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Custom Wardrobe Process Outlined

Initiate an Quotation or Drawing

After identifying your preferred wardrobe manufacturer, you contact their sales team or customer support representative. At this stage, you specify the features of your wardrobe regarding size, material, design, and finish. You can also submit a drawing or a picture if you already have it.

Drawing Analysis

This is where the design team gets to work. The submitted design specifications or drawing is evaluated and optimized designs generated. At least two different versions should be produced.

Design & Approval

The customer is the boss. Anything that does not please you in the final design should be changed before approving it for production. So, the design team will hand over their work to you to check and verify that it conforms with the requirements.

Sign a Contract

As in every business deal, you will go-ahead to sign the contract and pay for the production cost. Some manufacturers can start production with only part of the total cost paid, while others expect you to settle everything first.

Logistical Service

In many cases, the manufacturer will work with your shipping company to deliver the produced wardrobes. They are packaged and forwarded to the company that will handle the shipment. If you are lucky, then you can find a manufacturer with shipping services to your country.


There should be an installation guideline you can follow to install the wardrobe, but you can also ask for help from the manufacturer. You should get help from their installation team.

Choose Styles of Wardrobe for Your Project

Modern style

Most modern style wardrobe designs have a gloss finish and all other accessories that reflect a modern lifestyle. A modern wardrobe is everything you expect for a classy life. They look futuristic but are still very affordable.

Traditional style

Traditional style bedroom closets are timeless and characterized by warm neutrals, pastels, and light woodgrain finishes. The finishing is soft and stylish. This style is only recommended if your home or bedroom matches it. Consult an interior designer if you are not sure about it.

Minimalist Style

Minimalism means doing away with the unnecessary things that you can do without. In fashion, a minimalistic style refers to having only the basic features and clothes in your wardrobes. There is no need to overly complicating your closet when you do not need those additional features.

Luxury Style

Luxury-style wardrobes are practical, beautiful, and very decorative. They immediately become the focal point of every bedroom where they are installed. They are mainly designed with sliding glass doors to add to their already attractive appearance.

Choose Best Material Finishes for Your Wardrobe Doors


Veneers are increasingly becoming popular as external finishes because modern and traditional wardrobe styles can be achieved. These materials are engineered sheets manufactured by compounding thin layers of solid wood.

These surface finishing materials are also growing in popularity because they come in different designs. As a result, they are used to add warmth, elegance, look, and feel desired to any space. Despite their cons, wardrobe doors with veneer finishes require regular maintenance, such as periodic polishing. Scratches and dirt are also visible. You, therefore, need to be careful when cleaning.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is a naturally beautiful material to be used in any furniture making. It is, however, not very popular these days because people tend to reduce deforestation and conserve the environment. But if you still choose to use them as your wardrobe doors, then you can still go ahead and exploit their timeless beauty.

However, solid wood is expensive and affected by temperature changes. Warping can make them difficult to operate and consequently reduce their lifespan.


We all use mirrors, but have you imagined them wardrobe doors? It is possible to add class and style to your bedroom space with mirrors as the doors. Mirrors reflect light, making the room brighter and seemingly bigger. They also last forever with proper maintenance.

However, mirrors can add weight and easily break. A sliding door design is preferred to reduce the chances of breaking mirror wardrobe doors. But you still need high-quality track systems to ensure the doors move with ease.


Mirrors and glasses for bedroom wardrobe doors have the same advantages and disadvantages. The only difference is that glasses are usually transparent, allowing you to see the content without opening the doors.

You can choose from different glass finishes to add the style and look you can feel. Frosted, plain, tinted, and lacquered are the options you have. Remember that each type will affect the visibility of the content. Glass is brittle. So, you have to be cautious with your glass doors.

Glasses are easy to maintain, clean, and are scratch-proof. Your wardrobe doors will remain attractive for many years to come.


PVC doors are mainly used for the benefits that come with this material. They are the most cost-effective options you have for your wardrobe doors. VVC doors are durable because they can effectively resist damages by pests, moisture, corrosion, and changing temperatures. Unlike solid wood wardrobe doors, which need regular maintenance, you only need to wipe PCV door panels to keep them clean and sparkling.

We cannot exploit all the benefits of PVC doors. However, they also have disadvantages that limit their use. They are brittle, making installation of other hardware a challenging task. And despite their many color options, their visual appeal cannot be matched with other materials.


Lacquer is a type of wood finishing that makes it shiny, durable, beautiful, and fancy. These materials are long-lasting, high quality, and offer a wide range of design options. Lacquered wardrobe doors are easy to clean by just wiping with a damp soft cloth or kitchen towel. Dirt and fingerprints are not easily visible.

Why would you choose lacquered doors for your bedroom wardrobe? They are more elegant and complement most of the trending closet designs. When used, they will add value to your home and give you class. The good thing is that you can always facelift them whenever you wish by simply painting.

Choose Wardrobe Materials for Your Project

Solid wood

As the name says, these are all wood closets. Both doors and compartments are made of solid wood. The cost of your built-in solid wood wardrobe will depend on a particular wood. Solid wood can be eucalyptus, cedar, oak, birch, maple, teak, walnut, mahogany, etc. So, you need to choose wisely.


Also known as chipboard, particleboard is an engineered product made by binding together wooden chips, sawdust, synthetic resin, or any other sawmill shaving. The manufacturing process involves hot compression of the ingredients to make the board and sheets.


Plywood is an engineered wood manufactured by binding and pressing thin sheets or small layers of wood veneers to form a solid piece. These boards have become popular for cabinetry and wardrobe making. But before choosing them, the following are the pros and cons you should know:

MDF (Medium-density fiberboard)

MDF is a board made of wood fibers and resin all waxed together. These boards are more compact than plywood and can last as long as solid wood due to technological advancement in their manufacturing process.

Why Wholesale Wardrobes Closet from PA Manufacturer


We use technology and high-end machines in the manufacturing of cabinets. Our quality control team is also on high alert, ensuring we always meet or surpass international quality standards.


Custom wardrobes are usually expensive because of the limited quantity demanded by the customers. At PA, we automate the production process, which significantly reduces the cost. Buy quality products from us at the best price.


If you need wardrobes customized for your space, then contact our sales team. We will consider all your design specifications. You can personalize wardrobe accessories, color, finish, building material, and hardware.


The success of PA cabinet brands is based on a team effort. We have various teams that collaborate with clients to meet their service demands. The sales, operation, quality control, and customer support teams all guarantee you the best experience.


We are a company that is regulated by international bodies. PA is ISO 9001 certified and also operates according to the local policies and laws. Nothing about our process is illegal.

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