipment. Inform your supplier that you will get in touch with them as soon as you have reviewed the items.

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