Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in Qatar

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers in Qatar

You might find it amusing that Qatar, known for its neoliberal economy, situated in the Middle East would also be known for kitchen cabinet manufacturing. Of all the Middle Eastern states, Qatar has an unequivocal tie internationally. Surprisingly, they are also one of the best suppliers and exporters of luxurious and high-end kitchen cabinets and furniture in the world.

If you want to know more about the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry of Qatar, you may check the following top kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the area.

Headquarter: Qatar

Dream Kitchen Website

This one has been around for 18 years, having been established in 2004. When it comes to modern and traditional mixes for kitchen cabinets, this is a commendable manufacturer.

Aside from manufacturing, Dream Kitchen is also into smart kitchen designing, R&D and consultation. They also export products mainly to the US, Europe, the Middle East and some parts of Asia.

  • Key Products: The key products of Dream Kitchen include kitchen cabinets, smart kitchens and storage areas, wardrobes, dressing rooms and vanity furniture.
  • Recommended Reason: Aside from its reputable service, they really have quality products at a reasonable price range. They also have partnered with German, Italian, and Spanish brands.
  • Location: Doha, Qatar

Headquarter: Qatar

Nabina Company Website

This company is one of the oldest and largest family owned businesses in Qatar. The entire Nabina Holdings is composed of 12 companies including the Nabina Interiors which manufacture kitchen cabinets and furniture. The company was established in 1951 and since then has secured global ties in the US and in the UK, among others.

  • Key Products: Some of the key products of Nabina Company include building materials, doors, kitchens, glass products, kitchen cabinets, and interior design products.
  • Recommended Reason: They know business and they have proven this with their decades of reputability. Nabina is a one-stop shop from design, construction, to finishing including interior design.
  • Location: Doha, Qatar

3. KYDA International W.L.L.

KYDA International W.L.L. Logo

Headquarter: Qatar

KYDA International W.L.L. Website

Like Nabina, KYDA is a one-stop shop for design, construction, and interior design. It has been around for 25 years and is a leading company for furniture manufacturing including that of kitchen cabinets. Company owners are all engineers, contracted by government agencies and private investors around Qatar.

  • Key Products: The key products of KYDA include glass, curtain walls and claddings, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, fire-rated doors and windows, door systems and more.
  • Recommended Reason: The best thing about KYDA is the completeness of their products and their expertise in construction and interior design. Having 25 years of experience to go with that vouch for their reputation.
  • Location: Doha, Qatar

Headquarter: Qatar


This one is a German based company, whose history goes for more than 20 years when its founder established the Sinawood Co. in Iran 20 years ago. At present, it now has a major plant and showroom in Qatar’s metropolitan area in Doha.

It was only established in Qatar last 2018. Their expertise revolves around wardrobes and kitchens. They are particularly known for their classical, modern and bespoke kitchen cabinets and furniture.

  • Key Products: The products of Sinaholz are limited to kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, and wardrobe tools and equipment. 
  • Recommended Reason: The recommended reason in choosing this company is their specified products and their international history. Having concentrated manufacturing on specialty products speaks a lot as regards quality standards.
  • Location: Doha, Qatar

Headquarter: Qatar

IKEA Doha Website

IKEA is a global chain for all home essentials including furniture and kitchen cabinets. It opened its first chain in Doha’s Festival City in 2013. Like in all IKEA stores, it incorporates prefab kitchen cabinets, ranging from Western styles, to ethnic, Middle Eastern touches.

  • Key Products: The main products of IKEA Doha are couches, sofas, lounging chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and all other home and interior essentials.
  • Recommended Reason: The recommended reason for IKEA Doha is that it is the only IKEA store still in Qatar. Coming from an international chain, you can also find a virtually endless pool of choices when it comes to kitchen cabinets.
  • Location: Doha, Qatar

Headquarter: Qatar

Al Meera Kitchens Website

This one has been manufacturing quality furniture around the Middle East for 38 years. Its main showrooms are found in Qatar, Muscat, Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Their main services include designing, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

They are also a top producer of kitchen cabinets and wardrobes in the region, with an annual production of 20,000 fully-furnished kitchens with cabinets and 200,000 wardrobes.

  • Key Products: Their key products include wooden doors, flooring, vanities, mirror installation, interior fitting, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and complete kitchen solutions in general.
  • Recommended Reason: The best reason to choose Al Meera Kitchens is their lasting, and strong domestic presence. It is home-grown, purely Middle Eastern and knows what every Qatari household needs.
  • Location: Doha, Qatar

Headquarter: Qatar

Kitchen Co Website

This one has been around since 1998, spanning 15 years and counting of trusted reputation. It is a leading brand in terms of hospitality and laundry equipment. They have then specialized in kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. They also hold a strong presence in Qatari hotels and restaurants, catering businesses, coffee and confectionary shops, and other institutions.

  • Key Products: The key products of Kitchen Co include kitchen cabinets, catering and culinary furniture, tools and equipment, wardrobes
  • Recommended Reason: The best reason for choosing this company is their very strong domestic presence. They are also a trusted domestic brand for the key industries and sectors of Qatar.
  • Location: Doha, Qatar

Headquarter: Qatar

Tivoli Furniture Website

This one is a part of the Tivoli Group, a home-grown Qatar building and interior design company established in 1978. They are also a one-stop shop when it comes to design, manufacturing, construction, installation and maintenance. Tivoli Furniture in particular are experts in kitchen and bathroom fitting, design and installation, among others.

  • Key Products: The key products of Tivoli Furniture include vanities, wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, bathroom solutions, kitchen and bathroom flooring and walls.
  • Recommended Reason: Being one of the oldest and largest one-stop shops for construction and interior design, they have mastered furniture building and woodworks which are essential in kitchen cabinet manufacturing.
  • Location: Doha, Qatar

9. Ash Kitchen and Closets

Ash Kitchen and Closets Logo

Headquarter: Qatar

Ash Kitchen and Closets Website

When it comes to sleek, modern and streamlined kitchen cabinets with a high-end look and feel, Ash KC is one of the recommended manufacturers in the area. While still new in the business, they already have a solid reputation as their distribution now includes the rest of the UAE, the US, UK and some parts of Asia.

  • Key Products: The main products of Ash KC include walk-in and reach-in closets, wardrobes, dressing rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen cabinets.
  • Recommended Reason: You should choose Ash KC if you are looking for unique, modern and statement kitchen cabinets. They manage the design, manufacturing, building, installation and maintenance of your kitchen cabinets efficiently.
  • Location: Doha, Qatar

Headquarter: Qatar

Levante Kitchens Website

This one is pretty new to the kitchen cabinet industry since it was only established in 2019. It was specifically built as an international kitchen cabinet manufacturer, partnering with international brands such as TEKA, BOSCH and Ariston, among others. They are also incorporated in the Nabina Holdings, a Qatari company also featured in this list.

  • Key Products: The main products of Levante include high-end and luxe kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, vanities, lights and fittings, mirrors, and glass walls and doors, among others.
  • Recommended Reason: Having been established purely for international grade products and distribution, you can find some of the most unique and luxurious kitchen cabinets in this company.
  • Location: Doha, Qatar


The concentration of the manufacturing plants and showrooms of Qatari kitchen cabinet manufacturers are found in the city capital of Doha. The common denominator among these listed top kitchen cabinet manufacturers in Qatar are: they are into high-end kitchen cabinet manufacturing; they target international clients and a global distribution; yet they still command strong domestic presence not only in Qatar but within the Middle Eastern region.

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